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    By the way, does Sydney have a Metro System/Sewer? Just wondering.
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    Out of Charector (OOC)
    Minecraft account name: Diehardpatriot
    Country of Residence and Time Zone: American Eastern Standerd Time
    Do you have any experience roleplaying?: I have been RPing on multiple servers and games for almost four years and consider myself to be rating from decent to veteran in roleplaying.

    Why are you applying?: I loved playing on the last server, and would adore the chance to continue playing were a left off.

    Have you ever been banned and if so why?: Never.
    Do you agree with the rules?: Hell yes!
    Will you destroy/steal/grief admin created structures?: Never, ever, ever.
    Will you our custom Last Days texture pack?: Of course.

    In Character (IC)
    Name: M-4X or 'Max'
    Faction (Optional): Android
    How old is your character: 244 years old.
    How does your character act?: Curious, innocent, and humble due to lack of both experience and knowledge in general.
    Does your character have any family or close friends?: His creator Richard Springfield (Deceased/Forgotten)

    Is your character educated (Read and write)?: He has most of the basic skills learned in school, such as reading, writing, mathematics but nothing of the real world.

    Does your character have any special skills or proficiency's?: He is easier to program and order than other Androids, and could potentially be upgraded, but would require his original memory data.

    Does your character have any weaknesses?: Though he is more versitial and able to traverse terrain, his mind is also incomplete causing him to be manipulated easily, and uknowing of his own physical attributes or real world threats, he is either too afraid or curious for his own good. He could also easily be hacked or reprogrammed in the hands of a genius.

    Does your character hate or fear anything?: Because he is rather new to the world, he is afraid of anything that seems imposing

    Created like many of the other androids for prolonged combat in war torn areas of the planet, M-4X was meant to be shipped to fight, but the bombs came first. He was only partialy complete when the bombs fell, and was abandoned mid-construction at the military base near the seed vault, buried under rubble.
    Before this, he was being developed by A small three person team of Forelance scientists as a sort of 1.3 [Joke intended] of the average Android. The team consisted of Doctors Manwell Geraldo, Isabella Lockheart, and Richard Springfield. The team was building three different 1.3 models, each in the image of the doctors. The first one had upgraded physical traits, at the expense of mental ones, in the image of Geraldo, named M-2X.
    The second was in the image of Doctor Lockheart, with enchanced features, such as faster auto repair, and interchangable and replacable parts, this one was M-3X. The third and final one was dubbed M-4X, and was given a mind bordering on self awareness, able to learn quickly and was made for leading, this was made in the image of Doctor Springfield, whom he looked to with great fondness and respect. Glitches found in the development of each showed flaws such as overaggression, mood swings, volatile functioning. All three scientists met and decided that they needed to be shut down, Springfield argued with his peers in an attempt to defend M-4X which he had fondly began to call 'Max'.
    Max, having managed to learn to hack his way through security throughout the facility, he often viewed these discussions. After some time, M-2X, M-3X, and any copys were terminated, and recycled, and the project was aborted. In a last ditch attempt to save his creation, Springfield, copied Max's memory files onto a disk, and packaged him onto a transport car taking malfunctioning Androids to the seed vault for further study. Max being quiet even with his memory, listened and disputed when he could in calm outbursts, though he couldnt make a valid argument though he had a brilliant mind and had achieved awareness with sprinfields help, he was still only just a toddler by behaviour standerds but was rapidly evolving through the stages of social and behavioural maturity, he felt alone so to speak, and would have given even his life to stay with his adopted father, after a brief realization that Sprinfield would give the same for him, he sadly agree'd with a slight pout, and was put into stasis until the definition of any kind of serious emergancy was met.

    He never made it, the bombs fell before he made it to the Vault, trapped inside the twisted metal and rubble of the transport he was one of the few functioning survivors, while the others tried to escape, the tortured screams of the bent metal, and flesh. Luckily he was already shut down by Springfield, whom had saved him once again. However with none of his memorys aside from basic knowledge such as Math, Reading, and Writing he was basicly a toddler built like a tank. While the others eventually rusted, and died from trying to escape the wreck, or actualy managed to escape, Max remained idle in his hibernation, oblivious to the immeasurable carnage and suffering of those who dwelled just outside his sanctuary.
    Two hundred years later a mix of radiation, fumes, and system damage managed to give him the push to wake up. With no mission, no memories, and no one to greet him his systems registered an emergency under the definition given by the Forelance. Waking from his slumber, he easily pushed out of the rusted truck, but the truck wasn't the only thing that was rusted, he woke to find that his outer skin on much of his body had simply flaked or peeled off, revealing his mechanical parts.

    He entered the Outback Wasteland with no knowledge of it, or of his purpose. However he had been given one final directive from his creator: to find his original memory data, oblivious to why he moved forward into the wasteland in order to complete his singular purpose. He wandered for hours, his power cells running low and the percentage of task completion steadily lowering. Eventually he stumbled upon a village, and was greeted by a survivor named Allister, and was quickly put to work with the promise of searching for his data. Months passed and no one in the town assisted him, so he left heading off in a random direction. It didn't take long for him to be discovered by raiders, and as a result of his pathetic combat knowledge, he was captured. Seeing him as little more than booze money, he was sold to drug dealers at a bargain price.

    Seeing as Androids were common back then, no one wanted him especially since he didn't have any useful programming. He was quickly dumped into a nearby pond seeing as he was too complicated to scrap. The pond froze in a matter of hours as the sun began to set over the wasteland. His power cells running on critical from neglect, he was forced to deactivate. This icy prison would be his saving grace however, as it preserved him almost perfectly.

    Its been twenty years and the block of ice is wearing thin as the pond dried up. Its only a matter of time for Max to be set free, a relic from the androids. But who will find him? And will he ever fulfill his one purpose? I guess we'll find out...

    Provide an example of a role-play situation with some dialog (At least 2 paragraphs):
    [**= /me]
    **Max stumbles over the rough terrain, running up the hill to escape the bandits that are chasing after him from behind.
    **One of the bandits lets loose with his gun
    **Max is nailed in the mechanical part of his arm, staggering him but he presses onward, ascending up the hill.
    **One of the bandits begins gaining shouting nonsensical threats as he flails his bat at Max.
    **Max stumbles onward tripping on something, hitting the dirt with a metallic thud.
    **The other bandits having lagged behind to either fire, or try not falling of the cliff, begin to gain on the two
    **The bandit upon max looks down on him with a sadistic grin, raising his bat.
    **Max kicks at the bandit, shutting his eyes in fear.
    **The bandit is hit in the stomache, and with an "Oomph" he falls down the hill.
    **The other two bandits watch as he falls looking back up at Max, they then nod at each other breaking into a sprint.
    **Max looks down at his handiwork shaking a little, flailing about a little as he gets up and sprints for the peak of the hill.
    **The bandits chase after relentlessly until the reach the peak, preparing their weapons.
    **Max steps back, nearly falling of the mountainous hill.
    **The bandits let loose both bullets, and swings from their weapons in an attempt to pulverize the android.
    **Max falls back using his metallic hands to slowly his descent enough to land with minimal damage, and with a brief rest, he gets up and limp-sprints off.
    **The bandits yell random threats from the hill, waving their weapons and taking a few pot shots at him.
    **Max collapses in the ash and dust, inspecting the damage to his arms. His hands in seemingly good condition after the escapade down the hill, he turns his attention to the bullet wound in his arm, having managed to pierce the outer metal, but not the secend layer. He simply removes the bullet with a wince, and lets auto-repair do what it can slowly.
    **Max stumbles up off the ground, continuing to wander forward in his quest for purpose.

    Describe what your character looks like and provide a picture of the skin:
    Roughly 6ft tall, rough beard strewn messily across face, left optic revealed with a light cyan glow, Both arms revealed with the same Cyan glow as the eye showing the fuel veins, A light scar running across his left eye, No shirt, revealing his mechanical components across his chest, Dirty jeans.

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    I was on the old server and my character was an Android... Could I reapply to play as him again?
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