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    Looks quite promising.
    I hope you're planning more commonly hostile mobs in the Nether; in vanilla Minecraft the Nether is an extremely peaceful place except for the occasional Ghast pestering. Not as hostile as you'd expect the "Hell Dimension" to be eh? :P
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ThaumCraft 2.1.6d (OUTDATED)

    Also, an idea for a new Tainted research item: Advanced Vis Conduit
    A dual-chambered conduit, where one chamber exclusively holds Vis and the other exclusively holds Taint, each chamber having the normal capacity of 4. This would be useful for simplifying and compacting sections of your system which need to run both Vis and Taint simultaneously, so that you can create uncloggable systems without having to use a lot of space with separate lines for Vis and Taint.

    Crafting recipe could be something along the lines of: 2 Advanced Vis Valves + 2 Vis Conduits + 1 Gold = Advanced Vis Conduit

    ^The idea for that came to me watching Direwolf's latest video where he faffed about hopelessly with his conduits clogging for several minutes because he didn't understand how conduits worked. hehe
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    I would love to see better options of Taint/dark magic. In Thaumcraft a low Vis high Taint area is a terrible place to live, since Taint is virtually useless and even the Dark Infuser items require more Vis than Taint.

    I'd love to see support for role playing a corrupted wizard who harnesses dark powers and actively attempts to corrupt the area he's in to boost his ability to produce dark magic items and power dark machines.
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