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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]

    Current rank on the server: A

    Reason you were banned: X-Ray

    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: N/A

    Approximate time of ban: Well, it was a long time ago (5 months at least), and quite frankly, I don't remember (I'm in CST)

    Why you deserve to be unbanned: When I was banned I was new to the whole multiplayer server idea and wanted to do whatever I could to get to the top, so I resorted to cheating (X-Ray). Now that I've had more experience with multiplayer I realize that what I did gave me an unfair advantage against other players, and if I was someone else I would have banned me too. I now wish to rejoin this really well operated server as an honest player.

    Any additional information:
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    posted a message on Looking For Talanted Builders, Redstoners, And Plug-in Managers |
    Im looking for a build team to help me build my hub server! I need talented builders, people good with redstone and command blocks, plugin managers.Ive been looking for a while with no luck finding a team that would help me with my server. And please, if you are a member of an official build team, please also feel free to help, im not only looking for individuals.

    The things i am currently looking for are:
    Server HUB
    Kit PvP
    I also have an idea for a mini-game that i need a map for.

    There will also be more parts of the server coming later so ill need a way to stay in touch.

    I will give the members of the build team some kind of special privilege on the server which will be decided at a later date. Along with that, payment in money will be dependant on the speed and quality of the work.

    I will be recording you and your work as some of my first youtube videos, so you need don't worry about not getting the credit.


    Name: (requested but not required)
    Proof of talent:
    Why you should be a member of the building force:
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    posted a message on Is there a Mod that does this?
    Quote from FoxAllison

    You could try the "More TNT" Mod, it may not be out for 1.7.4, but it's gor a lot of different types of TNT, one like that, I beleive.

    Thank You SOOOO much
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    posted a message on Conquer PvP
    Hello this is DiamondIngot, and I’m here to start one of the next top Minecraft clans. The current clan name is ClanDomination, but that can be changed.
    GOALS[spoiler]1: conquer 1 PvP every month. By conquering a PvP, I mean leveling up in the Factions part of ANY server, and become the top faction and show the community that we, ClanDomination, are the elite.
    2: build cool stuff on server and have epic in-clan PvPs. [/spoiler]
    Every one that applies will make it, and get the clan rank Member, for the elite ranks, there will be tryouts.
    RANKS[spoiler] These are the ranks in ascending order of skill.
    Junior Elite
    Senior Elite
    Leader [/spoiler]
    There will be 3 parts to the tryouts:[spoiler]Part 1: PvP tryouts
    Part 2: Building tryouts
    Part 3: You will be competing for 35 Elite slots.
    There are 25 PvP slots
    There are 10 builder slots.
    The PvPers are the ones who will be used the most in the combat against our foes. PvPers can build, but only in their own personal space.
    The builders will be in charge of building for both the Clan HUB and the bases we will use on other servers. Builders will still be allowed to fight

    I will be running a server that will act as our HUB. This is where the tryouts and the practices will take place.
    SKINS [spoiler]
    Each rank will have a different skin. Skins of the same rank will vary depending on your job (PvP, or Builder) [/spoiler]
    Do you want to rule the world of PvP along with me and my clan?
    Post “I want to join!” as the first thing in your comment to be added to the list. [spoiler] The Clan Will be accepting for 2 weeks, or until 100 applicants, before the tryouts begin. After sign ups have finished, you will be sent a PM with the server IP and invite/password and the starting time of the tryouts. [/spoiler]
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    posted a message on What would you do if the above avatar bit you? ♡
    Be caause I want to keep you......

    Oww!!! oh look mommy a bird!
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft dying?
    In the past, there have been updates that the public has raged at, but in the end the public got over it and
    the Minecraft community grew a bit.
    If you say plz because it is shorter than please,
    I'm going to say no because it is shorter then yes.
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    posted a message on What Is Minecraft To You?
    When you play minecraft what do you like to do? Do you developed mods? Do you prefer to
    mine? What about building or exploring or multiplayer? How do you spend your time in the endless game of MC?

    Personally, I prefer to play on servers, because there are more things to do, and you
    get to do them with/against real people around the world
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    posted a message on The Minecraft Community is a Monster
    Quote from Sketch

    Well, it depends the way you look at it. You can't have one 7 year old yell at Mojang, and then count the forum as a whole as being abusive.

    even if this were true, that 7 year old needs to realize that not very many people know how to code and program
    well enough to make video games, and the fact that mojang has accomplished it for 6 different platforms (Pc,Mac, iOS, android, Playstation, and xbox) is amazing and he/she should be grateful for the amazing game they have
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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages

    SupahMario24 tried to hug a creeper.

    SupahMario24 apparently likes hot lava baths.

    SupahMario24 forgot to wear an umbrella (if you die from getting struck by lightning).
    What's the statsitical chance you get struck with lightning
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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages
    DiamondIngots realized cobwebs and a dark night don't mix
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