About Me
My name is Taylor, and I'm a boy.

Yeah, more for an adolescent, but this doesn't matter, what matter is: I like Minecraft.

"Sitting in a chair, backing the cheek on his hand, with the elbow on the table, the man thought about what would make. He had a white piece of paper in front of him, ready to be scrawled with the wildest drawings. He imagined endless images, which he could create. A round world, whose everything and everyone is like a ball? It would be weird to play, and there is already something similar. So a game that works in three dimensions? It would be too preposterous. A picture was not coming out of his head: the famous equation of Albert Einstein, MC to the square. He thought he could do something square, or rather cubical! Potentiation MC to the cube was more appropriate to his thinking. Imagined then, that MC meant something. A name, for example? He loved to play Infiniminer, and then thought the following:

M: Mine, mining.

C: Creation, creatures, crafting.

Going along, he figured the success: MineCraft to the Cube! There was born the majestic game, that more than 1 million people have adopted as one of their hobbies: Minecraft!

My theory about the creation of the game Minecraft.

Always as possible, I use my infallible identification:

~Diamond Fist
Interests Train my skills as role-player, enjoy playing the modified MC, have fun, and much more!