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    posted a message on Hysteria Unleashed Custom 1.7 Server (Part HermitCraft,Part MechanicalTitan) | Grief Prevention | Teamspeak | Whitelisted | 16+
    Whitelist Application:

    IGN: DevinL09

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Timezone/Location: USA, WV, EST.

    Have you had any previous bans?: None that I'm aware of.

    Tell us a little about about yourself!: I previously owned a MC server before, but that died down and it no longer exists. I've been playing since Minecraft was still in beta state. Other than that, I'm pretty easy going and usually don't cause any trouble.

    Have you read rules?: Yup!
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    posted a message on Proxima - A New world awaits

    Oh look, an advertisement video for the server.
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    posted a message on Proxima - A New world awaits
    Ask Devin for a free enchanted cookie! First 3 players on the server will get one. I must be online of course...
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    posted a message on Check Out HoboPixelz! Two Step-Bro's doing Minecraft and other game commentaries
    Hello Everybody!

    My step brother and I have a YouTube channel that has Minecraft commentaries, as well as some other games as well.

    Here is our Channel (HoboPixelz): http://www.youtube.com/HoboPixelz

    We currently have 2,000+ subscribers and would like to grow larger ;) . You guys can help us by checking us out and possibly subscribing if you like our content.

    Here's what we offer

    - HD Content (720p Videos).
    - 19 & 16 Years of age commentators.
    - Daily Videos.
    - Humor, Drama, and Suspenseful moments.
    - Something new to look forward to daily.
    - 200+ Videos to Watch

    We're growing, but we aren't getting "out there" enough. That is why I'm making this post. To reach out to new people that can enjoy our content.

    Thanks for viewing this post and we hope to have you on board as a Hobo!

    Here's a video to get a preview of what we do:

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