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    Actually really nice and it serves its purpose; looking good.

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    Quote from TheRealSwerb»

    I really don't want to make REALISTIC-GOOD-LOOKING-AMAZING-Texture packs. I just do this for fun, and I will take your advice, by like not making the stone the same color as grey wool, I actually don't expect amazing Texture Geniuses like Alvoria to LOVE My Textures, I do them because It's Becoming a nice hobby for me. This is my first texture pack, I'm sticking to these textures. On my Next Ones, However, I will take your guys advice. When I Continue, I will put more screenshots on it. Like These One - The first showing some cartoony Textures I Love, and The Next one I want to show you how i am changing purple aspects of the ends into green :L Feel Free To Feedback.

    The main problem is that you've basically stolen Mojangs default textures and claimed to have made 'your own resource pack' when in fact you've really just taken the paint bucket tool to the default textures and used a pencil to draw over them with default colors.

    You can't post here and say "Feel free to give me feedback" and then get defensive when you're given feedback by one of the best artists here; that's not how feedback works. We're all happy to give feedback if you're going to listen to it constructively.

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    Hi, I'm an old timer back from a long absence. I just got burnt out on Minecraft and quit for a couple years but lately I've been getting back into it as well as texturing. Been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.2 (2010?) I made quite a few packs back in my day. Fells good to be back.

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    Hey guys...

    It's been quite a while, haha. I recently started playing Minecraft heavily again and I've been using ChromaHills as my resource pack, but something kept beckoning me to get back into texturing. I decided to start with something simple since I don't think I've made a texture since 1.7.4...

    Let me know what you guys think, back to my 8x8 simple ways for now...maybe I'll try to expand into 16x this time around though.

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    Quote from CheezLordy»

    Um... Those are wood planks :P

    Well, from Pintom's post, you can see that I'm not the only one who made that mistake. The size of the "planks" makes them look extremely brick-ish, especially since the normal factors of "normal" plank colours aren't there to distinguish them.

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    We're still ignoring the lack of embedded images. But that's easy to ignore.

    Listen, I understand that you don't want to listen to these guys, they don't know what you're going for, blah blah. That was my exact problem when I first got here. But I think you should at-least take their criticism and recommendations into consideration. It could actually really help, like it did for me.

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    I think they look good, if you imagine them as something like Dooni said, kind of like saloon doors.

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    DiamondAir's Threads

    I keep finding it harder to keep up with my my threads, so here's this.

    Most of my threads are texture packs, hence why it's in this section.

    [8x] Calidus

    This project is a brand new 8x8 pack that I started working on on December 14, 2014. I hope to soon have it released- for now I only have a progress thread to keep up with its progress and development. It won't be released for download until it's officially released, so probably around when most of the terrain is completed. I think I have a thing for this 8x8 stuff.
    Game Version: 1.8.2
    Pack Version: 2.0.0
    Status: In-Release Development

    [8x] Bitly texture pack

    Bitly is a texture that follows the thought of bringing the same detail as the original pack, into a smaller detention of eight by eight. Bitly was single-handedly designed by DiamondAir, with CTm by corner_g. It is a detailed simple pack, consisting of eight pixels per block, with as much detail as possible in each. It has now reached 2,000+ Downloads.

    Thread: Bitly Pack
    Game Version: 1.7.9
    Pack Version: V11.4 (11.0.04)
    Status: Defunct

    [32x] Smoothsong

    Game Version: 1.7.9
    Pack Version: V0.9 (0.0.9)
    Status: Defunct

    [16x] Tepido Salutem

    Definatly one of my better packs. It lacks a bit of detail, but is still in early development. I recommend checking back here later in development for more information.

    Thread: Tepido Salutem
    Game Version: 1.6.2
    Pack Version: 0.0.9a
    Status: Defunct

    [64x] Cubix Continuation

    In 1.4.6, corner_g discontinued Cubix Pack. Since Bity is nearing completion, I needed something else to texture, but couldn't make up an original theme, like Bitly. So, I decided to do a continuation of a great pack! This is a new pack, and the newest one by DiamondAir as of the making of this thread. It looks great, and is always being worked on.

    Thread: Cubix Cont.
    Game Version: 1.5.2
    Pack Version: v.0.90
    Status: Defunct

    [16x] Twisy Pack

    An up and coming pack of mine, it is based on the same Pallete as Steelfeather's Dandelion. It may look similar to it, but it's made by me. Coming soon.

    Thread: Twisy Pack
    Game Version: 1.5.2
    Pack Version: 1.0.10
    Status: Defunct

    [32x] GradientCraft

    Gradient Craft was a pack based solely around gradient and pillow shading. Though it found no mainstream success, it was still big enough to mention, as it was the starting point of making something detailed like Bitly. It has been discontinued, and has not been updated since 1.3.2. But, if you feel like downgrading for it, then go right ahead.

    Thread: Gradient Craft
    Game Version: 1.3.2
    Pack Version: V5
    Status: Defunct

    Also check out my tutorial for resource pack making on my YouTube channel:
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    After going hiatus for a bit, I've picked up work on Calidus. Today I'm presenting the Redstone Update. This adds most if not all redstone items' textures to the pack.
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    warm; hot


    Calidus. was originally just a pack I was making personally for fun, as I hadn't been making packs, and it is my first pack in almost half a year. Within a week of working on it, I had a pack I was liking, and I thought it was coming together quite nicely. I posted a thread about it, and what feedback I got on it was positive. So, here I am, releasing it officially to the public. Calidus. is an 8x8 pack made with as much detail as possible packed in an 8 pixel by 8 pixel texture. It's made to make you have an RPG feel to it, but also a warm feeling with a "tone" of exploration. All I can really say is I hope you like the pack and I'll periodically be releasing updates as I work on it more.



    From the Calidus. website.
    Directly from Mediafire.com



    Version 2: Redstone Update
    + Redstone blocks
    + Redstone Items
    + Ladder Texture
    + Vine Texture
    Version 1: The Initial Release.
    * Release of Version, and initial release of the pack.
    Coming Soon: Vegetation



    Please follow the following do's and don'ts in order to avoid any conflict with me or the pack. Don't be Texture Stealer Pete, no-one likes Texture Stealer Pete.


    - Use my pack in videos, screenshots, etc.
    - Give me credit when using it said videos, screenshots, etc.
    - Ask for permissions before publishing my pack anywhere else.
    - Ask for permissions before using my art/textures in your pack.
    - Give me credit for my art/textures if used in your pack.


    - Republish the pack anywhere without proper permission.
    - Use my art/textures without my permission in your pack
    - Make a video or screenshot public with my pack without my permission.
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