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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR A GAME PARTNER
    Name: Xavier
    Age: 14
    Skype: xavier.travers1
    Steam: Digital Data
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiO9HD_mTHYd4Z1Hq2FbxuQ

    I am a good candidate because I have a Youtube channel and am also looking for a wide range of people to play with for my youtube content. I have a pretty flexible schedule and play most of the games on the list. I do not want to partner with a squeaker, though. Please, anyone else PM me if you would like to help as well.
    Thanks! :D
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    Hi Tihyo, I'm a big fan. I once posted some suggestions for the super heroes unlimited mod. Could you fix a compatibility issue I have with super heroes unlimited mod and the morph mod. Ichun says that mods that force creative flight stop the flight ability for morphs. Could you please help by changing the way flight works so the morph mod will have the flight ability.

    Here's a list of things I have thought of that would be cool to have in this mod since the last time I posted:

    - Change the way flight mechanics work so flight works for winged morphs in morph mod.

    - More superheroes (Maybe X-men, like Beast and/or Mystique)

    - Batman vehicles?

    - Ant-man's shrinking and growing abilities.

    Thanks. I really like you for what you do. ;)
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    Quote from Master_Hill_

    Mods come and go, and modmakers change interests. I'm quite thrilled to see the progress he's made on this flight simulator game, personally, and am simply glad to have been able to play the mod in 1.5.2. As has been said before, I'll try to make an update to a few of the features, namely Emerald Shards and falling stars.
    Perhaps, at some point, I could update the entire mod to 1.6.X and give it to NMcCoy to put in the OP. I won't, however, distribute a 1.6.X update of the mod on my own terms, however. I will say that here and now, to prevent any confusion. I'm not the creator of the mod, and certainly wouldn't want someone to do that to my work in a similar situation. Only with NMcCoys precise consent would I make a separate download of an update.

    I hope someone does get permission to update this mod to 1.6.4. The other mods like this that I have tried crash my game. :'(
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    posted a message on An April Apology
    WHy are you sorry?
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    posted a message on [1.8 - 1.2.5] ★ AssassinCraft ★ [Version r139f][SMP][SSP][LAN] Assassin's Creed Mod !
    Hello, I saw this mod and found it really cool. I'm probably going to download it, but what if I'm making a modded survival series on youtube, can I use this mod for it or does the copyright say not to?
    Thanks, data out
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    I think you should add these in a later version:
    >Antman's shrinking ability
    >the hero vehicles (e.g Batmobile, Batcopter, robin's motorcycle or the nightwing motorcycle cycle)
    >martian manhunter's disappearing ability should also work with the armor
    >Spiderman should climb walls
    >You should add some of the teen titans and/or young Justice (eg Superboy or miss martian)
    >You should also add some more magic heroes like Zatanna or doctor fate
    >Huntress would be a great addition to the bat team

    I know that's a lot but I just thought you could pick out some of these things and put them on your list of things to do and I hope you'll actually read this message. Also, great mod, I wish you well on your modding adventure, good luck. I hope you'll reply soon! Thanks! :steve_joyous:
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