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    cut down tree

    plant sapling



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    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    Ah, yes, the hilariously bad "downgrade your game then" fallacy.

    1. What about the servers they like that upgrade? Should they just lose the work they did on those servers?

    2. What if they like more than half of the update, but dislike slightly less than half?

    3. What if they want features of 1.9, which forces you to use all of the features of 1.8?

    4. What if they want bugfixes? They don't make those for old versions. Should they just be screwed?

    5. Why does the ability to downgrade make them any bit wrong about how much the new version sucks?

    im just gonna go ahead and say it even if its already been said here

    basically all of that is their problem. if you enjoyed a version then you should have no problem going back to it. if you like half of a version and not the other half, than obviously its not as good, so go play a version you like. dont like any version? dont play the game rofl. the same thing goes for servers. the same thing goes for bugs. the same thing goes for everything.

    you can complain about it all you want. theres no right or wrong. anyone saying otherwise is wrong. (inb4 confused angry children)

    because for whatever reason my opinion apparently makes a difference to how you view the world; i dont particularly like any update since 1.8 beta. i play the game of course, but i just build with the new blocks and whatever - survival is laughable at best. i also would like some new team to take over the game and make it actually good. this whole "trust the bone" thing is nonsense, because every update "the bone" has given us i have not personally liked, so of course i will not trust him. also i would never trust anyone who calls themselves "the bone".

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    infinity bows typically do not require arrows in the first place (in every other game/anime), because shooting a physical arrow and then it somehow ends up in two places at once (inventory/enemy) makes no sense.

    infinity bows should shoot magic arrows, drawing power from the bow itself until it breaks or loses the enchantment. that means you wont get the effect of whatever arrow youre using, but the power of the enchant. this would mean we could have infinity I, II, III, etc.

    just some fun ideas on this would be to make the infinity arrows different colors depending on the power of the enchant, for example; green, yellow, red, blue, etc. in a pinch it could be used to distinguish which team the projectile came from.

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    I want the whole combat (including food) system to be revamped to something more like Cube World, not identical, but similar. Since this is a food thread and I've explained this system various times and nothing has come from it I won't be going into much detail. It's pretty important that you don't think of anything I say in terms of current systems in Minecraft, because basically it requires change to everything so if you think it wouldn't work, you're right.

    The food system basically would return to straight up healing, but eating foods wouldn't heal as much and would take a little longer to eat than other methods. You probably wouldn't see many using food for big battles since you'll likely get hit more during the eating animation than you'll heal for, it's more for after fights so you aren't wasting more expensive healing items.
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    It's the same problem that every game nowadays is adopting and, sadly, becoming a standard; Pay2Win. Nearly every game (and server) has some option to buy your way to the top or, at the very least, give you an advantage in some situation (can be minor).

    Aside from just being unfair it's also destroying the purpose of the game (or server), which is to actually play the game. You can just go to a game nowadays and use your mom's credit card to buy everything you'll ever need instead of putting time and effort into achieving something. Sure most games offer the Pay2Win as an alternative and you can technically do everything legit, but why bother? There are going to be people with the same, or even better, setup as you who spent half the time by working at McDonalds.

    I simply refuse to play anything where you can buy benefits with real world currency. Needless to say I don't play many games right now. Even cosmetic benefits are beginning to be too common for me to care to play the game because I constantly get it shoved down my throat by greedy companies.

    I tested a server completely ran by donations. I used a fairly cheap VPS which I paid the first month myself and then let players donate to keep it online. Many players enjoyed it but no one donated so I shut it down (I lost interest). The next test (a few months later) was with some basic cosmetic benefits (no VPS this time because I expected another flop, also same exact server just reset everything). I received over $60 in the first month at $2 per person minimum (note: we capped at 20 people at once for a day, 10 average). Clearly it works, but I'm not in it for the money unlike everyone else seems to be. If I really cared about money I could be hosting a dumb Pay2Win server right now without even paying any money. These servers that have a thousand players and sell $100 packages are probably swimming in money they don't even use on their server (VPS or whatever they use only cost so much).

    I'd love to be the savior to bring people a game where you can't pay to win, but it doesn't appear anyone wants to be saved since everyone is buying dumb cosmetics for hundreds of dollars. I may as well just take the free money everyone is throwing around while I'm at it, right? I won't do this because I make games for fun and taking money from people isn't fun to me, but it's so easy and so common no one would even care.

    tl;dr pay2win


    While I'm ranting I should also mention log in rewards. I'm tired of games forcing me to log in every day just to make sure my account isn't ruined forever. If I miss some single time event I miss out forever and end up logging in even when I hate the game just so I don't regret it in the future.

    For the love of Notch, just let me have a weekend off for once. Or better yet let me play when I want to play and have fun doing it.
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    I wonder if the loot will be special weapons/tools like Dinnerbone mentioned.

    (Assuming this is a dungeon.)
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    /gamerule mobGriefing false


    /difficulty 0

    If you're playing on a server just don't play on a server.
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    May as well just play on creative at that point.
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