About Me [p]Consoles: PS4,Lenovo Ideapad Y410P,Nintendo DSi,Nintendo 3DS[/p] [p]Favorite Controller:Dualshock 4[/p] [p]Likes:Minecraft,Minecraft Console Edition (Playstation 4),Roblox, A PS4 Version of Roblox.[/p] [p]Current "Minecraft" Project: A Railway connecting 3 villages with a station in a Jungle. goes through 2 mountains[/p] [p]Current "Roblox" Project: Mountains.........[/p] [p]Roblox Name:PandoraAdventurer[/p] [p]Minecraft Name:CodeboyAdvance/CodeBoyAdvance[/p] [p]Favorite Dubstepper: Skrillex? Deadmau5? IDK!!!! >_<[/p] [p]Full Steam Name:CodeBoyAdvanceXAdolescence/codeboyadvancexadolescence[/p] [p]Console master Race! PC peasents![/p] [p]Nationality:Indian (Pure)[/p] Interests Roblox,Playstation 4,Anime,Minecraft,People who understand me, Cute Anime girls. Location Indonesia.

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