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    IGN: DiamonddGal
    Age: 18
    Timezone: Pacific
    Skype: stellafuschia
    Rank: Administrator
    Previous server experience: Hey there, my name is Diamond. I have been an Administrator on two servers in the past, the first one was known as ShaeCraft and the other was called Mineversity. Both servers were great, and unfortunately they both shut down due to payment issues. ShaeCraft was a survival and faction server. It had friendly staff, friendly players, and just an overall positive community. I, along with many others, are very disappointed that the server is offline, it has been offline for almost a year. The other server I was an Administrator on was Mineversity, which was a network server. It had several different and unique plugins, and included Survival, Creative, Factions, Prison, and even Towny. This server had to shut down too, because the owner was unable to pay for the the monthly cost.

    Previous program experience: I am in the process of learning Java. As a matter of fact, I would like to fulfill a career as a computer programmer/Java Developer!

    How is your customer service experience: I have actually worked at an administrative office in California at the age of 15. I answered phone calls and helped customers get what they needed, along with helping out the other staff. I really enjoyed the job!

    Event and media experience: One thing to know about me is, I am a great advertiser. I love writing ads and helping servers grow. I am very enthusiastic about my craft, and I am very creative. I have written some of the ads for the servers I was an administrator on, and they attracted a lot of players. The ads I write are very descriptive and attract the reader.

    Why should we hire you?: You should hire me because I have a strong and outgoing personality, I am mature, I have experience being an administrator, and I love helping others. I am friendly and a very hard-worker. As an Administrator on your server, I would be on every day to make sure everything is running smooth. I have a lot of free time and I would love to dedicate it to helping your server grow and develop. I am known for my problem-solving skills, so if there is an issue, whether it is a conflict between some players, or a problem with server itself, I am there to help. If you hire me, I will always be online on Skype (I already am) so if you need me at any time, I will be here. Thank you for reviewing my application and I hope to speak with you soon!


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