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    To be fair skinwalker I think you should heavily work on the cryptids already in the mod then eventually get to releasing more. Like you should work on the environments, sounds,and ai for the cryptids in the game. For example like making it where bigfoot will spawn in heavily forested areas and that he hides behind objects and when seen runs.

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    Happy to see a mod that actually is continuing progress. There have been so many mods that announced themselves with alot of hype then seem dead for months and even years. Then out of nowhere they say there resuming progress like they just took some small break.

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    posted a message on [FORGE] FreddyCraft: Adds things from FNaF 1-4 into Minecraft! [CANCELLED]
    Quote from Pipsqueak737»

    OK, thanks!

    Hey pipsqueak I can model for you as well. I know I was going to a while back and I kinda forgot to XD. If I can model for you do you want me to use techne and what mobs and models need to be done?

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    Quote from WolfRaptor»

    I agree with it, but people can make suggestions if they want to.

    I know they can make suggestion but there giving him so much to do when he hasn't even released a version of the mod yet! I think it's better to have like 10 cryptids that have good sound, animation, and spawn in there own biomes then have 30 cryptids that have decent sound, some have animation, and some don't even spawn.

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    This mod is just as the title says... a classic Herobrine mod. Confused? Let me explain!

    (IMPORTANT!!! I CANNOT code so I cannot make this mod, someone else will have to. However it would be easy to make this mod seeing how the model is just Steve and Herobrine's texture is everywhere.)

    Basically I'm tired of using the 1.7.10 Herobrine mod which makes Herobrine say funny things and do roundhouse kicks. I want a mod that does exactly what the classic Herobrine creepypasta says he does, which is....

    (I would like to note that if you watch PeanutButterGamer's Minecraft G-files video you will see some of what I am talking about)

    Here's the link:

    (Skip to 8:47 for Herobrine)

    What he does:

    1. Watches you from a distance

    2. Cuts leaves off trees and makes sand pyramids


    3. Digs 2x2 tunnels

    2015-07-01_16.54.29 2015-07-01_16.54.42 (The sign says wake up)

    4. He should be spawned with the classic Herobrine shrine. The render distance is immediately set to 2 chunks and every once in a while at the edge of the fog you can see him. If you take only 1 step towards him he runs back into the fog and vanishes.(Like literally just gone, no stupid particles when he does or he just teleports somewhere else like an Enderman, he just freakin vanishes like something despawning)


    5. He will NEVER attack you, this is what the current mods get wrong. Herobrine was never about attacking people, he was just a creepy figure watching you off in the fog and when you tried to approach him he just vanishes.

    6. This isn't really about what he does but I would like to note that once you make the shrine and he spawns in you can simply destroy the shrine and you'll be able to have normal render distance and Herobrine will no longer be in the world. That is until you make another shrine.

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    posted a message on JurassiCraft - Bringing dinosaurs to life

    Please hit me as hard as you can. Don't hold back.

    No, really. Please tell me you made that for poops and giggles?

    It really shouldn't be, the thing was mentioned in the movie and Wu probably has its DNA or Embryo when he leaves via helicopter.

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    Quote from cgallo23»

    Can your next mod review video show some Marvel mods? Not trying to sound harsh but you have only showed DC heroes and villains, so I wanna see some Marvel heroes. Thanks!

    That would be sweet! I want to see what he's done with alot of them, I also want to see if he has started doing Ultron or not.

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    Before I start I would like to note that I cannot code nor texture, I can model but I'm not great. This is meant to be made by someone who can actually do all of these. If anyone would like to just say so below or pm me.

    EDIT: I actually may try to make this mod using MCreator. I know I can do it, all it takes is time and patience. (Also contradictory to what most people say MCreator is actually a very good and simple program).


    Freddy Krueger-

    2015-04-23_20.59.09 He doesn't have his claws... yet!

    Health: Invincible

    Weapons: Claws

    How he works: I think it should be that every-night you fall asleep in minecraft you have a nightmare (like the herobrine mod). Freddy appears in these nightmares and tries to kill you. He slowly walks up to you, teleports in front of you then vanishes and more creepy things. You will have to survive until the nightmare ends. If your'e lucky when you leave the nightmare you'll get his hat which will make you look like him and have his abilities.


    2015-04-23_21.04.06 Not his final machete

    Health: Can be killed (it's hard to though) and will eventually respawn

    Weapons: Machete

    How he works: Jason should spawn in a new biome called crystal lake. The biome will have cabins around the lake. In these cabins are counselors which he will try to kill. Jason himself will spawn in the middle of the lake. Each time you kill him he will respawn sometime later in the lake. He will NOT leave the biome.

    Michael Myers-


    Health: Is invincible to anything but fire

    Weapons: Michael's Knife

    How he works: Michael will spawn in a new structure called the asylum. The asylum will spawn in villages, so michael can escape and try to kill villagers. That's about it for him, he doesn't have much.

    The Thing-

    Health: Can be killed with fire

    Weapons: Itself

    How it works: The thing will spawn in the tundra biome. It will spawn near a structure called the crashed u.f.o. If it touches you or anything else living that creature immediately dies and the thing turns into that creature. It will act like that creature until it see's your character or a villager, then it will start chasing you or the villager.

    Blair Witch-

    Health: Invincible

    Weapons: Itself

    How it works: The blair witch will spawn in a witch hut that is generated in the woods. It will be in a corner facing the wall. The moment you enter the hut it will chase you until your'e more than 30 blocks from the hut then it will teleport back to where it started.

    Freddy's Hat- Makes you look like freddy and gives you his abilities.

    Jason's Machete- A very powerful weapon that does over 15 hearts per hit.

    Michael's Knife- Same thing as Jason's Machete

    Necronomicon- Makes everything around you turn evil and spawn loads of zombies. It will also give you blindness as long as your holding it then 20 seconds after.


    Nightmare Structures- These are the structures in Freddy's nightmares. It will either be a house, a boiler room, or a school. (Obviously where Freddy spawns)

    Crystal Lake- A large lake that has cabins around it. The cabins will hold camp counselors and the lake will be a little darker than normal water (Also Jason spawn in the middle of the lake).

    2015-04-23_21.24.26 This isn't actually crystal lake, I just wanted to show what the cabins would look like.

    Insane Asylum- A large house like structure that spawn in villages. It has 2 stories, jail cells and cobwebs. (This is where Michael Spawns)

    Crashed U.F.O- A small crashed U.F.O. (This is where the thing spawns in)

    For now this is all, but I will add alot more to this in the future if it actually becomes a mod. (NOTICE #1: I'm going to post pictures of what these thing may look like soon. Notice that I said what they MAY look like not what the WILL look like.)

    (NOTICE # 2: All of the pictures I have posted have been done using mods (custom npcs), as I have said before I don't know how to code nor texture. These pictures just show what I think it should look like)

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] AliensVsPredator (Alien Covenant, The Predator, Prometheus)
    Quote from Ri5ux»

    AliensVsPredator Build

    Changes to the Tactical HUD, Facehugger & events
    Re-designed entity tracker drawing.
    Facehuggers moved too fast, slowed them down.
    Facehuggers were a bit too large, scaled them down.
    Removed un-necessary print outs.

    What are the "events"? Also do the hive node and sacrificial spawner work, and if they do how? (I know I've only asked questions so far, but like I said before I haven't played this mod forever and there have been alot of changes.)

    Also are you going to make it to where the predator can go invisible. That would be awesome to sneak up behind enemies then when you attack you turn visible and they will start to attack you.

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    posted a message on [FORGE] FreddyCraft: Adds things from FNaF 1-4 into Minecraft! [CANCELLED]
    I'll try to make some and send them to you (Can I use MCAnimator?Or do I need to use techne?)
    I'll probably try to do toy freddy
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