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    An upgraded mountain biome. It should include snow caps in the mountains and a new Yeti monster that could guard the inside of the mountains which can include deep icy caverns that have treasures and deep secrets. Heavy snowfall which could cut off your FOV would be awesome :P
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    posted a message on What do you hold when you're 'idling'?
    Normally whatever i'm going to use in crafting, smelting, etc. Sometimes i really don't care what i have in my hands.
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    posted a message on Indev & Infdev!
    Implemented a long time ago? Jeez, i would have to say bunnies or different types of sea creatures.
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    posted a message on Creeper Country Club Mature 24/7 Dedicated No Lag Whitelist Antigrief Teamspeak Dynmap Friendly Staff
    1. How long have you played Minecraft? Since 1.1? Roughly around there.
    2. What about Minecraft interests you? That there's no 'set goal' and i can design and create what i want.
    3. What are you usually up to in Minecraft? Aesthetic designs for my house.
    4. Age Technically 15, but i will be 16 in two weeks.
    5. Do you use Teamspeak? Nope, sorry, i don't have a working headset right now.
    6. Amount of time you spend playing weekly? When i'm not in school a lot (20+) but when in school only about 5 hours, lol.
    7. Have you ever been banned or kicked from a server? No
    8. Pictures(if any) of builds you are proud of. If only i saved my previous worlds >_>''
    9. Your IGN(In Game Name) alphafiend
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    posted a message on Why do we need all this new crap!?!?
    Downgrade your minecraft then. There's some mods on the forums that can do so.
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    posted a message on What Survival tool would YOU add to MineCraft?
    Grappling Hooks to get up large cliffs without having to build blocks up to them.
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    posted a message on No birds in minecraft?
    This thread just crashed into despair with random crap coming up..
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    posted a message on SHOW ME YOUR HOUSE/BASE!
    My home is in a dirt mountain.. New world.
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    posted a message on The World's Classiest Cacti Farm EVER
    Efficiency i have no idea if it's amazing, but it sure is classy. Unique look to it.
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    posted a message on 3 Back to back spawners! Different mobs.
    wow, really rare for 3 spawners back to back to appear. One being zombie, skeleton, and spider!
    Here's the seed for anybody wanting to see.

    x: 118.98076553218593
    y: 61.62000000476837
    z: -1.13.59186486620239

    Seed: 1779649139878220532

    Pics will be coming soon if you are to lazy to decipher that.
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    posted a message on ★ Sheep Art?
    Wait, so instead of making pixel art with colored sheep blocks, you're going to trap sheep in a fencing area and make art out of the sheep itself. :blink.gif:
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que

    IGN: alphafiend
    Age: 15
    Role-Play Exp.: Very decent, able to stay in RP for the selective amount of time.
    Why Us: I loved skyrim, i hope to get the same feeling out of a MC version.
    Time You Can Dedicate: Since the holidays are coming up, i can donate a decent amount of time, but during the weekdays i can't play for an excessive amount of time because of school.


    Name: Monus
    Race: Human.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Appearance: Fighter - like.
    Fears: Dragons, large heights.
    Personality: Arrogant like, but very native and protective of his own kind.
    Occupation: Merchant
    Skills: Able to bargain deals, very competitive on the fighting side, able to craft highly potential items.
    Nickname (Optional): Nus
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Person A: Hello there sir, can i get that diamond sword for a cheap price?
    Monus[Me]: Aye, if you think about scamming me you ought to come to the wrong place, scramble you childish fiend.
    Person A: Hey, hey, settle down i just wanted to know how much you would sell it for?
    Monus: Give me an offer then, anything bellow my standards i'll kick you out of my shoppe.
    Person A: 2 Iron?
    Monus: Get out you useless tool! Don't ever think about coming back here again!
    Person A: Sorry! *Runs in fear*

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): As a child Monus had difficulty with cooperating with others, he thought that his life would be wasted as nobody would accept him as a regular human being. He was turned down when trying to get into a private school! That's how bad nobody wanted him. He wandered around for countless months orphanages to orphanages trying to find somebody who would accept him as himself. At the age of 9, he came across a man by the name of Thompson Edwards, this would be his father.

    Thompson was a merchant, he taught Monus the ways of selling and buying goods, merchant strategies, and how to treat people the way he wanted to be treated. However, the last bit never worked out so well. He learned under the footsteps of his father and tried to live out his dream as a merchant. At the age of 23, his father passed away. Sad monus was, he continued to work at the Merchant shoppe and to sell goods for the common will. He helped his town as much as he could during the dire war and tried to become a well known merchant around the world. Now, Monus left the town of Greganon in search of somewhere else to live and to work for money and somewhere to sleep for the night, that being Morthal.
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    posted a message on Is trapping an Enderdragon in a Minecart possible?
    Bedrock possibly? I'd be amazed if they can break through that.
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    posted a message on Use a block or item to represent yourself!
    Lava, i'm either hotheaded if you **** me off, or you can cool me down with water so i'm chill.
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    posted a message on I need help finding a wolf!
    No offense, but wolves get really annoying after a while. Especially if you have more than one.
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