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I am DinowCookie

Skins are my profession when it comes to Minecraft.

Here are some of my pre-1.8 skins:


Feel free to add me to Skype to discuss skin-making. I don't take request, I do like suggestions :)

To see my newest work, please have a look at my DeviantART or this forum topic, it's where I post previews of my newest skins.

This is my skin signature:

If you see one of these on any skin template, the skin is made by me.

If the skin is not uploaded by myself, it's stolen.

If you find something like this, please report it or inform me!

My favorite (16x) texture packs are:


Pixel Perfection


Fortune 'n Glory (successor of Jungle Ruins)


~Dinow ^^

Location The Netherlands

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