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    Quote from Xinkc

    You, PyroOfZen, and recently kualajimbo have finished. I'm on my Golden Age but haven't had much time between my capstone project and computer problems. I'm also redesigning my agricultural octant. I also plan to redesign my castle and palace in preparation of the Nether Quartz blocks and due to designing practices.

    Thanks for the update! Any idea what page your most recent update is on? I'm itching to see what you've done after, what, a year? XD
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    Well, after playing Assassin's Creed 3, watching Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and then playing a marathon session of Sid Meier's Pirates!, I've realized that I have an addiction to old world sailing ships. So of course, like any good addict, I figured I should feed that addiction immediately. XD

    This thread will (hopefully) (eventually) showcase a collection of ships I've built. Inspiration may come from many things, so these boats will vary in historical value and real-world usability. Criticisim is welcome, advice is appreciated but may or may not be used, and flames won't be tolerated. If you don't like sailing vessels, or don't like Minecraft, or don't like me, or any other reason why you should avoid this thread, then you may see yourself out. Those of you remaining, enjoy!

    1: Xebec - 1/13/13

    This is my attempt at a Sid Meier's styled 'Barque' (or Xebec, thanks sillouete). It's a medium-sized cargo ship. The most obvious feature of this ship is it's three lateen rigged sails, which give it the ability to sail effectively in almost any direction regardless of wind direction, but they do give a lower speed when running with the wind when compaired to a square-rigged ship of a similar size. The unique sail rigging also gives this ship a remarkably small crew to sail at maximum efficiency, requiring roughly 10 men. Being a costal cargo ship, this xebec isn't armed, but posesses a very shallow draft, allowing it to sail in waters only several meters deep. This ship is outfitted with two officer's cabins, a common galley, an open berth area below the water line, and a large cargo hold. I should mention, I skipped all rigging on this one because the limitations of Minecraft combined with the weird sail setup would have put this way out of my league. =P

    These three hatches all lead to the cargo hold. More hatches means cargo can be loaded and unloaded faster.

    Entrance to the cabin/galley area.

    View from the helm.

    Inside the cabin, looking astern. The floor hatch leads to the crew bunks, the galley is visable between the officer's cabins, and the shaft running in the middle is the steering input.

    Captain's quarters, starboard side.

    Officer's quarters, port side.

    At the hatch on the bottom level, here you see the final transmission from the helm to the rudder. Facing starboard/stern.

    Same location as the last picture, facing the bow. This is the crew's quarters, with the gates to the cargo hold visible just past the mast.

    The cargo hold runs from the mainmast all the way to the bow of the ship. You can see the hatches to the deck in the ceiling.

    Shallow draft means that this ship can get very close to land without running aground.

    Everybody loves a good night shot.

    2: Brig - 1/16/13

    I made this ship while working on Steelfeather's Castle-building challenge. I based it off of an old Lego pirate ship, my reference image is tucked away at the end of the spoiler. I did some editing to the original model before posting it here, most notably I added rigging. This ship was never really built to have rigging or open sails, so it doesn't look quite right under full sail. I also attempted to break up the hull by adding some stripes along the decklines (not much, but it's a start). This is also the first time I've ever employed cannon into a ship.

    I believe this ship would be considered a brig, as it has three masts, two of which are square-rigged and the third having a lateen rig (I could be mistaken, though, as the mizzen mast is usually gaff rigged on all the brigs I've seen so far). It's the largest ship I've built so far, having three decks and a somewhat oversized aftcastle.

    In this shot you can get a good view of the massive rudder and the tiny but functional deck from the captain's quarters.

    This is what happens when I try to rig up sails on a ship I never meant to have sails. It's passable, but I'm not too happy with it. This also marks the first time I've ever put a jib on a ship (primarily because this also marks the first time there's ever been a forestay to rig a sail on to).

    Here is the massive aftcastle. The double doors on the left lead into the captain's cabin, while the doors on the right head below deck.

    View from the helm.

    Sideshot. I can see several areas that can be improved on, but fixing them would require heavy alteration of the ship's interior decks. I'd rather start over from the ground up than try to completely rebuild the interior without messing with the superstructure. Simply pulling the gun deck farther back and reducing the aftcastle would make the ship far more believable. Oh, and fixing the masts to carry sails properly.

    Sleeping area of the captain's cabin. The stairs below deck are on the other side of this wall.

    Captain's table. This picture was taken from the same spot as the last one. The door to the captain's balcony is visible here.

    This is at the foot of the stairs below deck. A far cry from the captain's table, the crew get to eat their meals crammed in this tight little galley. A door on either side of the galley leads to the gun deck, and two sets of stairs are in the middle: one up to the deck (visible stairs), and one down to the hold.

    This is the gun deck. It was previously full of beds for the crew, but a shipbuilding tutorial I read pointed out that most crewmembers would sleep wherever they could rig up their hammocks, so I opted to replace the beds with something a bit more befitting a flagship: cannon! Unfortunately, due to the proximity to the waterline (which is literally at the deck level), the cannon have to be mounted on platforms to raise them high enough to keep gentle waves from flooding the deck. At the far end, hidden behind the foremast, is a door that leads to a winch for the anchor. The room, being rather large, will also now double as powder and cannonball storage.

    Bottom deck, facing forward. Unlike the open cargo hold of the Xebec, this ship is not designed for cargo transport, instead being used as a diplomatic vessel. As such, cargo mainly consists of valuables in the form of coin and jewels (nothing says 'our countries should be friends' like a mountain of jewels), which get shipped in chests.

    Bottom deck, facing aft. Here you can see (much like the Xebec) the final transmission from helm to rudder. Because the wheel is set so far forward, the tiller to the rudder is absolutely massive, running a good 9 meters before reaching the rudder.

    As mentioned previously, here is the inspiration for this build... I think I did a fairly bang-up job considering what I had to work from:

    So there we have it, two ships up for your viewing pleasure! Be sure to leave feedback, and keeep an eye out for the next ship. The last ship was already built, I just had to edit it and make it better. The next ship is going to be from scratch, so it might take a while. I'll see you back here when it's done (and probably before!)
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    posted a message on ConfuseACat's Shipyard --- Updated 24/04/15 --- Several New Ships
    Ah, so you just sorta stuff the details and make the ship... From a distance, your stuff looks amazing, so clearly the details are only important if you're using the ship in an active world as more than decor (I'm about to build a port in my survival game, so I'll be MCEditing some cargo ships off in the distance for a bit of flavor =P). I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I have to do as much detail as I can (except the rigging, 'cause I suck at rigging...)

    But, yeah. Your stuff is awesome, and combined with CaptainGloom, I've been sufficiently inspired to create my own shipyard thread. Which won't be anywhere near as awesome as anything you or Capt.Gloom have made. But, you know, gotta start somewhere! =P
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    posted a message on Captain Gloom's Shipyard-"Harlequin" Pirate Ship!
    Hullo! You posted a link on ConfuseACat's thread, which is the only reason I found this... And trust me, I was looking for a little while the other day. =P I have a ship request for you... Lemme just find an example...

    *rummage rummage*

    Ah! Here we are:

    A Barque, a la Sid Meier. I actually just built one (about to create my own shipyard thread, soon we'll be taking over the forum), but I'm not sure if I like it yet... I want to see how you would style it. Good luck with the sails... They kicked my ass. XD
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    posted a message on ConfuseACat's Shipyard --- Updated 24/04/15 --- Several New Ships
    Could I trouble you for some detail pics of a stern? I'm rather curious as to how you do yours, I've tried several styles but I've yet to find one I like. What always throws me off is the lanterns and the nameplate... and the cabins... and, like, everything else. XD Also, out of curiosity, what do you load your cannons with?
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    Yaaaay, I'm back. I stopped visiting the forum for quite a while... Anyone on here know how many people have finished this challenge? I want to say I remember at least one other person finishing... I really should go through and read all the old pages, but that will take more time than I have! XD
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    posted a message on ConfuseACat's Shipyard --- Updated 24/04/15 --- Several New Ships
    Oh, my... I've built a few ships, but nothing that matches these in quality. I mean, the rigging? I've always just omitted it... too complicated (and costly, I do most of my building in survival...). These are beautiful. I'd love a world download. =P Watching this topic, to be sure.
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    Wooh, update... this is like, one of my favorite 16x packs... =P I used it in your Castle Building Challenge, and it kinda accidentally became my default texture. Only you, Steel, can sneak in and overwrite my default textures like that. Congratulations. XD
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    posted a message on Self-planting saplings, maybe?
    Quote from aminecraftguy00

    I like the idea. It would be useful for the killion detention centre server, the moderators actually punish players for not replanting saplings in the tree farm. Other things such as seeds should auto-replant too, it would allow for fully automatic water piston wheat farms.

    I think if it extended beyond trees, it might become a little overpowered... Self-planting farms would make the game unbelievably easy, I think...

    Quote from mambarunner

    this was kind of already done, but not just this feature, if any of you have heard of nature overhaul, the saplings would plant themselves after a tree was cut down. i think the mod is discontinued though...sad face. but there was a feature i believe that prevented too many from planting to close to eachother.
    i support this suggestion

    Shame it was discontinued! Thanks for the support!

    Quote from Gandalf232

    Support! And there should be a gamerule to prevent self planting, similar to /dofiretick

    Thanks for the support, I need to learn about these 'gamerules'... lol...

    Quote from Keybounce

    Actually, let all the saplings replant. All of them.

    If you get so many trees that the canopy makes it dark during the day? That's realism :-). (real forests can be that dark).

    Percentage chance of replant based on biome? 100% in forest, 35% in plains, that sort of thing?

    Refer to my 'wall of wood' comment. :P I don't mind thick canopies, my main concern is cutting down one tree and getting 7 in it's place. The game becomes far too easy. And yeah, you have the right idea with the biome-percentage deal. :)

    Quote from Blorog

    Love this idea, fully support it


    Quote from Jake Von

    Perhaps a rigid system of sapling spawning is in order, hmm? Saplings could spawn in between (and only in between) two existing virgin trees (naturally generated leaf clusters), but only if the area surrounding it was empty enough (more space than is actually required to grow a tree, otherwise it would get dense). Certain biomes could possibly have a faster rate of sapling growth and less space required. For example, plains would have a large amount of area required for sapling spawn, and it would happen slowly, whereas a jungle would have saplings constantly popping up anywhere they might grow.

    I really like your ideas, all except the first one with the naturally generated leaf clusters. And only because the wording is a bit ambiguous. Some people could read 'naturally generated' as 'generated on world-construction', which would mean that only the first set of auto-planted saplings would work, and after that, the requirements wouldn't be met. Other than that potentially gray area in the rules... I adore the time/space requirements dependent on biome... Good idea! Might be time to amend the OP again!
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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge
    Wow, I've been gone for a while... And Xinkc, you're STILL NOT DONE???? XD Man, I've been looking forward to seeing your lava curtains for like, 3 months now! Actually thinking about breaking into this again... Maybe I'll give it another go... My internet has become a bit spotty, though, and my free time has kinda dissolved... but we'll see.... =P
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    posted a message on Self-planting saplings, maybe?
    Wow, I've been offline for a while! As usual, I've got a response to everyone!

    Quote from Talons7331

    This would be annoying if you want to hack down a forest without collecting the saplings or have a full inv of wood.

    On the same note, I find it annoying currently to chop down a forest and then have to go and replant 400 saplings to make another one. =P Really, it's just trading one annoyance for another. I respect your opinion, and you're right, clear-cutting a forest for space would definately lead to some problems in the long run.

    Quote from robbhus

    I support, but as a tree normaly drop... 3-4 saplings, maybe the chance should be about 25-33,3% so that the forest remains as dense as it was, but you can plant more tree's if you wish?

    However, I support this idea.

    Well, the origional idea is that if a sapling lands within 5 blocks of any other sapling or tree, it won't plant itself, so in theory cutting one tree will have one sapling replant itself (unless the tree was either very wide or growing in a very dense area). Thanks for the support!

    Quote from Tkeleth

    Personally, I strongly disagree with this idea.

    There are two reasons I cut down trees - 1) I need more wood, or 2) I don't want a tree there. If I don't want a tree there, I certainly don't want to deal with having to collect all the saplings to prevent more trees from spawning... including having to wait around for all the leaves to despawn, or having to manually cut down EVERY leaf block...

    If I'm cutting trees down to harvest wood, I guess it wouldn't bother me if they auto-replanted, but I wouldn't find it great or anything. I never find myself in a situation where I need so much wood that I need to replant forests (but I've never built a huge wooden mansion), and if I do need a lot, I find it in no way an inconvenience to replant saplings myself.

    If I were going to suggest a change to the functionality of saplings, whether they auto-planted or not, I'd suggest making them take 3-4 Minecraft weeks to grow, or longer. Making the regrowing process seem a little more 'natural' seems like it would add a sense of value to wood, which is currently so abundant that you never need fear running out EVER, even for a moment. I like to imagine an RP style server where some people spend time as lumberjacks, and have to manage the task of collecting wood and transporting it back to their home areas, perhaps via rail.

    However, there are a few situations where this would make continued gameplay impossible to sustain, such as certain survival type maps where you start the game on a floating island with one tree. :) I don't expect this to ever be included in the default game, so don't worry.

    Wow, a very well thought out response! Thanks for disagreeing without flaming, it's nice to see someone who respects another's idea, regardless of opinion. =D I tend to build towns in my survival games (something to do as I hunt for Endermen), and since stone is usually reserved for my fortresses, shops and houses are all wood. So yeah, I tend to burn through forests pretty quick sometimes! That's why I had this idea. I know it isn't for everyone... it'd probably be best as a mod rather than a game idea. However, I really like the idea of making saplings take longer to grow... combined with auto-planting! That way, if you don't like where the sapling autoplanted, you have plenty of time to yank it out! XD

    Quote from Weerzant

    You should use the /gamerule command to stop them from growing.


    Quote from aspade01

    I support this assuming that the saplings only have a chance of replanting and only if in a qualified biome.

    Thanks for the support! That's the idea, no sense in EVERY sapling replanting EVERY time... you'd end up with an impassable wall of wood! (that's what she said)

    Quote from Frog81

    Support! This could be awesome. Imagine a forest that was near a lava lake or something, and a tree caught on fire. It would burn down the forest, but then the saplings would survive and grow a new forest. The cycle begins again.

    I bet that would eat some serious game memory... =P Thanks for the support, nice to have someone else on board!
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    posted a message on Self-planting saplings, maybe?
    Quote from Kaiser Corax

    Do you honestly think you came up with this idea? I think that's very arrogant to assume. I have seen this suggested MANY, MANY times before.

    However, I support the idea if the factors are:

    No other saplings already planted within 5 blocks
    Needs a minimum of 14 sunlight to plant

    Um, thanks for the support? I never assume I've created my own idea, particularly when it comes to Minecraft. I searched around and didn't see anything like it, though, is why I started the thread.

    Quote from Hallojumbo

    Dunno if said already, but if you want a piece of land to be cleared out (and not talking like one of the first post said' restricted to biomes', it'd suck. Maybe some dispenser device being able to replant would be better though neither of the 2 fits in minecraft really. No artificial forests anymore for you? No possibility to plant trees in the sky/underground/desert?

    The only thing this would change would be how the saplings decay. If you plant a sapling yourself in a 'restricted biome', it'll grow just like a normal sapling would. Same with underground, in sky, desert, ect. All this would do is, when you cut a tree down, instead of saplings decaying after 5 minutes, they would attempt to take root after 4. If that fails, they decay like normal. If it succeeds, they still have to grow like normal. It wouldn't even be noticeable, unless you're clearcutting for space and forget to collect the saplings as they fall.

    Quote from Dwarvenhero81

    Seems to be a Great Idea.

    Uh, thank you? Was that sarcasm? XD
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    posted a message on Self-planting saplings, maybe?
    Quote from Nerdgazm

    I don't support this, what if I don't want trees there?

    If you don't want trees there, just collect the saplings as they fall. There's going to be an annoyance either way, really. Either you have do deal with saplings trying to plant themselves where you don't want them to, or you have to deal with planting them all by hand. Personally, I try to knock out the leaves normally, to collect apples. If you do that yourself, you have no worries. You'll collect all the saplings before they have a chance to plant. Then you can use them as fuel in your furnace. =P Thanks for commenting, though!

    Quote from MugaSofer

    Forests would still spread outwards.

    Perhaps this behavior should be restricted to Forest Biomes?

    I'm still torn on that one. I don't think I'd restrict it to forest biomes, as much as disable it for plains biomes (desert biomes wouldn't matter, as there's no dirt for them to take root in). Thanks for commenting!
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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.2]FeatherSong (Updated 7/25)
    Quote from supersonik360

    When I put the folder in the Texture Pack folder it doesn't even show up... How do I fix this????

    Did you unzip it? Because you aren't supposed to, just drop the whole zipped thing in there. ^_^
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    posted a message on [16x][1.5] Rustica V0.7 [50K Downloads!] [WIP] [Updated 3-26-13 (26-3-13 EU)(1.5 Compatible!)]
    Huzzah! I've been waiting for an update to this for a while! =D
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