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My Suggestions for minecraft -

1.Maps - What I was thinking is that when you have a map in your inventory, you would be able to see the map in the top-left corner of you HUD.

2.Cocoa Bushes - Why are cocoa beans so rare? their only us is brown wool and cookies?

3.Monkeys! - Monkeys should inhabit the jungle biome and on death drop apples/cocoa beans.

4.Shields - We should be able to make shields to negate even more damage. However it would only would when blocking and it blocks some of your view and even more when blocking.

5.Dual wielding - Why can't we have two swords? or even a pickaxe and a torch.

6.Handheld Torches - This basically means when you're holding a torch, the area around you is lit up.

7.Higher maximum height - wouldn't it be nicer to be able to dig lower? or even build higher?

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