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    posted a message on Get Ready for 1.10

    i imagine a lot of advertisement for windows 10 probably including a cape for anyone playing on windows 10 ultimate or something stupid rofl

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    posted a message on Are this spikes or light sticks?

    regardless all you have to do is build a tower on the outside of the structure and mine your way in bypassing all the hazards. unless of course its made out of something like bedrock or they give you mining fatigue. but its not underwater so maybe tnt could be a thing if the blast resistance isnt too high.

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    posted a message on Mincraft 1.8.7 Trojan/Virus

    just scanned it and it has 3/63

    i highly doubt its anything other than a false positive but its interesting still

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    posted a message on Duping Items/Moneyhack

    cut down tree

    plant sapling



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    posted a message on So many updates...
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Mojang could at least be more descriptive than just posting "We have released Minecraft version <version> to fix some security issues. Updating is highly recommended from older versions, and is 100% compatible with all 1.8 versions.", which is word for word identical for 1.8.4, 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 (and 1.8.5 if they hadn't immediately sent out 1.8.6).

    Also, they almost never implement new features or bug fixes, even more serious ones, into older versions once they start working on the next version; some of the security issues affect versions prior to 1.8 (for example, here is an issue that affects versions since at least 1.6.2, if more relevant since 1.8 due to networking changes to allow much bigger packets) - yet they are not rushing out with patches for 1.6 and 1.7.


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    posted a message on Whats going on, no new content in 9 or more months?
    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    Ah, yes, the hilariously bad "downgrade your game then" fallacy.

    1. What about the servers they like that upgrade? Should they just lose the work they did on those servers?

    2. What if they like more than half of the update, but dislike slightly less than half?

    3. What if they want features of 1.9, which forces you to use all of the features of 1.8?

    4. What if they want bugfixes? They don't make those for old versions. Should they just be screwed?

    5. Why does the ability to downgrade make them any bit wrong about how much the new version sucks?

    im just gonna go ahead and say it even if its already been said here

    basically all of that is their problem. if you enjoyed a version then you should have no problem going back to it. if you like half of a version and not the other half, than obviously its not as good, so go play a version you like. dont like any version? dont play the game rofl. the same thing goes for servers. the same thing goes for bugs. the same thing goes for everything.

    you can complain about it all you want. theres no right or wrong. anyone saying otherwise is wrong. (inb4 confused angry children)

    because for whatever reason my opinion apparently makes a difference to how you view the world; i dont particularly like any update since 1.8 beta. i play the game of course, but i just build with the new blocks and whatever - survival is laughable at best. i also would like some new team to take over the game and make it actually good. this whole "trust the bone" thing is nonsense, because every update "the bone" has given us i have not personally liked, so of course i will not trust him. also i would never trust anyone who calls themselves "the bone".

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    infinity bows typically do not require arrows in the first place (in every other game/anime), because shooting a physical arrow and then it somehow ends up in two places at once (inventory/enemy) makes no sense.

    infinity bows should shoot magic arrows, drawing power from the bow itself until it breaks or loses the enchantment. that means you wont get the effect of whatever arrow youre using, but the power of the enchant. this would mean we could have infinity I, II, III, etc.

    just some fun ideas on this would be to make the infinity arrows different colors depending on the power of the enchant, for example; green, yellow, red, blue, etc. in a pinch it could be used to distinguish which team the projectile came from.

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    posted a message on Turtles In Minecraft?

    meh best case scenario they change the formula for slowness potion to a turtle shell or something. other than that they will just sit there in a swamp with bad ai like everything else. unless those turtles are huge we wont be using shells for shields and that sounds worse than an iron shield which with the abundance of iron would likely be easier to make.

    nothing to get excited about really.

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    speculation time


    typically you have a quiver to hold arrows because without a quiver you wouldnt be able to carry many of them. obviously we have them in our inventory, so this just seems like a requirement to use a bow. the important thing to note here is that the bow IS degraded, but the quiver is NOT. this probably means the quiver is a rare item, like saddles. this means theres now an extra step, probably a big one, to use bows.

    green arrow

    this is one that makes me think we are dipping arrows in something. its dripping some green liquid and we have poison potions, do the math.

    black arrow

    following the theory above, this would have to be weakness. its the only black-ish color potion we have currently. they could add more, they probably will, but this is the best i got. it could be wither, blindness, or slowness in a stretch. you want to be really crazy it could even be harming.

    orange arrow

    well id be the odd one out if i didnt think that was a fire arrow. the problem with that theroy is that it directly takes away from enchantments, why would they do that? the potion theory also doesnt fit this arrow, as the only orange potion is fire resistance (support archer? :P) it could be blaze powder, it could be a firework for all we know.

    gold arrow

    has to be a special arrow because of the bold outline. this one makes me think we can use gold nuggets instead of flint, it also looks like a gold nugget in the image. i imagine these are just more powerful or something, but they look heavy so maybe they cant be shot as far.


    probably act like sword blocking, maybe offer some armor. we might be able to block and attack at the same time now.


    does it work with bows? theres no slot for weapons, so in theory its possible, except for one thing; quivers. quivers are probably there to say you cant wear a shield and use a bow at the same time, so you either have quiver or a shield equipped (not sure why 2 different slots though). maybe not, maybe it slows your drawback speed or something.

    what else could it be?

    probably not a cape, since hes wearing one with nothing in the slot.

    probably not a poncho, although it does rain a lot. >.>

    perhaps a red herring.

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    posted a message on RIP Void Fog 2011-2014 (TheMogMiner removes void fog)
    Quote from Spaceboot1»
    Mojang basically must have it out for me. When void fog came out, I hated it and thought it was stupid. Okay, so that phase lasted about 5 minutes. Then I went on playing as normal, because I never used to go down to bedrock anyways. Another phase done. The final phase: acceptance. I thought to myself, "why not try this void fog out a bit?" and I built some awesome underground builds at bedrock. I finally accepted and actually enjoyed the void fog. Well, now along comes Mojang again and changes everything.

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    posted a message on In 1.9 Mojang Has Suggested Adding Seasons To The Minecraft [Season Discussion]
    it wouldnt change anything really other than instead of rain it snows and maybe leaves would change color
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    posted a message on Microsoft v Mojang, 1.10 or 2.0?
    the game is boring and going nowhere in terms of general survival i wish things would change but microsoft wont change anything they just bought the company for profit so if anything we will just see more things to buy but mojang is still in creative control

    your polls are meaningless its 1.10 no debate and the first poll doesnt even make sense
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    posted a message on Memory Leak in Server 1.8.1?
    he thinks it starts at 1.x.1 cause its the first release but nah you always start with 0 so its 1.x.0 (although some noobs change it up to cater to people who dont get it which is annoying trying to convert to it then when you stop using that language you go back and are used to starting at 1 and its annoying)
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