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    posted a message on Thunder SMP | Brand New Vanilla Server!| 1.11
    Part : Getting to know you
    IGN: DippyDerps
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Skype Username: I'll message you if I'm accepted.
    Timezone: CST
    Favorite Building Block: Wood, hardened clay, stone slabs, etc.
    Favorite Biome to Build in: Forest, plains, and ice plains
    Strengths: Mining, interior decorating, some redstone, and mob fighting
    Weakness's: PvP, super complicated redstone, large-scale building.

    Part 2: Learning You Minecraft Skills
    On a scale from 1-10 what do you rate your self in the following.
    Building: 7/10
    Fighting Mobs: 9/10
    Farming: 9/10
    Redstone: 7/10
    Pranking: 1/10 (mainly because I don't really like pranking that often.)

    Part 3: Advanced Questions
    Who is your Favorite Minecraft Youtuber: I don't really regularly watch any specific Youtubers anymore, but back in the day I frequently watched most of the Mindcrackers before a lot of them left. I also frequently watched Xisuma as well. Nowadays, I watch an occasional Etho or Xisuma video, and any tutorial videos I need to build something.
    What makes you better then an average Minecraft: I don't really consider myself better than the average player to be honest. I have been told in the past that I was better at redstone circuitry than most other players on the server. Other than that, I'm not really sure.
    Do you know how to work a nether hub: I know how they work, but I've never built one before. I could probably build one if I had some help from another builder though.
    Any Additional Info About You or Your Minecraft Skills: I've been playing MC for nearly four years now, so I know how most of the mechanics work in game. I also love playing in servers with other people.
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    posted a message on 1.10 Release | Survival Server | Mature members | 24/7 Uptime | New world!

    IGN: DippyDerps

    Age: 18

    Youtube/Twitch Channel ( If you have one): Nah

    Why you would like to join: I'm getting back into MC and single player is just too boring by myself now.

    Where you ever banned from a server: Nope. Not that I know of.

    (If I do get accepted, I'll be logging on later tonight in a few hours.)

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    posted a message on small and mature minecraft server

    IGN: DippyDerps

    Age: 17

    Why you wan't to join this server: I'm trying to get back into Minecraft and singleplayer just isn't doing it for me anymore.

    what will you do in this server: I'd try and interact with the other members as best as I could.

    do you like redstone: Of course! I'm not the best with redstone, but I pretty decent with it.

    do you like building: With others, yes. On my own, however, I'd probably just dig into the ground and carve out my base.

    do you have a youtube channel (not neccesary): Nope

    do you think you will get invited here: I certainly hope so!

    did you read the rules: I did, but I'm afraid I'm not much of a dog person.

    what would you do if you see a chest that says "Free stuff" and has 24 iron in it: I'd give it to someone who needed it more than me. I can easily get my own iron.

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    posted a message on Survival White-Listed Server - 100% Vanilla Running Snapshot 14w18b
    In Game Name: DippyDerps
    Skype: dippyderps
    Age and Gender: 16 and Male
    Reasons why you would like to join: I'm trying to get back into vanilla Survival, and there's really no better way than doing it with a fun group of players!
    Reasons why you would make the server better: I'm generally a friendly player who will help anyone out as much as possible.
    How many hours each day would you be playing: 1-3 on weekdays (Until Jun. 6) 3-5+ on weekends and Summer months. Minecraft isn't the only game I play so I won't guarantee that I'll be on everyday.
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    posted a message on [NightmareSMP] Mindcrack Like Vanilla Server, Mature Community, 20 Slots, Whitelisted, 24/7, New, 1.8 Snapshots, UHC
    EDIT: Moved application over to the new thread.
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    posted a message on What's to come in Minecraft 2.0?!
    This has been explained in the 6 other threads made this month asking this same question.

    The version number is not a decimal, Mojang will just go to 1.10 after 1.9. Mind blowing, huh?
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    posted a message on [14w11b] Tamed ocelots fleeing from owner as if they were untamed.
    My pet cats are constantly running away from me in the most recent snapshot (14w11b) as if they were still wild ocelots. So far I've only tried it out in my survival world that I've had since 1.5, and my ocelots have been sitting down since 1.6 (I've just decided to take them for a walk nearly a year later.) so this may be in one of the earlier snapshots.

    Anyone know if this bug has been reported yet?
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    posted a message on Hostile mobs will now try and run away from exploding Creepers
    This is great, will they try and jump off of ledges to escape the blast radius, or do they still obey the regular pathfinding?
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    posted a message on I stopped following Minecraft, and have not played it in about a year. What have I missed?
    1.4 added Witches, bats, Wither skeletons, beacons, command blocks, item frames, and zombies can pick up items and armor.
    1.5 added Hoppers, comparators, Nether quartz (new ore), Quartz block + slabs and stairs, daylight sensors, redstone blocks, droppers, craftable Nether bricks, lava flowing farther and faster in the Nether, and trapped chests.
    1.6 added Horses, donkeys, mules, hay bales, name tags, carpets, leads, horse armor, hardened clay with 16 stained varients, and coal blocks.
    1.7 added a new terrain generator with several new biomes, podzol, packed ice, several new plants, better fishing, a few new achievements, and stained glass.

    These are just the general things I can remember off the top of my head. Look at the wiki for more info.
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    posted a message on Can't play this week's snapshot [14w07a]
    I have 14w07a selected to play on the launcher, and when I try to click on "Play" nothing happens.
    The launcher doesn't close and the game doesn't start up, just nothing as if the button was broken.

    I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem with trying to run the snapshot?
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    posted a message on Another Disapponting Snapshot
    Don't worry Lefty, I'm sure the 1.9 snapshots will give you a reason again to continually stalk Dinnerbone's Twitter page.

    As for now, I'm terribly sorry that you don't like the hard work that Mojang has put into this week's snapshot. Would you like me to send them a message saying that they've upset you due to only one new survival addition?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Dedicated Whitelist Server
    Name: Kenny

    Minecraft: DippyDerps

    Age: 16

    Skype: dippyderps

    YouTube videos: Sorry, my computer can't handle it.

    Play style: A little bit of everything except PvP and Griefing.

    YouTube Channel: N/A

    Why should you accept me: The owner of my previous server has recently started up a Pixelmon server, leaving our main server empty most of the time, so I've decided to go looking for a new community to become a part of and make friends with.

    About me: I'm the type of player who likes to snoop in on other people's bases to see what genius things they've done. I'm also very friendly so you don't have to worry about me when I spontaneously show up on your front door. I've also frequently been dreaming of walruses...

    Timezone: United States, CST
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    posted a message on Bug
    It's a well-known bug. If you don't want to feel cheaty, just take out one axe, and throw away the two tools you had prior to combining.

    Btw, I suggest you use a fly swatter next time.
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    posted a message on What do you think Mojang will call the 1.8 update?
    Quote from KyoShinda

    Post in the other threads asking about the exact same thing (refer to future updates forum).

    My apologies, I didn't notice there was already a thread in the Future Updates forum.
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    posted a message on What do you think Mojang will call the 1.8 update?
    Every update since 1.4 (possibly earlier, but this is as far as my knowledge goes) has been given a name by Mojang before it was released. (1.4: Pretty scary Update, 1.5: Redstone Update, 1.6: Horse Update, 1.7: Update that Changed the World)

    What do you think Mojang will name 1.8 based on what's been added so far?


    I feel like 1.8 will be referred to as the "World Edit Update" or something similar based on the majority of the features so far have been aimed towards mapmakers.
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