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    Wow... how do people keep finding this thread after it goes defunct? I'd completely forgotten about this thread, then all of a sudden BOOM like, 15 e-mails about comments. XD I would respond to everyone individually, but... I just tried. And lost about 20 minutes of typing, so screw that. The main point I was going to make is: Mr_Rossi, hook up with Keybounce and MAKE THIS THING HAPPEN. XD You guys will become gods in my MC universe.
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    Ok, so I'm back! Here's my work so far, I'll just jump into the pictures.

    Needed to get the port underway, if for no reason other than to consolodate my storage. Used waaaay more lumber than I wanted for the pylons, but... Sacrifices must be made!

    The frame for the port. Two business floors, and a living space in the attic/loft.

    Pulling into the port after a lumber run. The port has two docks, one running along the shore and one jutting out into the harbor. You can see the work-in-progress frame on the left side, that became...

    The frame for the Inn. Decided to place it on the hill near the port, so travellers have a place to sleep while the ship is in port. Due to the sheer size of the building, I added extra bracing into the walls.

    Inside the unfinished inn. Downstairs became a bar area with many tables and seats, upstairs has a row of 4 rooms on each side.

    The finished inn, on it's hill. It's bigger than it looks.

    Oh, yeah, I made a windmill. Now I can make bread. ^_^

    So here is the finished town of Dessport, as seen from the top of the lighthouse. Starting from the bottom left, you see the Customs building, above it is the farm, the inn on the hill, two small houses below it on the left (very small, very quick, no pics of them), then the woodcutter's house, the blacksmith's place, the bakery, and hiding behind that is the mining office. And of course the windmill. =D

    And here's a handy overhead map of the town. Very small, but also neatly self-sufficient. Now, on to the castle town....
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    posted a message on Self-planting saplings, maybe?
    Wow, I honestly thought this thread had died completely... XD Personally, I'm a fan of 45% self-planting in forests, 15-25% self-replant in plains, and 30% self-replant in snow biomes. But that's just me. So, yeah, welcome to my ressurected thread! XD
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    posted a message on 99% Legit Survial Village! Update 2/25/13
    Ok, quick update here, I'm still working on this! My wife spent a few days in the hospital this week, so between that and work and builder's block, I haven't been able to do much. I added a port and found a jungle, wanna get a few more buildings done before uploading pics. Stick around, I'l post something eventually!
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    Since you asked nicely... lol.

    Your stuff, as I said before, is amazing. Suggestion, though, have you thought about putting your images in a spoiler tag, leaving only one or two for a quick idea? The OP has so many pictures, when they're all loading it makes it a bit difficult to read the comments (every picture that loads bumps the text down a bit) and makes the page load s l o w l y . Just an idea.

    Anyway, what are you working on now? =)
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    Quote from AlyssaNights

    I do agree mostly with your system but I'd adjust it a bit for fairness.

    No problem with the wood thing seeing as if you actually went to find a jungle you;d end up with 4 times the resources. So the "cheaty" method is less effititient.

    Cobblestone I think should be traded on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio with clay balls. Clay is rarer than cobblestone and should therefore be more expensive compared to it since you find it everywhere. Trading for bricks is unbalanced, partly due to the rarity of clay, but also because you aren't spending the coal either. It also doesn't work in situ (You aren't allowing trade before a port, implying you are trading with someone for them. So what idiot is trading cobble for bricks?)

    In light of the single brick change, the ratio for stone bricks to bricks should be 4:1 as it cost you four pieces of cobble and four pieces of coal to make one brick block. I could see 3:1 also being fair as you could argue with your...supplier that the craftmanship of the stone bricks raises their value.

    Nice building designs though. Like the lighthouse. Are you planning on having a stationary or rotating beacon?

    Aaaaaand this is why I posted my trading ratios. Definately going with your cobble to clay suggestion, that adds the bonus of having to figure out what to do with all the clay that's cluttering up my inventory when I run out of coal. =P I'll do the 1:1 ratio, though, since otherwise instead of spending weeks hunting for clay I'd be spending weeks mining cobble for the same amount.

    As far as stone bricks for brick blocks... 3:1 sounds fair, since I have to take the time to actually craft the smoothstone together. And I was operating on the basis that the clay was coming in from other lands that had larger stores of clay than mine. =P

    Finally, regarding the lighthouse, thank you! It'll be stationary, since my redstone skills are only average, and also the memory required for that would probably crash my computer. Also, is it possible to make a rotating beacon in a 3x3 area? The lighthouse is a bit compact...

    Quote from CastilloBlanca

    I love the design on the village. Better that what we have now!

    Thanks! I think rustic-style houses look best like that, with the edges framed out in logs... the biggest downside is it requires a fairly large stockpile of wood to do it!
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    posted a message on 99% Legit Survial Village! Update 2/25/13
    Quote from namone

    Looks nice! May I ask, what is the texture pack?

    Quote from Wafflessrule

    Yes that texture pack looks amazing...

    Quote from BadLeo_

    I'm curious about your texture pack, too. It resembles to John Smith Technician's Remix, but it's not. Anyway, nice pics and very nice buildings! Keep going!

    Whoops, forgot to credit that, didn't I? It's Steelfeather's 'Feathersong' pack, found here. It's pretty much my default texture pack. XD And BadLeo, thanks!
    Quote from Deacon_Blue

    I don't get it. If you're going to use cheats to get more difficult-to-obtain blocks, use creative. If you're going to claim survival, don't cheat in blocks.

    Bricks aren't meant to be as common as cobblestone.

    I know it, but here's my problem: I get bored building in creative, and I really don't have the time or computing power to find all of the clay. In the past, I've spent literally weeks where the only thing I'd do is hunt down and gather clay, and after almost a month of doing that and only that, I was almost able to build one block of apartments, out of a planned 12-ish blocks. So in the interest of actually seeing this project through to the end, I'm going to do what I can to make it enjoyable to myself, which includes cheating in bricks when I have to. In my defense, I am trading them for other resources rather than just giving myself stacks of them whenever I want. And if I can find a NPC village that has bricks for trade, I'll acquire them that way. So... yeah.
    Tl;dr: I think it's a fair trade system and I don't want to get bored with my project by hunting for clay forever. =P Even so, thanks for taking the time to read the post!
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    posted a message on 99% Legit Survial Village! Update 2/25/13
    After a recent slew of boredom, I decided to start a new world in Minecraft, and have recently decided to post my work here on the forum. I'll update as I add more stuff, what you're getting right now is several days worth of work.

    Let me clarify on my title, though, first... This is a legit Survival game, normal difficulty. I have cheats enabled, but ONLY for aesthetic purposes. These are the 'cheat rules' I'm playing by:

    1) Oak planks can be swapped for Jungle planks at a 1:1 ratio.
    This is because I use jungle wood for my roofs, and I just can't be bothered to build half a house then spend the next week getting lost in search of a jungle just for some roofing. If I can find a jungle, I'll remove this rule, but until then, it stays in play. All other woods must be harvested as usual.
    1a) This can only be done while/after building a woodcutter's place.

    2) Cobblestone can be traded for clay balls on a 1:1 ratio.
    My later buildings will use bricks, and again, clay is just too dang bothersome to spend months on the bottom of the sea trying to harvest it. I'll collect all the clay in a reasonable area around my build, but after that, I'm trading for it.
    2a) This can only be done after building a dock/port.

    3) Stone Bricks can be traded for Brick Blocks on a 3:1 ratio.
    Again, clay hunting sucks. This is basically the same as the previous. It'll take 4 stacks of cobble to get one stack of brick building material, or one stack of stone brick, since stone bricks must be processed down.
    3a)Th This can only be done after building a dock/port.

    These are the only times I'll ever use cheats, except maybe to take aerial pics of my works. Otherwise, it'll be 100% legit. I'm open to any feedback regarding my rules (if you think it's too overpowered, give me suggestions, for example, or if you have ideas for other rules that make sense, maybe I'll use them). Now, on to the build!

    I started out in a nifty little bay area, in a Forest biome. A desert biome and a tiaga biome are nearby, with some extreme hills (edge) a little ways off. First thing I built was a place for a woodcutter:

    Because this is a pioneer settlement, most if not all of these craftsmen will work out of their homes. After building that, hunger had become an issue, so I set up a small farm:

    The farm is two-storied to provide an extra bedroom, and by extension, extra hands to work the fields. In the vertical pic, you can clearly see, from left to right: The pumpkin patch, the wheat field, the sheep pen (at the top of the pic), the sugar cane field, and the cow pen.

    After getting that set up, I set about establishing a mine:

    Wooden supports were used for the first two levels of the mine, but in the interest of preserving my wood stores, I started employing 'built in buttresses' into the mineshafts. I'm employing a sort of small-scale 'shaft-based strip mining', where I mine a series of 3x3 tunnels with a 1-block wide wall between them and a 1-block thick floor/ceiling seperating the levels. Working on my 3rd level right now, and so far have only found a rare few iron and coal veins.

    The logical next step was to build a smithy so I could use the iron I'd found:

    I made only iron ingots and blocks untill I had the anvil, at which point I had to go about making sinks (cauldrons) for all the houses I'd made. Having recently finished that, I'm now finally able to use the leftover iron for tools. Side note, once I make it to the nether for some netherrack, the chimney above the smelter will be belching smoke. =D

    About ready to start building my Port and get a real economy going, but first I had to keep ships from crashing into the place:

    I somehow managed to make this without falling to my death. Living space is in the base of the lighthouse, and a spiral staircase (without guardrails) leads up to the very top. Currently, a log with torches stuck all around it is providing the beacon, but after I make a trip to the nether, I'll use glowstone for the light. This lighthouse took an entire day to build, between planning it in creative mode and then gathering all the resources, and then the actual construction... My favorite structure in this world so far.

    That's all I have so far, so I leave you with this... I guess my game decided that all the squid needed to be in my bay at once:

    Yep, 17 naturally-spawned squid in one screenshot. HERP-A-DERP

    I'll try to get some more things built this week and update soon-ish!
    Thanks for reading!
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    posted a message on New to minecraft... Wolves?
    Wolves = Yes.

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    posted a message on What Mob Do You Hate?
    3) Cave spiders. Fskin' poison.
    2) Ghasts. Always RIGHT THERE when you enter the Nether, shooting fire charges at you but hanging out waaaaay out of your range...
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    posted a message on New to minecraft... Wolves?
    Quote from Younkling

    Yes. Mojang doesn't really take away features people like. (First person to say old terrain gets hit)

    Quote from JoseS

    So just to be clear they ARE still on the game correct?

    What Younkling said, wolves are there. And BC_Programming is pretty accurate, I for one was like, "OMG WOLVES" when I first found them... now anytime I see them, I just sigh because that means there are no sheep in the area (wolves tend to kill any sheep they find). And the latest release version of MC is fine, if you start using the snapshots you may find some bugs or whatnot.
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    posted a message on ConfuseACat's Shipyard --- Updated 24/04/15 --- Several New Ships
    Nice ship! I'm interested in seeing the Post ship... Just sayin'.
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    posted a message on Mechanized - Walker Mechs in Minecraft
    Excuse me while I lurk and await this mod's release...

    Also, what sort of components are you thinking about including? Obviously, different legs (different weight maximums/speeds, but what about terrain effects? Wheels suck at sand, for example, and legs work better in snow or something like that?) and different arms (pick and choose your weapons), but what other parts are you thinking about adding? Engines/cooling bits? Nav/Tactical computers? Fire Control Systems? Radar? Really, you could go as basic as MechAssult/MechCommander or as advanced as Armored Core. =D
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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge
    Wow, you guys are going crazy with this... I think I'm gonna do this challenge again, maybe try using a different style of building... =P
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    posted a message on Captain Gloom's Shipyard-"Harlequin" Pirate Ship!
    Nicely done, as always, sir! I greatly admire your work, and great lookin' sails.
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