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    Frederick walked, jumping from block to block. He looked around, looking for someone, a castle. He heard a sound of extreme windstorm, and saw that it was actually ​​a monstrous tornado! He ran to be certain what it was. Suddenly, a giant thunder was formed, and crashed to the ground like a missile! He shouted "What's going on!" Could not understand what was happening, but knew something was not going to goes well.

    [There it goes, both of you.]
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    You ask a serious application, and the PR is silly and your application is horrible. Honestly, you should train your abilities before asking for serious people do that with you.

    "Have you read the rules?"

    1) You must have good grammar.
    2) In making your character op.
    3) To prove you read the rules poopsodahahalolza put in your post.
    4) In going out of the plot.No "OH THEY ARE retreating LETS GO WIN WE RULE THE GODS" kind of stuff.

    Four rules. There is no difference between reading them or not.
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    [Because it looks a whip. Piggies are really useful when a Skeleton is going to kill you.]

    :Diamond: Character Name: Frederick

    :Diamond: Age: 32

    :Diamond: Gender: Male

    :Diamond: Skills: His skills in surveillance and physical combat are given as useless, when actually it shows a nice strong point that Frederick had since his childhood. His curiosity is intense, causing him to not be deceived easily. His fighting skills are impressive, completing as he doesn't follow the rules when he struggles, but his moves are totally useful when anyone invade or threat someone with bodily weapons, he don't think twice and start struggling. He has been wrestling champion when he was 24 years, and taught viewers how to do a show of beatings. Out in physical fights, has a hobby of do fencing, but he's terrible at using swords, and his aim is horrific.

    :Diamond: Personality:

    He is intelligent, and his surveillance is extreme. He is not easily fooled, and do not like to tell lies to him. He is very truthful, only hides the deepest secrets, in general does not comment about them. He is friendly and a little aggressive with strangers, is very restless, only stay quiet to sleep.

    :Diamond: Appearance. Should give us a vivid mental image of what the character looks like:

    At a height of 6 '1 ", and his face mark that he had several triumphs. His nose guard a small curved scar on the right as proof that he is a great wrestler, and his hair shows to be handsome and smooth, hiding in its depths many white strands of hair from unknown origin, but is certainly not of old age. His rebellious hair is always cut and combed in a way that it seems more pacific, always combed back, with failed attempts to stand up and expose itself. Predominates several invisible pimples on his brow, with the size of eggs of ants, which never grow but never goes out from his forehead, but somewhere is always hidden by the hair of Frederick, which covers the upper part of the ear and almost reaches the end of the neck. His midnight blue eyes hides a liar watercolor look, which can be easily recognized in a crowd of peoples. His nose is simple, has an optimum position in his face, it is small and short, a little close to his eyes, but always far from the small lips that guards the white teeth of Frederick. His athletic body is covered with a casual outfit, a short-sleeved shirt made of white mesh dressed with a black waistcoat, enclosed by metal pins always polished to look as new. His pants are of unknown origin, seems tight but always swings freely as he walks. Uses two black shoes made of leather, with soles of metal painted with black, to walk more comfortably.

    :Diamond: RP-Example. RP your character waking up, and the first thing that they do upon waking up here:

    Frederick could see only darkness, a fearful and terrible darkness. Gradually, he regained consciousness, hearing the sound of the sea, beating in the sands. He opened his eyes, and stood up. He looked around him, was only sand and a dense forest. Obviously was not ready to immerse himself in the green pastures of there. He walked across the beach, limping. Walking, wandering aimlessly, looking for someone, and arrived in a desert. Saw nothing, only quantities of sand that he never seen since he was in Miami Beach, and various cacti, which will provide food if he doesn't find any animal. But where am I? Ah, Reaper said something about here he thought, scratching his head and looking around. "Oh, great. I'm stranded here like a whale trapped in an anchor! What do I do?" he yelled, with arms outstretched to the top, looking up. He ran back to where he was, the forest, and walked around, dodging the trees. He thought how catch timber. Ah, how to get wood? With an ax. It has a blade. How to get a blade? That's the key to my problem!

    He looked around, looking for something sharp. He thought Well, small blade, where your hidin' at? Looked the sides, searching madly. He gave a violent punch in the trunk, and broke the bark. Outraged, he pulled the bark and threw it in the ground, making a weak wooden blade. He held the shell, and made an ax ​​of wood, which would not work even in a blow to the bark. He took a swing with the blade and cut a piece of the wood. Wow, what a luck!

    [Question - This RP is already dead?]

    :Diamond: One Liner: Frederick, the watchful wrestling champion.
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    Name: (The character's name.)
    Race: (Your race!)
    Class: (What class does your character does?)
    Magick: (He cast spells? What kind?)
    Weapon: (Does he have an ranged/melee weapon?)
    Appearance: (How your character looks like.)
    Attitude: (Practically personality.)
    Bio: (His story, not what he current is, it's your character whole life.)

    [Ryan, use the above text as application sheet, if you want. I've simplified it and made some cool things for you.]

    Name: Frederick T. Junior
    Race: Human.
    Class: Bowman, acctually an archer.
    Magick: None.
    Weapon: A wooden bow of marble polished to make it easier to shoot arrows, a super tough nylon string, and his arrows are made of a very sharp flint, common wooden sticks but always are new, and finished with feathers from hens or broilers.
    Appearance: He has blond hair, which is short enough to catch only half of the forehead, and combed neatly, freeing the ears to be covered by hair. His dark blue eyes seem to be watercolor, but always fool the sight of someone. Use a leather jacket well loose in his body, wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, pants also made of black leather, and two gorgeous tennis.
    Attitude: He is friendly, aggressive and easily suspect when someone give any sign that he is lying, even unintentionally. He is not very tranquil, but makes friends easily.
    Bio: He was born in a tribe of archers, and spent part of his childhood training with his bow and arrow. He always found a way to play with his bow, he loved to shoot his bitting arrows in chickens and cows. His aim was impeccable, never missed a target. He worked as an archer, helped his friends and family to hunt. He worked hard, worked hard to help the tribe. One day, armed soldiers broke into the tribe and captured all archers, saying they made illegal practice of their work. But Frederick was able to escape and had to leave his family arrested. He seeks help to save them one day.

    ((I'll start as he sighted Skye.))
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    You must give important informations before making a RP.
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    Quote from Absolete

    Yeah. Time is a factor. Maybe I want it RIGHT NOW? I have mine ready for my customers within 5 minutes tops. You've taken 10. Rising every second.

    Absolete is right. You can take the time necessary, but must be the best in the shortest time possible. If you can not do now, then you should write a message "Currently is not accepting / usually need [...] minutes to do anything". Excuse me for seeming to be very coarse or displayed, but without an example of what you do, nobody will believe you.
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    Eh, they're both remarkably well done. But I'll choose the ice skeleton, it is really amazing.

    ~Diamond Fist
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    Quote from iancopra

    i'm a grammar nazi ok i suck at grammar.

    Ah, but this is not an reason to have bad grammar! Use a translator to write what you want, or something else.
    Not trying to sound harsh, but you should really put more effort at your story.

    ~Diamond Fist
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    Oh, hello. Well, I made ​​my avatar, but I could not make a signature. You can make a sig with any of these images? The size is 400 x 105 and it must to be written "Diamond Fist ".

    http://dark.pozadia.org/images/wallpapers/18207967/Warrioirs/Fantasy Elf Warrior.jpg



    I know they all are enormous, they are made to psychopaths as wallpapers, and they are a bit creepy, I'd appreciate if you could make one of these.


    This is for avatar. Just write a mere "Diamond Fist" and it shall be ok.

    ~Diamond Fist
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