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    posted a message on Ride a Dolphin

    I would be interesting to expand on the current sea life available.

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    posted a message on Survival Hard Difficulty, PvP, Factions , and Airship Spawn | 24/7 | No requirements to join | Instant Invite


    (I forgot to multi-quote... this is gonna look messy....)

    Wasn't expecting any returning people, good to see you're still here.

    Also thanks for hosting for me way back when.

    Keep in mind it's a fresh game all inventories were wiped; fresh start old world. ;)

    You still looking for moderators btw?
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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft Server| 24/7 | 1.8
    In Game Name: Generation_X3

    Age: 16

    What do you hope for out of this server: A server with a good community yet not too many people. Mainly a good server I can enjoy with other people save from greif attacks or PvP. Most importantly no dealing with figuring out annoying commands they never work for me.

    Your build style: I mainly build Skyrim themed houses and somewhat medieval themed airships.

    Your time zone: Pacific EST

    How often daily/weekly would you play: A few hours every day I generally bounce from game to game except if I get hooked on Minecraft lol.

    Something interesting about you: I really enjoy any game or movie that is either open world or is survival based like State of Decay, SA, and of course Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Is 1.8 Lagging for you? POLL - Let's settle this issue!
    It's most likely your computer lagging you might have too much running in the background on your PC. However I am not eliminating the possibility of the game itself being the issue. I would normally test different versions but I run Alienware so I can't tell. ._.
    Just read your post thats the same FPS I have I guess there is something strange going down. Good post btw. :)
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    posted a message on ★PotatoGalaxy★ [Not Public][Need Staff] NEED BUILDERS FOR HOTEL AND SPAWN BUILDERS
    For some reason I can't put a screen shot as an attachment, is there any other way to show it?
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    posted a message on ★PotatoGalaxy★ [Not Public][Need Staff] NEED BUILDERS FOR HOTEL AND SPAWN BUILDERS
    If your still looking for people I might be able to help you out I am a very good builder.

    IGN: Generation_X3

    Age: 16

    Online: Just about everyday.

    Experience: I have placed Minecraft since beta 1.7.3 (when pistons first came out.) I frequently do mega builds, and and regular builds, redstone devices. Like working gates, and various traps, or locks.

    BTW: I mainly build so if you've still got space I would love to help. :)

    EDIT: If you want to contact me I have Email and Gmail.
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    posted a message on Slim3Craft SMP. Survival, 24/7, Whitelisted, SMPServer. Small Group of Good Friends Looking For a Small Amount of New Players!
    IGN: Generation_X3

    Skype: None (I do have Email and Gmail if you want to contact me.)

    Timezone/Location: Canada Pacific EST

    Age: 16

    Availability: Online just about every day.

    Why are you interested in joining this server: Looking for a server with a social element to it with no PvP or minimal PvP. Where I can build and survive with the multiplayer experience.

    What is your experience in playing minecraft: Played since 1.7.3 when pistons first came out. I play Minecraft on hard, coming back from console after my old PC died. So alot has changed since I came back I'm really just looking for a good place to set up shop. :)

    Skills or things you love to do: I like to create mega builds mainly airships. (If you have a 360 I can show some of my work.)

    Why should we choose you: I follow server rules and STRONGLY against greifing, looking for what you described the server to be, small group of people, with a social element.

    Are you apart of another server at the moment: Not at the moment I have been searching through multiple servers, looking for one that I like.

    Do you have a youtube channel you would record with(optional): No but I have considered getting the software to do so.

    EDIT: Sorry if my app is a little disorganized been a while since I've done this. Short and sweet none the less.
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    posted a message on Looking for ppl to help build a hub for a server and to play with
    If you still need help send me a invite GT: XxPWNAGExX3 (friend requests system is down for me at the moment.)
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    Age 16

    Online just about every day yes I have a working mic.

    Also turn off tnt and firespread uncheck trust players makes greifing rare worked in my server.
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    posted a message on Need builders for city
    Sent friend request.
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    posted a message on Airship Survival PvP and Factions World
    This is a player vs player world where you can create or join a faction/group/clan/guild and fight other factions and make your own bases or make a shop.

    You will spawn on an airship which you can explore and farm, if you can't find the exit just message me XxPWNAGExX3 or I can teleport you.

    Don't greif the spawn.
    Don't kill at the spawn
    Don't steal at the spawn (excluding shops)
    Don't kill Villagers
    Don't destroy protected villages (they have custom houses or walls, it's easy to tell if they are protected.)
    Don't destroy other faction bases UNLESS you declare war on them

    Breaking rules can lead to being put in jail, depending on how bad the crime was which decides how long a sentence will be or if there will be a vote for execution.

    Greifing of any kind is instant life and a voting, basically our version of being banned.

    Gladiator Arena:

    If there are two people in jail for small crimes they can decide to fight in the arena, winner walks away free and with the others belongings.

    Interference with a gladiator match puts the interferer as a gladiator. (You can become a gladiator without crime or interference.

    OPENING TIMES/ How To Join:

    Opening times (All day currently)

    To join send me a friend request and a message and I will invite you.

    If you have any questions send a message to XxPWNAGExX3
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    posted a message on PvP Factions Survival World
    I've been asked why is there a air ship quite a few times, so heres your anwser. It serves as a safe zone for newer people.
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    posted a message on PvP Factions Survival World
    This is a survival faction war server with little/ close to no rules.

    You start on a airship you recieve privilages once you leave the ship (don't have a mic send a message.) (Ask me XxPWNAGExX3 where the exit is, if you need help.)


    Your base can't be on or attached to the ship.

    You can't break anything on the airship.

    Other Details:

    The difficulty will be on hard

    Yes greifing is allowed. (Yet again not the airship.) Raiding is allowed as well.

    Opening and closing time is to be determined, currently it is online all day.

    This map is built on one of my older worlds, hidden chests and lots of bases (There are no diamond caches, but maybe a sword hint hint.)

    Greifing the ship is rewarded with a kick, seriously guys n gals be mature.
    To join send a friend request to XxPWNAGExX3
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    posted a message on Possible update speed up?
    I know pretty much nothing about programing so don't be suprised if any of this sounds super futuristic and silly.

    Mojang or 4J made a program that automaticly converts the Pc programing language into the Xbox 360 programing language, basicly they just put in the current Pc version through the process and it is the in the Xbox format.

    Yet again I know nothing about programing so this may sound either ridiculous, silly or both.
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