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    Im a realm owner and this bug has affected various of my players. It starts out with a server crash and one of the people that were online when the crash hits gets the bug. Every time they try to connect they can't and it crashes the server for everyone else. Also the issue doesn't resolve itself. Tested out with one of my players to see if they could connect and still crash the server after various days of waiting. Only workaround is to make a new gamer tag. I have 4 players that had this bug one of them got it on his second gamer tag. They tell me that they weren't doing anything special when the bug hit them. Also, the bug is really annoying, the affected player doesn't know he has it and keeps trying to reconnect crashing the server for everyone else.

    Anybody know a fix or another work around for it?

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    There sure is, just fill out the info.



    Minecraft skill

    why you want to join

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    Hello, I'm running a survival economy realm that's already been running for a couple of days. Had problems with griefters so now I have to be alittle more selective with new applicants. If I get a good community I will keep the realm up for long term. So if your interested in joining please reply with the following information;


    Gamer Tag:

    Mincraft Skills:

    Why you want to join:


    For all of you that have applied, please check you Xbox live. If selected I will message you tru Xbox Live.

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    Im interested in creating a survival economy realm. I personally don't get much time to play because of real world responsibilities, but with realms I can leave it up 24/7 for you guys to build and play when I'm not online and I'm willing to keep the realm up if it gets and active community.

    I would like to build near spawn a town (there's a big planes biome to make this easy ๐Ÿ˜‰) where players can build they're own shops where they can sell goods and build houses if you so desire. Would be cool if it can get to the point where if you want something you can just to go to town and buy whatever you need. For the economy part, we can start with bartering and later develop a form of currency.

    Also the following rules will be in place;

    1. No stealing or breaking other players stuff

    Breaking this rule may result in getting baned.

    Pranks are allowed as long as they're harmless.

    2. Respect another players claim in territory.

    As the sever is new, players can claim any territory as theirs. Please be sensible, don't claim a whole biome for yourself๐Ÿ˜‚. Player is responsible for fencing off or making clear markings of his territory. Also in the town area (the plains biome near spawn) please claim small areas. Villages and temples are considered public property.

    3. Do not destroy Villages and temples. If you take the crops, replant them. You can take the items in the temples but keep the structure intact when possible(if you get blown up in a desert temple this counts as accidental ๐Ÿ˜‚).

    4. No PvP excep in designated areas.

    We can build a stadium for this purpose. Also I'm thinking in making the nether no mans land where PvP would be allowed.

    5. Be nice to your fellow players!

    Don't think I need to explain that one

    6. New rules can be added and existing rules can be changed.

    We can make a whole legal system for people that break the rules and have a trial and everything ๐Ÿ˜‚(Also good incentive to make a court house in the town).

    Well if your interested in joining reply with your gamer tag, age and why you want to join.

    18+ in age is preferred but that doesn't mean your automatically disqualified if your under 18. Also building skill is a + but not requiered.

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