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    Hey there!

    Are you invested in joining a new SMP server?

    Well... We may have a solution,

    MultiQuest has been running for a bit now and we are on the second season.

    We have a fun community and a great server, But at the moment we are short on members

    and need you guys to help us out to build up the server.

    We are really want to build up the community and make it grow.

    At the moment our server doesn't have much on it, So this is a great opportunity for people

    wanting to start fresh and join an awesome community.

    Were always looking for new members so if this sounds like your thing then please apply here:

    Hope to see you soon!

    The video below is the server's trailer:

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    Hello Everyone
    As you might be able to tell that I have made a Race For The Wool map this took me 24 hours and I am thinking that I will make another map if this gets a download or two.

    Last Updated: Sunday 23rd November (1:54AM GMT)

    Change Log:
    Version 1.1:
    Fixed Bugs
    - Left Lane Door Doesn't open
    - Blocks Missing

    Please Note: This is my first ever map

    Here are some images I took after i made the map

    I am yet to get some friends together to make a trailer, So when that is done I will put it here.

    If you make a video of the map I will put it on this post as a thanks :D

    Have Fun Playing.
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