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    posted a message on Server Works Through Direct IP. But My [No-ip] Server address doesn't
    I'm having this error as well
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    posted a message on Channel Artist Wanted
    Hi My name is Dippy and my youtube channel is The Multibox and I am looking for someone to do art for my channel (mostly thumbnails) i have no requirements except from people who have done this before and I will be grateful if you could make a thumbnail and send it to me how ever you like or someway I could see it so I know if you know what your doing and the main font I use is called BaddaBom BB, Good luck
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    posted a message on Does anyone know of a mod(s) or plugin(s) similar to these?
    Not very sure but i will have a look at similar ones or find someone can make one because the xp bar one sounds really cool i will have a look for some one to make it as well
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    posted a message on Server Sposor Ship
    My name is Dippy And I am the owner of The Multibox Productions we are about to start our first podcast in a couple of weeks but we will be glad if you would like to be our sponsorship

    Why Should You Sponsor Us?

    You will get the benefit of we will mention you at the start of every podcast we do.

    Whats In It For You?

    Like i said your server will have a shout out at the start of the podcast and also a shout out half way in the podcast.

    What Do We Want?

    All we want you to do is put up a sign at your spawn saying you sponsor us thats it

    Contact me
    If you want to talk to me add me on skype and we will talk there or email us we only check the email ever 2 days but I check my skype to much or send me a message on skype

    Skype: dippy.dippy
    Twitter: @dipsydippy
    Email: [email protected]
    I ment twitter not skype twice
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    posted a message on Dippy Studios ModPack Creator Needed
    Hello I and looking for someone to make a mod pack for me and my friends but i had someone making it but then i lost contact with him if someone could take his place and help i would be very happy and will give you permission because i don't know much about direct downloads and modding i need some now to make and mod the pack and also make a direct link so it works with the technic launcher and can you then send me the download link so i could put it up on technic launcher you can add any mods you want to the list aswell as full permission to use the pack and also i need someone to make the server files if you are interested add me on skype Dippy.Dippy the list of mods we would like to have is
    Not Enough Items
    Damage Indicators
    Biomes O Plenty
    Soulshards Mod
    Universal Electricity
    ICBM sentry and gadgets (no explosives)
    Resonant induction
    Atomic Science
    Dynamic Lights
    Rotten Flesh to Leather
    Ichun hats mod and hat stands
    Cowboy hat mod
    Chicken shed
    Buildcraft Tools
    Custom Recipies
    Tinkerers Construct
    Archemedes Ships
    Tux Weapons
    MrCrayFish Furniture Mod
    Dimensional Anchor
    And any other mods you like that are comparable with these

    Thanks in advance
    CEO of Dippy Studios
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: Dippy_

    Where did you hear about the server: here

    Do you understand and accept the rules: YES :D

    What's our policy on raging: NO RAGING :P
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    posted a message on Any Community Servers?
    I was wondering if people have any servers like which have small communities like Hermit Craft (dont know much about it) and i also will do youtube videos when your map gets reset if you do that so if there is any small communities like this could you please send me a link on here or skype (dippy.dippy)
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    posted a message on Parody Singer?
    i finished the lyrics
    its Creepers instead of startships
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    posted a message on Parody Singer?
    i am working on it i will get back to you soon thought
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    posted a message on Parody Singer?
    Hey I am a youtuber wishing to be much bigger like a lot of you want to be i am looking for a singer for a parody i am working on but they must need to be good at singing and and will make the instrumental and also edit it if you have want to be part please add me on Skype dippy.dippy

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