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    Thanks Ash :)
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    Nice job Azanor! Looks great :).
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    Quote from Chefbarbie

    Thing is, he kept the enchant on the axe and said he "logged to fix it". Which was bs.

    The anvil ate the repair 2 book, and so I cheated myself a new one, and then tried relogging before applying it. Not sure if it was the relog or the re-apply, but it worked.

    It seems the turtle power teleporter program doesn't work anymore when I update my modpack to the new v5.1.0 update, does anyone else have this problem?

    I'll investigate, maybe it needs to be tweaked.
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    Quote from Zeeth_Kyrah

    It seems Dire could use some help with his enchants and anvil usage.

    First, two extremely useful enchantments:
    Looting has been proven to increase rare mob drops, including wither skeleton skulls. This applies to mob drops of all kinds, across all mobs. You don't have to kill ten thousand zombies to get a carrot or potato anymore!
    Vorpal: does anyone remember the vorpal sword from the poem "Jabberwocky"?
    One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
    He left it dead, and with its head
    He went galumphing back.

    In other words, a vorpal enchant cuts heads off. Its usefulness should be obvious.

    Now the anvil mechanics:
    As lots of people commenting on the videos have been saying, due to a flaw in anvil mechanics, the actual cost of a recipe is not taken into account. So repairing anything requires four of the stuff it's made from (a diamond sword would require four diamonds, not two, to be repaired fully). This is expensive and wasteful for swords in particular. However, an item of the same type, made of the same material, will provide a much bigger repair boost. You can fully repair a diamond sword if you use a diamond sword as the repair material. Not only that, but enchantments will be combined. So those weapons with "bad" enchants? You can often use them to repair weapons with good enchants, boosting the enchantments.

    However, an anvil has a chance of wearing down in quality over time. Each time you repair an item, your anvil has a chance of degrading to one of lesser quality, or breaking altogether. A full-quality anvil can repair all kinds of things and combine all sorts of enchants. Unfortunately, anvils have an experience cap, and won't let you repair or combine anything with a high experience cost; that cap gets smaller as the anvil degrades, meaning you can't make things as good as you used to. RedPower to the rescue! Throw your worn-out anvil into an alloy furnace to recover some iron, and make yourself a new anvil with it. As you surely recall, you'll need a total of 31 iron ingots; not that expensive for what the anvil enables you to do.

    Thanks for the details on the anvil :). I didn't know half of that stuff!

    As for Vorpal, it doesn't really work on wither skeletons, not sure why, but I'm pretty sure I tried it and it didn't help much. Looting DOES help, but by a very small margin. Don't worry, theres automation coming soon here :D
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    By the way, I facepalmed when Dire went to visit his quarry. He should really have seen that coming, and we all know you can set the darn energy cell to the correct redstone setting for the situation.

    You can, but that setting is not 'remembered' when you pickup and re-place the energy cell. Since the turtle's doing that every few minutes, it has to stay on the default.
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    Sorry I forgot to pastebin the code for the turtle, I'll get it up asap.
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    Quote from dazbuzz

    Commenting on season 5 episode 22:

    What is going to happen when DW20 updates Forestry? will his peat bog be destroyed? That would be a shame. Still, these new multiblock farms look really awesome. Cant wait to see em more.

    The old farms will work fine.
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    Quote from dazbuzz

    Commenting on S5E18 that was recently uploaded: Damn that power drained fast with the Quarry. Ive run into similar problems myself. Turning the max output of the Energy Cell down to a much lower number seems like it would solve all DWs problems(Sorting Machine/Recycler backlog, Energy Drain). Would there be a way to turn all those Blaze Rods into a large amount of Buildcraft power?

    Why yes there is:). Coming soon!
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    Quote from Gorrin

    I just constructed a blaze farm as shown in season 5 episode 17 with a tier 5 soul shard but for some reason the blazes spawn and then disappear instantly. I took it out of the farm and ran it in the open and still they won't stick around long enough to die. Any suggestions?

    Are you running on peaceful? :)
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    Quote from snowhusky5

    Is anyone else experiencing super fps and keyboard/mouse lag spikes? My computer (which can run nearly anything) gets about 100-150 fps all the time, except every ten or twenty seconds I get an enormous FPS spike that lasts a split second (but which has already killed me several times). These lag spikes persist even on a superflat test world I made, which literally has nothing in it. Any help please?

    This can also happen if you've jumped between dimensions often in 1 play session. Vanilla minecraft has a memory leak (bounce between the nether and overworld multiple times using a nether portal, and watch your memory usage in the top right of your F3 screen). Its much more noticeable with how easy Mystcraft makes dimension hopping, but is actually a Vanilla problem.

    Closing minecraft and reopening will resolve it, if thats your issue. It might be something entirely different....
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    Quote from AlphaStorm07

    Hey fellow Direwolf followers!

    Does anyone know if the FTB launcher will ever support a multiplayer version of his singleplayer modpack? As in, the same modpack he uses in season 5, just multiplayer.

    The FTB Modpack allows a 'server' download of most modpacks, including mine! :D Click the 'filters' button on the top left, and choose 'Server' instead of 'Client'. You'll have the ability to download a server pack.
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    Answered up through page 20.

    Hello everyone, this is Direwolf20!!

    In celebration of my 100,000 subscribers that I just reached on Youtube, I've decided to do an AMA ('Ask me anything') post. However, since I'm a little shy and don't want to give out all my personal info, I've decided to call it an AMAA -- Ask me ALMOST anything.

    Youtube Video Promoting this:

    Heres how it works:

    Reply to this thread with 1 question. If its not too personal or crazy, I'll try to answer it! (By updating the Original Post, here).

    At some point in the near future, I'll read some of my favorite or most commonly asked questions in a video, along with the name of the person who asked it, and the answer I've chosen.

    This is my first time doing something like this, so please cut me some slack :) . I'll do my best, but have NO idea what kind of response this'll generate.

    We'll keep this post open for 24 or 48 hours (I guess we'll see how many questions I get....I'm a little nervous here!). Beyond that, I'll ask the forum moderators to lock it. Don't worry, if this is successful, I'll probably do it again in the future :) .

    Thanks, all! I look forward to your questions! :)


    Q&A Section Below:

    Question:How did you first get into YouTube?
    Answer:I just started recording once I saw industrialcraft / buildcraft. Never expected to become popular, never expected many people to watch, I just thought this stuff was really cool, so I wanted to share it with people.

    Question:Do you plan on starting your SSP lets play when Redpower comes out?
    Answer: Of course! Season 5 is starting as SOON as possible, I'm just as anxious to start it as you all are. But I want to make sure its a good solid season, so I won't start it until its perfectly ready for everyone.

    Question:How did you get into the community?
    Answer:I mostly started by doing mod spotlights, and communicating with any and all mod authors I could. I then started by getting an IRC channel going where everyone could meet up and hang out. That was the start. It grew thanks to the help of a lot of people who help moderate #Direwolf20 on espernet. Thanks everyone!!

    Question:List your three favourite mods and why they are your favourites :) Would be interesting to know.
    Answer:Thats a tough one. Its really hard, because I enjoy playing with them, and my favorites change all the time!

    Question:Will you ever livestream?
    Answer:Some day, perhaps, but I'm better at the Youtube stuff. I get to stop and take breaks, and think about what I'm going to do next. Livestream is live, and a lot harder to do :) .

    Question:If you were to make a mod, what would it have in it?
    Answer: Always get this question, never have a good answer :) . I'm good at playing mods, not coming up with ideas for ones!

    Question:Did you expect to be as popular as you are when you first started YouTubing?
    Answer:Not at all. Not in a million years!

    Question:What advice do you have for you tubers that are starting to upload videos
    Answer:Enjoy what you're doing, and have fun with it. If you're having fun, people will have fun with you.

    Question:What's your favorite game other than Minecraft?
    Answer:Another tough one -- i'm no good at the 'favorites' questions. It changes all the time!! I play TF2 and a few other games now and then, but mostly don't have time. Getting 30 minutes of video footage up daily is a lot of time.

    Question:What's the most complicated contraption you've ever built in Minecraft?
    Answer:I think that frame machine in Season 2 of the SMP lets play -- the one that was supposed to go in any direction and tunnel bore. WAaaaaay complicated, and I never really finished.

    Question:How can we join you forge craft server??
    Answer:I honestly would LOVE to play with a lot of my fans, but Minecraft servers just aren't built to handle that many people in the world at once, especially when you have all the mods installed. Sorry! ;(

    Question:What kind of microphone do you use
    Answer:Nothing too fancy: http://www.amazon.co...27934126&sr=1-4

    Question:What do you think of projects such as MineCraftEDU, that bring MineCraft into the classroom?
    Answer:I think its an awesome idea. Kids like playing games (and Minecraft) and school / the classroom is very important. Getting kids interested in learning is amazing. One of the things I like so much about computercraft is how so many people are learning to program from it!

    Question:What are your thoughts on how modifications have contributed to the growth and expansion of Minecraft's userbase, and do you feel that mods have supported its success over the months?
    Answer:I agree with the Mojansta's that Minecraft Modding is a huge part of the future of Minecraft. They are really making major changes to future designs of Minecraft based all around modding. Its huge, and amazing :) .

    Question:What is the first mod you have ever used?
    Answer:Oh good, an easy one. Industrialcraft.

    Question:What do you do for a living? (Nothing too specific like where, just a general answer.)
    Answer:I work as a systems admin. Basically, I babysit servers at a decent sized company.

    Question:Will you ever play any games other minecraft :]
    Answer:Sure, at some point. We'll see :) .

    Question:How many hours of Minecraft do you play a week and how often do you record?
    Answer:Usually a good 2-3 hours a day goes into a 30 minute video (sometimes I can get 2 videos done). It depends what I'm doing and building. If theres a lot on-screen, its easier. If theres a lot of cuts (programming) its more time spent off camera.

    Question:Factorization or Industrialcraft, which is better for ore processing?
    Answer:You forgot Thermal Expansion, which is pretty awesome :)

    Question:Hey Direrwolf20 have you talked to ScottKillen from ExtrabiomesXL yet?
    Answer: Yup :) daily. Though you don't often see him on Forgecraft, hes in a private chat channel we have dedicated to the Forgecraft server (and where mod authors hang out with each other, in private). Scott's an amazing guy!

    Question:Have you played a few custom maps? If so, what was your favourite, and if not, what type would you be more willing to play?
    Answer: Feed the beast -- OF COURSE! Amazing custom map, and can't WAIT for a new version.

    Question:Would you do a minecraft lets play with your wife?
    Answer:Shes not really into games. She gets dizzy just watching me play.

    Question:Would you consider doing a playthrough of Better Than Wolves?
    Answer:BTW Looks like an awesome mod. I've not had a chance to play it, and don't really think I could fit it in.

    Question:What is the longest period of time you've played minecraft consecutively?
    Answer:Probably bordering on 8 hours. Its not that much, but I still don't recommend it :P .

    Question:So, How do u know soo much about codding of mods?
    Answer:I chat with the mod authors on a regular basis. I got a bit lucky, in that I was one of the first youtubers to focus exclusively on mods. I work pretty hard to help highlight and demonstate the amazing amount of work that they all put in (for free!) to get us these mods.

    Question:What is your computer background? Because you seem to be good at coding and rumor has it that you're a server admin.
    Answer:Went to school for programming, but went into I.T. afterwards. Both are fun. I'm such a computer nerd :) .

    Question:Is that your real voice or do you sort of chock it up a bit for the internet?
    Answer:Thats my real voice. I speak a little more loudy and clearly when I'm in 'recording' mode.

    Question:What do you think about vanilla Minecraft? (we all know u prefer to play mods =) )
    Answer:Its what makes this all possible, so I love it of course! :)

    Question:Will you ever make a mod?
    Answer:Probably not, I'll leave that to the experts! I have some coding experience, but Java was never my strong suite. Besides, if I was to code mods, it would take up a lot of my time, which means less youtube videos!

    Question:Question Did you ever do beta testing for any mods?
    Answer:Most mods on Forgecraft are beta versions. I also have done a bit of work with Ars Magica, a spotlight is coming soon :) .

    Question:do you prefer the FTB launcher or MultiMC? will you be using the FTB launcher in your lets play?
    Answer: They are 2 different tools for different purposes, but yet, I'll be using the FTB Launcher in Season 5. I'll have my own mod pack! The Direwolf20 pack!

    Question:Have you ever met Eloraam or Flora, or Vaht or Slowpoke or anyone else in real life?
    Answer:Nope. Not yet at least! :)

    Question:"Who inspires you?"
    AskedBy:MaxFirestorm -- In charge of the Direwolf20 Facebook page!!!!
    Answer:You do max! Ok, maybe not you personally, but all my fans do. I read all the comments and enjoy seeing what people write. If I didn't have fans, I wouldn't be encouraged to play every day!

    Question:- If you could go back and change one thing in your YouTube carreer that you regret, what would it be?
    Answer:Good questions. I honestly don't know. I'm pretty pleased with how things are going so far, and you know, the butterfly effect and all that. I'd be afraid that changing one little thing would be for the worse!

    Question:What was your favorite TV show when you were growing up?
    Answer:Ninja turtles. Also, now its Doctor Who!

    Question:I was wondering why you like mods so much, as oppose to other aspects of the game like Adventure Maps and the normal Vanilla game.
    Answer:I like building working mechanisms and contraptions. Look at some of my first videos, they were redstone things with rails and stuff. Always liked machines.

    Question:Why did you choose the name "Direwolf20"?
    Answer:I was 15 and picked 'Direwolf' from Mech Warrior 2 as my handle. When I was 20 years old, I went to create a character in Everquest named Direwolf, and it was taken, so Direwolf20 it was!

    Question:What would your perfect day be like?
    Answer:Winning several million dollars so I could quit my job and do Youtube full time ;) .

    Question:will you ever get a skin?
    Answer:I wouldn't mind a skin, but it'd have to be unique, and it'd have to be very steve like. I can't betray the Steve skin that I'm so well known for. I feel like if I didn't have steve with me, people might not realize its Minecraft that I'm playing!

    Question:Hey dire i know you dont want to do a facecam... but do you think you can tell use y you dont want to do one.
    Answer:I'm just shy, and don't really think that doing a facecam is all that necessary.

    Question:Will Mo' Mods ever come back?
    Answer:Yes, after the RP2 release. I gotta get in touch with MinecraftWB. I'd also like to do Mo Mods with some other Youtubers :) .

    Question:1. What do you think about the official modding/plugin api and how it will change modding
    Answer:I hope it helps people get into using the mods :) . Forge will be around still I think, but I hope it makes forge easier to use.

    Question:How long do you plan on doing YouTube?
    Answer:As long as people keep watching.

    Question:Did you expect to get this many questions?
    Answer:I was afraid i might :) .

    Question:Do you ever plan to make a new kind of series
    Answer:I'd like to, yes :) . No plans just yet, but I'm sure someday I will.

    Question:What gave you your first YouTube popularity boom? (If you had any)
    Answer:I spotlighted Equivalent Exchange 1, and shortly after, so did the Yogscraft. My video was on the forum post, so a lot of people saw it.


    Question:Hey Dire, do you ever plan making a vanilla survival world? It would be really funny to see you build some aesthetic vanilla buildings, and not all these super high-tech 9x9s
    Answer:All the modding and technical stuff is both what I'm known for, and what I'm good at :) . Theres a lot of people out there that build WAY nicer stuff than I can, so probably not. I keep trying to built purty houses, but fail!

    Question:Will you ever release the modpack you use for the server?
    Answer:You don't want the forgecraft modpack, lots of bugs and poor Player has to rollback often. You get to see most of the bugs editted out, but trust me, we crash and burn often. The main point of forgecraft is to work out the bugs before other people get them :) .

    Question:Dire my question is what state do you live in
    Answer:Pennsylvania, but I won't narrow it down any further than that :D .

    Question:You have made many seires, from the Feed the beast one, to the SSP Let's play, to the SMP server play. Which one did you have most fun in doing?
    Answer:I've had a lot of fun with them all. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite (bad at the favorites thing, as mentioned above)

    Question:So i know you said don't ask for facecam or pictures of you or anything, but i've always wondered, why do you never show your face? Its become so popular in the minecraft youtubing community, and i think everyone would love to know what their favorite youtuber looks like!
    Answer:I'm honstly just an average looking guy, nothing special or weird. I'm just not interested in showing my face. A little bit of shyness plus a little bit of there are strange people out there. I'm sure it'll get out someday what I look like. Oh well :) .

    Question:What was your most surprising discovery when making a contraption? something that made you go "WOW that actually worked!"
    Answer:Anything I do in Forth surprises me. Probably that Forth + laser mod display screen in season 4. Pretty shocked that worked out!

    Question:Has anyone found out your direwolf20?
    Answer:Aside from my real life friends and family who KNOW that I'm Direwolf20, no I haven't yet been 'identified' by a fan. I'm sure if I did show my face, I might, but even thats pretty rare.

    Question:What are your computer specs?
    Answer:I get this one a lot, surprisingly. I have a quad core Q6600 processor, with 8gb ram and a GeForce GTX 560ti graphics card. I'd like to upgrade my processor, mobo, and ram someday soon.

    Question:IF you could name one build (crazy and complicated for sure LOL ) that you will forever remember it would be
    Answer:My first Rube Goldberg machine is definitely one of the many memorable ones. It made cookies. Full. Of. Win!

    Question:Can you do something for your community? Like come on a server to like say hi. I would love to say hi to you or at least just talk to you. You are just AWESOME!!
    Answer:Thanks :) . I'll try to get onto some servers some time, but honestly, I really don't have much time to do any more than I already do. I have a real life job, and other responsibilities. Its hard to put any more time into playing, so anything else I do would impact my recording time.

    Question:If you could do your own modpack, which mods would you have in it?
    Answer:I'm going to have one. Season 5 will be running the 'Direwolf20 Modpack', available through the FTB launcher on day one. I also have another surprise there :) . You'll have to wait and see!

    Question:are you going to to do more wrenched? if so can you be a contestant this time?
    Answer:Wrenched wasn't as popular a series as I had hoped it would be. It got a LOT less views than my other series, and it actually took a LOT more time and effort. Getting 4 players + 3 judges together, and a good 5-6 hour STRAIGHT recording session. It was exhausting, and not very popular. If it does come back, I'll have to change it up and figure out why it wasn't liked as much.

    Question:Direwolf are you secretly dating Eloram?
    Answer:Nope :) . I've never met anyone that you see or hear in my videos in real life. At least, not yet!

    Question:How do you pick the mods you use in your Let's play's?
    Answer:Tried a bunch, picked my favorites :) .

    Question:How did you learn to program the computers/turtles in Computercraft?
    Answer:Just start. Its easier than it looks, and theres a billion and 1 lua tutorials out there :) . Start small, work your way up. I'm still pretty terrible, but I get the job done.

    Question:Why do you insist on keeping the server play videos (and single player to some extent) so clean when it comes to language?
    Answer:Because children watch my videos, and theres really no need for foul language in general. Sure the errant swear word here and there slips by, but its unneccessary when excessive. I like to keep it clean :) . I hardly swear in real life too!

    Question:hey dire why/when did you decide to go modded
    Answer:Being a terrible builder, I ran out of things to do in vanilla pretty quickly. I got all the items, tried all the toys, and felt 'done' with minecraft. Then I got mods, and the toys are never ending :) .

    Question:Will there ever be a contest/event where one winner will be allowed to come play on forge craft?
    Answer:Contests are...tough because everyone wants to win, and gets really upset when they don't. Plus, the forgecraft server isn't mine! I don't forsee this in the immediate future.

    Question:When you played Everquest. What class was your favorite
    Answer:Enchanter. Awesome class. Crowd control was my specialty. I could keep rooms and rooms full of mobs under control. THAT was fun.

    Question:How did you get interested in Doctor Who, along with the others on the server? It seems like a popular thing among you guys
    Answer:Watch it, and you get hooked. The Doctor is awesome!

    Question:What's the most intriguing/ground breaking update to any mod in the future that you know of?
    Answer:I don't like to often pick favorites, but I think on this one, I can safely say that Frames are. They just add SO MUCH functionality. Theres a ton of awesome machines you can make with frames.

    Question:logistics pipes is updated for 1.4.5 (i am using it as of now), yet i hear nothing from anyone in your SMP chats about this?why is that do you goes not like it?
    Answer:That version was not released or updated by Krapht. Hes working on getting HIS version of the mod updated and released, so we are waiting on it.

    Question:what do you use to record and edit your vids?
    Answer:Fraps and Windows Live movie maker. Not the most professional software, but gets the job done and I'm comfortable with it.

    Question:Do you play any-other games? Computer games, Xbox, Ps3, Wii, anything really. If so what individual games or series of games do you like?
    Answer:I have a PS3, ratchet and clank was a lot of fun. Demons Souls was brutally hard but also fun. I like lots of games, but Minecraft recording takes up a LOT of time recently.


    Question:have you ever concered a lets play with etho, sethbling or syndicate?
    Answer:I'd be happy to do a series with one of them :). I've spoken with Seth a few times, and Etho I've tried to contact but was unsuccessful.

    Question:Being a friend of many amazing mod authors, what is your opinion on the future of the Minecraft Modding Community?
    Answer:I feel like the Minecraft Modding scene is currently undergoing a HUGE change. In the past, it was every mod for itself. Now, with the introduction of Forgecraft, and the recent improvements to Forge, modding has changed for the better. Many mod authors are working together, sharing code and ideas. Its getting better and better every day.

    Question:can 0 be divided by 0?
    Answer:Sure, if you want the universe to end! Don't do it, practice safe mathematics!!

    Question: What is the airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?
    Answer:African, or European?

    Question:second could you tutorials on every features of the mods you have liked like on Redpower 2 (when it comes out), IC2, Buildcraft, thermal expansion, EE3 (when it comes out), Xycraft (when it comes out), factoration.etc
    Answer:This is something I've been considering, and might visit. A 'tutorial' series on Redpower, quick 1 or 2 minute videos, that just say 'Heres the Sorting machine, and heres how it works with all its modes'. We'll see :).

    Question: What is your favorite flavor of Cheese?
    Answer:Thats like asking whats your favorite pizza. They are all good!! Fresh mozz, provolone, and blue cheese are some of my favorites.

    Question: You play minecraft very intensively for a long time now. Has your passion for this game ever faded or came close to it, like couple of other famous youtubers?
    Answer:I think the constant updates from the mod authors, and the addition of new mods with new features, helps to keep things fresh. I haven't gotten bored yet!

    Question:Would you interested in using my mod in your SSP series? Would you consider doing a mod spotlight on it once I get a stable build?
    Answer:it depends on the mod :). If it fits my play style, sure! I could spotlight it too, but I always recommend that mod authors make sure their mods very solid before a spotlight -- first impressions are important!

    Question:do you have any political or religious views?
    Answer:A wise man once said, "I can be friends with anyone....provided we don't discuss politics or religion". Of course I have them, I just don't discuss them :).

    Question:Since you seem to know a lot about programming, I have been really curious on how you got started/interested in it and what you would recommend to a 14 year old (like myself) to getting started.
    Answer:Just start. Start slow, make simple things, then get more advanced :). Books help too! Or just google.

    Question: pancake or waffle?
    Answer:Typically waffle, but blueberry pancakes are FOR THE WIN!

    Question: Who is your favourite Doctor? :P
    Answer:Smith's doing a bangup job right now!

    Question: Have you ever heard RichardG's or Eloraam's voice?
    Answer:Yes to both :).

    Question: If you were stranded on a desert island and could choose 5 items from minecraft to take with you, what would they be?
    Answer:2 buckets of water, so I could make an infinite water source. 1 wheat seeds for infinite food. I dont know about the other 2

    Question: How come you never use my pocket crafting table? :P
    Answer:I did for a while, but I always have such a FULL inventory, that i can never use it to craft stuff.

    Question: Why do you never use textures in your videos?
    Answer:I kinda like the vanilla graphics. Gotta keep SOME parts of my videos vanilla after all!

    Question: Also, do you know you spilled your name during a MultiMC spotlight?
    Answer:Yup, first name I'm not too afraid of people knowing.

    Question: Can you do an actual Feed the Beast sky block map? I would love to see with all your knowledge of mods, how you would do compared to other youtubers.
    Answer:I've done a few, and plan to do more once the new FTB map is released.

    Question: Did you ever crash your minecraft making a crazy machine out of different machines?
    Answer:All the time!! It even makes its way into videos sometimes.

    Question: Direwolf do you have a beard?

    Question:I don't have a question, but I wanted to tell everyone reading this that you are so professional and down to earth that no one can know the true input and impact you have on making sure mods are of the highest quality. You are a class act, my friend.
    Answer:Thanks Scott! :D

    Question:Are you secretly Elo?
    Answer:No, but theres a rumor that I'm an AI program that elo wrote. Thats probably just a rumor.

    Question: How do you manage to keep a week's inventory of unreleased videos without squandering it? :)
    Answer:Its not easy!

    Question: What do you recommend to keep from getting shy while recording (like when you started out). I keep thinking I need to try but then I chicken out thinking that no one will watch or I will mess up.
    Answer:If no one watches, and you mess up, then who cares :). But seriously, just go for it. You can't get better until you start.

    Question: Will you be using EE3 in your season 5 lets play if it isn't too over powered? Since Pahimar announced no world gen are you going to wait into the middle of the season to get it?
    Answer:Yes I'll be starting with it, and upgrading it as it upgrades.

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    Correct, I didn't like it because as far as I could tell, I couldn't get enough steam out of the reactor to produce any more than 175 eu/t.

    I think the IC2 team is working on some changes to the steam functionality.
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    Quote from Nisheeth

    Just watched episode 61. Just wanted to point out that Nuclear Reactors can be used well with the steam setting enabled. Just put a number of Buildcraft tanks beside the reactor, and all the steam will dump into the tanks. Now use the tank to get as many gold pipes as you want.

    You can't fit enough golden pipes on the nuclear reactor to get all the steam it produces out.
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    Yes I read here :). And WOOT for FTB.
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