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    posted a message on The Marvel Craft Universe: Super heroes in Minecraft – Public Beta 1.1

    What do you mean by Ender Expansion... I know the mod but what is not working for you?

    How do you mean 'orb', if you tell me I'll be able to fix it and allow you to get back playing with both mods.

    Fwi: Beta Testing has started on the next version, just to let you guys know that it is getting one step closer...

    Ultron is waiting...... :)

    Can't wait!!! Ultron has always been my favorite villain.

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    posted a message on The Marvel Craft Universe: Super heroes in Minecraft – Public Beta 1.1

    Hi guys, I made a few comment mistakes and I would like to clarify.

    Dinotrooper by 'description' I meant please comment below.

    Gidmonster If you read the previous pages I'm setting up more suits and images,

    I must have forgot to remove the Adamantium claws recipe for wolverines Claws,

    just a simple mistake that I'm fixing in the reboot.

    And for everyone else, I have currently in the Reboot have:

    Ironman Mark 7

    Captain America



    Hawkeye & Black widow

    The twins, Quicksilver and Scarlet witch

    and the Vision.

    I'm adding Age of Ultron suits and items but will move on the other heroes soon.

    Thank you for everyone supporting and sticking with this, even if it nearly collapsed. :)

    Ok! As for the scepter I think whatever you walk up to and right click on should start following you and fighting for you. You can have it to where they have black particles coming off them showing that they're being controlled.

    Hello there, I like that idea for the gamma shards if that is Ok i may use that....

    As for the recipes I forgot to add them in the last version, I've been working hard and

    I wanted to show you all what I've got done, this is only a sneak peak and not everything more will come.

    Can't wait for the vision. Also I forgot did you say Ultron was going to be in this update or no? (Sorry if you already answered I just can't remember)

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    posted a message on FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS MOD! (Freddy, Foxy, Chica) - Realistic Models

    Was the bug update 1.1.1 supposed to make the toy animatronics larger? If yes then mine are still small

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    Quote from cgallo23»

    Can your next mod review video show some Marvel mods? Not trying to sound harsh but you have only showed DC heroes and villains, so I wanna see some Marvel heroes. Thanks!

    That would be sweet! I want to see what he's done with alot of them, I also want to see if he has started doing Ultron or not.

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    Quote from Kaijucraft333»

    The answer is yes.

    Awesome!!! He's my all time favorite villain and I can see Tiyho being able to do alot with him.

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    posted a message on Project Superhuman: Infinity Crisis (Superhero RPG) - Still Active: Read Notice!

    Not sure if anyone has said this before but I think you need to add Ultron (both the movie and comic versions).

    Things I think Ultron should have (I'm going more for the movie one since I liked that one better)

    1. His Concussions blast (His red laser)

    2. The anti gravity mechanism (The one he uses in the movie to lift up pieces of earth)

    3. Soldiers (The soldiers will follow you around and attack enemies)

    4. Have each of his forms as suits: You should have each for from the movie which was Ultron mark 1, Ultron Prime, and Ultimate Ultron. Each one should slowly get stronger buffs and durability.

    Now finally I'm not sure if you will be able to do this one but...

    5. Switch between bodies (suits): When your playing as one of the suits and it's destroyed you teleport to the another Ultron suit. When all are destroyed you just respawn normally and not in a suit.

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    Tihyo will you be adding Ultron (The movie version and comic version)? That would be amazing especially with all of the things you showing us in these new videos.

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    posted a message on The Marvel Craft Universe: Super heroes in Minecraft – Public Beta 1.1

    Yes he really acted the part well, I don't have a exact date for the reboot but I believe it will be very soon.

    I know that it will be all around the Age of Ultron and that I will include the Scepter, have any ideas for it please put in the description.

    What description?

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    posted a message on SecureCraftProtect [REQUIRES JAVA 1.7 OR BETTER!]
    Quote from Jebus_Nails»

    Several criticisms/bugs:

    1. There are only 4 SCPs ingame. The original mod had countless. I wouldn't be complaining so much if I could get the bloody thing to work.

    2. Only ONE of those SCPs actually works (the document at least, all of the spawn eggs work ofc).

    3. Blinking seems to be gone entirely now. In my opinion, too much blinking is at least better than no blinking.

    4. SCP-173 now for some reason is able to just freely move about, whether you're looking at him or not.

    5. SCP-173 is also invincible. This is very annoying.

    I mean, I really appreciate the fact that you've taken up a great mod that had been abandoned and would otherwise be long-dead by now, but perhaps you should consider getting that source code from Yu_Too?

    He's been working on a big update for a while to fix all of these things so just wait.

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    posted a message on The Marvel Craft Universe: Super heroes in Minecraft – Public Beta 1.1

    Yes, I admit it Ultron will be in the Reboot.

    Unlike before when I'd add suits as I felt like it I'm now going off a chart,

    this way I won't end up like I did a few weeks ago when I decided to start again.

    Btw: I understand that the id's don't work I'm going to make them work

    and I'm also learning Config files to help you guys out a bit.

    Thank you for staying with me I'm wanting to hep you I'm testing as fast as I can

    have a great day and week and month and term and season and year. :P

    K awesome. I know your'e working as fast as possible but do you know when the update might be? I just really want to play as Ultron, he was so awesome in the movie. James Spader was amazing at voicing him

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    posted a message on The Marvel Craft Universe: Super heroes in Minecraft – Public Beta 1.1

    Hello DragonKiller_96, Yes I just watched Age of Ultron last week so I'm trying to add new stuff.

    I am so sorry for the massive delay I'm trying to balance my events with my homework.

    I'm setting up a Facebook page for this and I'm trying to get this done A.s.a.p.

    Awesome, Ultron and his soldiers are definitely a must for the next update.

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    posted a message on Horror Movie Mod

    Before I start I would like to note that I cannot code nor texture, I can model but I'm not great. This is meant to be made by someone who can actually do all of these. If anyone would like to just say so below or pm me.

    EDIT: I actually may try to make this mod using MCreator. I know I can do it, all it takes is time and patience. (Also contradictory to what most people say MCreator is actually a very good and simple program).


    Freddy Krueger-

    2015-04-23_20.59.09 He doesn't have his claws... yet!

    Health: Invincible

    Weapons: Claws

    How he works: I think it should be that every-night you fall asleep in minecraft you have a nightmare (like the herobrine mod). Freddy appears in these nightmares and tries to kill you. He slowly walks up to you, teleports in front of you then vanishes and more creepy things. You will have to survive until the nightmare ends. If your'e lucky when you leave the nightmare you'll get his hat which will make you look like him and have his abilities.


    2015-04-23_21.04.06 Not his final machete

    Health: Can be killed (it's hard to though) and will eventually respawn

    Weapons: Machete

    How he works: Jason should spawn in a new biome called crystal lake. The biome will have cabins around the lake. In these cabins are counselors which he will try to kill. Jason himself will spawn in the middle of the lake. Each time you kill him he will respawn sometime later in the lake. He will NOT leave the biome.

    Michael Myers-


    Health: Is invincible to anything but fire

    Weapons: Michael's Knife

    How he works: Michael will spawn in a new structure called the asylum. The asylum will spawn in villages, so michael can escape and try to kill villagers. That's about it for him, he doesn't have much.

    The Thing-

    Health: Can be killed with fire

    Weapons: Itself

    How it works: The thing will spawn in the tundra biome. It will spawn near a structure called the crashed u.f.o. If it touches you or anything else living that creature immediately dies and the thing turns into that creature. It will act like that creature until it see's your character or a villager, then it will start chasing you or the villager.

    Blair Witch-

    Health: Invincible

    Weapons: Itself

    How it works: The blair witch will spawn in a witch hut that is generated in the woods. It will be in a corner facing the wall. The moment you enter the hut it will chase you until your'e more than 30 blocks from the hut then it will teleport back to where it started.

    Freddy's Hat- Makes you look like freddy and gives you his abilities.

    Jason's Machete- A very powerful weapon that does over 15 hearts per hit.

    Michael's Knife- Same thing as Jason's Machete

    Necronomicon- Makes everything around you turn evil and spawn loads of zombies. It will also give you blindness as long as your holding it then 20 seconds after.


    Nightmare Structures- These are the structures in Freddy's nightmares. It will either be a house, a boiler room, or a school. (Obviously where Freddy spawns)

    Crystal Lake- A large lake that has cabins around it. The cabins will hold camp counselors and the lake will be a little darker than normal water (Also Jason spawn in the middle of the lake).

    2015-04-23_21.24.26 This isn't actually crystal lake, I just wanted to show what the cabins would look like.

    Insane Asylum- A large house like structure that spawn in villages. It has 2 stories, jail cells and cobwebs. (This is where Michael Spawns)

    Crashed U.F.O- A small crashed U.F.O. (This is where the thing spawns in)

    For now this is all, but I will add alot more to this in the future if it actually becomes a mod. (NOTICE #1: I'm going to post pictures of what these thing may look like soon. Notice that I said what they MAY look like not what the WILL look like.)

    (NOTICE # 2: All of the pictures I have posted have been done using mods (custom npcs), as I have said before I don't know how to code nor texture. These pictures just show what I think it should look like)

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] AliensVsPredator (Alien Covenant, The Predator, Prometheus)

    I can't seem to get the hive node to work. Does it need to be powered by redstone?

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] AliensVsPredator (Alien Covenant, The Predator, Prometheus)
    Quote from Adamo265»

    What are the "events"? Also do the hive node and sacrificial spawner work, and if they do how?HIve nodes spawn xenomorphs, and the sacrificial spawner needs a redstone current[/b] (I know I've only asked questions so far, but like I said before I haven't played this mod forever and there have been alot of changes.)

    Also are you going to make it to where the predator can go invisible.I've answered this like 4 times now and I assume others have too. Stop asking this question, there will be new predators capable of cloaking in the future.[/b] That would be awesome to sneak up behind enemies then when you attack you turn visible and they will start to attack you.

    K, thanks and also if you want people to stop asking that question you might want to make a Q&A

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] AliensVsPredator (Alien Covenant, The Predator, Prometheus)
    Quote from pyperwithay»

    hey can you fix the glitch where the ovamorphs and all other aliens move without there actual AI doing it because things are not attacking me because of this glitch they just walk away without the walking animation so ik its a glitch plz fix rly need to use ovamorphs

    I think your game is lagging. Mines not doing that.

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