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    Hey there. I'm Dezoo but you can call me Lachlan. This is my opinion on the 1.9 PvP

    What if people with less bars of internet gain a bigger reach? Like 10% of a block more or something? It would stop people with better ping having a huge advantage, it would help make PvP fair again. It would settle all of the arguments about 1.9 in one update. Maybe in 1.10 this could be a thing, or maybe even 1.9.(x)? Anyways.

    That was my thought, reply if you agree and if you dont agree or think of something that doesn't work then let me know.


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    I 100% agree.

    1.9 Bothers me the most because it was once a BLOCK GAME! I know right, you never would've guessed! I also hate it because I thought it was a fun, block game. Now it's becoming World Of Minecraft or Mine of Legends. And quite frankly it sucks.

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    posted a message on iDreqm Designs The Place for Free Minecraft GFX (Closed For now after orders i'll open)

    IGN: Dezoo_

    Pose: Holding a diamond sword (orange diamond sword if possible) with it right infront of the left/front of my neck ready to kill other players.

    Text: DezooYT

    How do you want it to look like: As much orange and cyan as possible :)

    Anything else?: I like potatos.

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