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    I haven't worked on this project in a year, so it is quite a mess to update. Probably to the point that starting from scratch would be faster than patching it.

    I've opened the source repo for the 1.6 version here. (Tabula format models will be added soon.)
    Use it freely, it is unlicensed and public domain.

    But, I still cannot spare time to continue working on this. If Hero887 or anyone else would like to take it on, feel free. Just be aware that it may be an effort. Can't guarantee any help but I may offer some suggestions. This mod was my first and mostly put together from patchwork and twine. Most of it is inherited code, tweaked to the point of functioning how I wanted it.

    I love the concept myself, but I can't design much more beyond what it currently is. Sorry for leaving this in the air for so long.
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    Magitek Mechs

    This mod introduces my take on Magitek Armor, a type of magic-infused power armor that first appeared in Square's Final Fantasy 6. This is an unofficial fan work!

    This is also my first Minecraft modding attempt. Quite a few bugs to hammer out. Be sure to backup your world if needed.


    1.6.4: MagitekMechs 0.27e
    1.6.2: MagitekMechs 0.27e
    1.5.2: MagitekMechs 0.26d

    -Currently Included-

    Rideable Magitek Armor, working in multiplayer!

    Functional fire beam. Smelts blocks.

    Video Spotlight:

    - Use notes -
    Place a completed mech on the ground like you would a block.
    They need fuel: shift right-click the back of a placed mech to open the gui.
    Right-click to mount/ride.
    Press 'C' while mounted to fire a beam. (Shift right-click in 1.5.2)
    Press 'B' to park/unpark.

    In total, to build a mech you will need:
    • 24x Iron.
    • 10x Gold.
    • 2x Diamonds.
    • 3x Furnaces.
    • 1 Minecart.
    • 1 Redstone repeater.
    • 1 Redstone block.
    • 1 Magicite:
      • 4 Quartz Crystals & 1 Soul Sand
      • or
      • 4 Emeralds & 1 Pumpkin.

      Cross-mod bits.

    -Maybe Future-
      + Additional Magitek abilities and mech types.


    Special thanks to red_mist for initial testing and other things!

    This mod is closed source at the moment, but you may include the mod itself in mod-packs and such as you wish.

    Any gamebreaking bugs/issues/suggestions may be posted in this thread.
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