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    \t is the regex for TAB. There's (and you'll kick yourself) a tab at the very end. I've marked it below in red:

    prefix: '&0[&9Owner&0]&5 '
    - '*'<THE TAB IS HERE>
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    Quote from CrippledRabbit

    MY GOD! SOMEONE TO HELP. OH THANK YOU HERO!! Okay so! I will now enable DMZ. althought when i go to enable DMZ it was a section of numbres. im not sure what numbers to use. do i use the last three numbrs of my ipv4 address? thats hwat im going to use for the time being. so now i have that enabled. Okay next Im using windows. Im not sure where to begin to mess with any firewall settings so no i have not. As for the first question you asked. are you asking for a picture of my "Port range forward" tab in my 192.blahblah?

    DMZ for a Minecraft server that also functions as a home desktop computer is not advisable.
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