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    posted a message on ClassNotFound error. (UNIQUE)

    Adding memory means increasing the amount of RAM your game can use. It's not entirely easy to do to begin with, but you can try installing all of these mods using the Technic Launcher and increasing the amount of memory your game can use using that.

    That's the only reason I can think of why your game crashes even though all the mods you've used used to work together but don't any more (Besides one of the mods corrupting)

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    posted a message on WearMC - Full character customisation! []
    I love this mod already. I can only say one thing: iChun's gonna be jealous. :P
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    posted a message on ItemPhysic 1.4.4 - More Realtistic Items/ stone doesn't burn in lava
    Oh my god, you're amazing. I wish there were more modders that focused on the smaller things like this.
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    posted a message on ItemPhysic 1.4.4 - More Realtistic Items/ stone doesn't burn in lava
    Sorry, I meant the Hypothetical Block doesn't* catch on fire when placed in lava. If that occurs, does the mod detect that and allow it to remain in lava? Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    posted a message on ItemPhysic 1.4.4 - More Realtistic Items/ stone doesn't burn in lava
    I love the idea of this mod, and I think I'm gonna include it in my own personal mod pack for my next Minecraft playthrough. BUT, I have a question. Does the mod effect items from other mods? For example: This Hypothetical Mod has a Hypothetical Block that is flame resistant... Hypothetically. Will this actual mod detect that the Hypothetical Block does catch fire, and allow it to remain in lava without getting destroyed? Or do I need to configure the mod manually in order to do that?
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    posted a message on Aerna - A Massive and Detailed World-Building Project
    I would also like to apply for some sort of position on this project, because I feel it'd be the best way for me to support this project.

    By heart, I'm a creative person, and somewhat of a perfectionist. While I'm not the best of builders (I'm O.K., I guess, but not nearly as skilled as the other people who are involved in this project), I'm adept in the use of redstone; particularly, command blocks. Redstone was the main reason I got this game to being with. Back during the days of (late) alpha, when I saw players building some of the coolest things I've ever seen, like fully-functional calculators built by hand. While I'm not really good at piston-stuff, I have my own fair share of tricks I can do with command blocks.

    In fact, I'll share with you some of the ideas I have for this project:

    • Weapon Varieties - Well, if you haven't noticed, Minecraft doesn't make it that easy to make an Open-World RPG with it's very limited array of weapons and armor. However, I've actually been experimenting with command blocks to create a variety of new weapons. Currently, I'm figuring out a way to make throwing axes, as well as summoning "spells" for a separate project to introduce the features of 1.8. (Speaking of which: Is this on 1.8? or 1.7.10? Either works, it just means I'll have to put off some of my ideas), and I've (very nearly) finished my shield concept.
    • 1). Sword (Broadsword) - -5% movement, Jump Boost 1 when sprinting with this in hand.
    • 2). Shortsword - Doesn't deduct movement, -1 Damage Per Hit then Average Sword of the Same Tier, 25% to counter a melee attack if you're blocking. Counter is always a critical.
    • 3). Longsword - -10% movement, +2 DPH than Same Tier. 15% knockback resist. when blocking.
    • 4). Light Shield (Leather, Chain) - -20% movement when held. 30-50% knockback resist. Resistance I when held. 25% chance for arrow deflection.
    • 5). Heavy Shield (Iron, Gold, Diamond) - -50% movement when held. 60-80% knockback resist. Resistance II when held. 25% chance for arrow deflection.
    You said you were looking for lore as well. I'm an aspiring map-maker. An important thing about Adventure Maps is to have good lore. As said before, I consider myself a rather creative person, and I'd love to try to come up with some good lore for the world of Aerna, and why everything is like what it is today, and why some kingdoms are at war, and so on.

    Oh, and if this ends up becoming a server, I have some experience with moderation and administration. I love interacting with people, and making sure the server is safe and fun to play on for everyone, as well as dealing with any problems a player might face when playing.

    Thank you for taking the time of reading all of this, because I put a lot of time into writing this, and thinking out what you'd want to hear from me. I do hope you accept me, so I can put my ideas to good use. Again, thank you for your time. :)

    - Dezitronix
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    posted a message on Aerna - A Massive and Detailed World-Building Project
    Hello, I was looking for an answer on a question I had about a 3rd-party Minecraft Program called WorldBuilder, and came across this. After looking at it, I immediately lost interest in what I was doing before, and, I have to say, I'm already hooked on the idea from what very little I've seen. I quite like the architecture you've put into each of the buildings, but, I have a few complaints none-the-less. Bare in mind, these are very minor complaints. Most people probably wouldn't notice if they weren't looking for it (I only noticed it because I had to find SOMETHING to complain about).

    First off, some of the houses look a bit too... Wealthy, for the environment they were in. Back in the general time this build was set in, glass wasn't nearly as common. Sure, nobles had plenty of money for these luxuries, but definitely not village-dwellers (Except for maybe a Lord, or Vassal). While the glass would certainly fit in a few towns, and a lot of cities, lowly villagers simply could never afford proper glass windows.

    Next, some of the buildings seem repetitive. Now, don't take this as the builds aren't creative; they are plenty creative. I just wish for more variety. For example: If I saw a large stretch of stone brick, I'd expect that some erosion or overgrowth would affect it after a while. Maybe a few small cracks in a wall, or some mossy cobblestone on house bordering a forest, or something along those lines. The older a building is, the prominent these imperfections would be.

    Now that I've covered the complaints, let me ask some questions:
    - Will this be a multiplayer server when this is public released? And, if so...
    - How will dungeons work?
    - Will players be able to choose a starting point (So they don't all come from the same cultural background)?
    - Will PvP be a thing? And, if so, how would it work?
    - Will it be heavily RP
    - Could there be wars to participate in?
    - Could I make a sort of adventure series on this with my friends? (With RP, 'cause dat fun)

    - Will their be stuff to unlock?
    - Will their be kingdoms? I'd say multiple kingdoms per culture, it'd be kind of weird if one king controls an entire culture, or if all the little villages were
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    posted a message on Wind Mod - (Anyone can take this idea. All I'd like is credit for the original idea)
    No, this mod idea isn't a mod that focuses on wind effects or sounds, but rather what wind does in real life.

    One of the examples that occurs to me as the most noticeable example would be arrows. Depending on the wind, it could affect the way the arrows move. For example: During light wind, arrow's won't have a noticeable change whilst flying. However, during more heavy winds, the arrow will start moving towards one direction (If the arrow is move forward, the wind is moving west, the arrow will get pushed too the left).

    Another example would be boats & minecarts. If the wind is strong enough (Doesn't even have to be that strong), Boats and Minecarts will start moving without the assistance of an object/orientation.

    Finally, if the winds are strong enough, walking against the winds may slow you down, and sprinting in it could drain your hunger faster.

    On the aesthetic side, the mod would possibly involve making the rain fall in a directing that isn't straight down (Falling at an angle)
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