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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142

    EE was one of my favorite mods and for 2 years I haven't been able to use it along side many of the awesome new additions that we have now.

    I won't even be surprised if it never comes to light again.
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    posted a message on Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers
    Hmm I smell suggestions, mind If I toss a few?

    Loot destructibles - I.e. coffins/clay pots/bone piles/baskets/barrels
    Adds some decoration among the plain stone walls and upon breaking it you might find little trinkets, or possibly a small explosion!

    locked doors - find a golden key from treasure loot and you can open these doors.
    They don't lead to the boss and can be ignored, however they might have treasure or a tomb crawling with mobs or filled with deadly traps.

    Shrines - Shrines appear randomly throughout dungeons, They offer gifts such as potion effects, enchanted books, and even great items that will aid you; but it comes at a price, offer the element that best suites the shrine or face negative effects or even spring a deadly trap!

    Sigil runes - Occasionally you will come across a strange symbol on the ground or wall, firing an elemental arrow that best suites the symbol will activate it, sending a redstone signal and inducing either a trap or a secret entrance.

    Lunar Rift - Appearing only at night, great pits in the plains will delve down into a secret dungeon, filled with the deadliest of traps and monsters that guard a single 100% chance rare item chest (A good item I assure you.) However do not linger, for when the sun rises the pit fills back up.

    Gelatinous Cube - A slime that appears occasionally, it's very presence is slowing & weakening, if it comes in contact with you, it will gobble you up and begin to slowly damage you.
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    posted a message on LegendGear - Items and more, drawing inspiration from Zelda
    Oh and chance of adding a dispenser feature for the bombs?
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    posted a message on Familiars *new* Herobrine, Notch, Chuck Norris
    Any chance of sacking navi's current abilities and switching them up with a more practical approach?

    It's a fine idea, but I was thinking something more useful for that unit:

    -hovers over a target unit (your currently moused over) to show it's health

    - wandering light source, exploring caves and buildings navi will act as a small light source and will search places looking for stuff, when she encounters ores or chest(Configurable in the familar guide) she will make a sound (Tael or w/e that fairy was in majora's mask makes this sound endlessly.) and if you look at her she will home in on what she found!

    Expanding on the hole diamond/emerald detector, why not add a kinda testificate/brick/emeraldeyed/midget to fit that ability?
    He could change his eye color the closer you are (Instead of relying on that god awful sound.)

    Ooo, ooo, I almost forgot, maybe you can make the creating of these units a little more memorable, maybe crafting them or some kind of funky ritual to create them.
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    posted a message on Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers
    Suggestions n questions!


    - do the mine shaft's lead anywhere?

    - What does the "hardiness" stat do for soul weapons?

    - what's the point of killing the pirate boss, he drops nothing useful and he barely gives exp.

    - upon using the latern or two pieces of the turtle suit random bits of land go invisible temporarily...

    - could the soul weapons have a durability, and can they be something more expensive than a wooden stick?
    or possibly the weapons could have a charge to them (it's durabilty but for sake of "Mystical-ness") that | can only be re-charged at shrines out/inside dungeon's.

    - On the same note of shrines, could there be buffing shrines that give a long lasting potion buff or drop when activated? And again on the note of shrines perhaps an offering must be given (mob drops or gold nuggets)

    - loot blocks (clay pots, bonepiles, coffins, barrels, or cacoons.) that appear in dugeons that drop cheap items, activate traps, or spring out of mob!

    - chain's that hold up blocks above lava or pits, cutting them drops the blocks. (3x3 chain platform in the middle) they could also act has un-reversable switches (ex: You cut the chain and it opens up the ceiling pouring lava.)

    - Leveled Dungeons (i.e. dugeons that have harder mobs (not just diamond everywhere.))

    - large 3x3 doors that are locked that lead to treasure rooms(covered in bedrock), can only be opened with a key, dropped by diamond mobs, or chests.

    - alternate mana system (books fueled by mob drops*, book shrines in libraries*, or souls*)
    *every couple uses consumes a drop? (I'm throwing in the dark here...)
    *book shrines, you place the book inside and it charges the book from nearby bookshelves, silk touch to pick the thing up.
    *SOULS, rarely dropped by mobs who've been in the business of killing for years and various chests you might come across, souls come in four to twenty and are the life blood of the magical elements you bring into the plane of minecraft.

    I'm sure I can think up some more, but I want to eat...

    Till then.

    *yawn* I went to sleep to I guess...


    - Magic Turret (basically a mob that shoot's a stream of "bad hurt beam" at you and you must get around it by traversing a large room filled with pillars, over time the beam could destroy blocks.

    - Golems! A sleeping giant that will activate (By redstone!), it breaks blocks that exceed it's height so i can run after you even if you go through small doors.

    - sacrifical pits (to proceed to the next room, X number of mobs must be thrown into the pit to open the door, overtime the room gets smaller and smaller...

    - Eldritch token, toss one of these rare items in a safe area and you will teleport when you're really low!
    (warning only one per person.)

    - Spell block (it's a dispenser that flings out deadly spells, place a tome inside and the dispenser will dish out the effects to it's victims. (Seek a charging shrine before placing inside.)

    - Mimic (Come on, you have to add this, chests are everywhere, and the tears of the users dying to them is far too delicious to pass up.)

    - Dungeon core / pirate ship engine (upon destroying this, some expensive drops may come out, as well as a nasty explosion! It add's a nice ending if you're fleeing an air ship.

    - Pedestal (holds a random item for display (usually pricey!), if taken it activate a redstone signal.)

    - eye switches (Shoot an arrow to activate it!)

    - Fountains (appearing in forest biomes, usually surrounded by thick vegetation, the fountain pours out enchanted waters that can heal wounds and sate hunger! just get a bottle and heal! Be warned, not every bottle will hold healing waters, it might be poison!)

    - bombs and Special brick (bombs, well, bombs, they go boom, deal some nice damage and take down special brick that you cannot mine.)

    - Flaming skull (some poor skeleton has lost it's head and is now hungry for hunger(or mana), watch out or else you will lose hunger (or mana)!

    - Stone soldier (a second cousin of the golem, rooms can contain four or maybe twelve of these bad boys! they will activate if you try to break them, or if activated via redstone.) [Bombs don't count as picking!]

    - Sentinel and Odd machine (the odd machine constantly pumps out sentinels to chase after looters. odd machines can't make more sentinels until the previous is destroy.)

    - Abysmal maw (this mob usually lies in the center of a room sucking in all mobs (and items!!!) to their doom. It takes a break every so often, so use this chance to get back! (It doesn't like bombs...)

    - Creeper mimic (This creature takes the form of a loot block, and when you turn away it slowly makes it's way closer, until a familiar sound is heard. once attacked it will reveal itself as a creeper.)

    - Dark shrine (A giant purple(or some dark colour)crystal hangs over a pedestal, if the item is taken, something of equal value must be returned or else!)

    - Torch lever (as the name implies, however, right clicking an ordinary torch damages you, so don't go checking every torch like you think you're better than everyone.)

    - Spike disk (a stationary mob that damages you if you get too close, but if hit by a piston it goes flying!)

    - Fresh Webbing (much like the normal vanilla web, but if you get trapped in it, a spider might appear to say hello.)

    - Alchemy station (one room that might appear in your dungeons, this room contains dusty books, cobwebs and various cauldrons full of ready made potions or poisons, but you won't know until you drink, so bottoms up!) (think of it as a mini fountain.)

    - Toxic pit's and Sprayer's, the dwarven craft is known through all of the world, but in particular nasty dungeon creators is the toxic traps! The Pits can be found holding the place of a gap in a room appearing as water; but it's minor difference is a much darker color...
    * The sprayer can appear in the very walls, and before you know it a piston will push it out and a large radius of air blocks will quickly change into a toxic gas.

    - Glyph Vault, every scholar in the world who has claimed to have been in a glyph vault is either drunk or senile, these rooms are addorned with a massive stone door etched with Glyphs. The door only opens to a key stone, and rarely do doors every have one key slot and the actual task of finding a key stone is a exceedingly difficult; however, what lies on the other side remains much of a mystery, some speak of an ancient machine, others whisper of horrible curses!

    - Curse!
    Stealing ancient loot from a undead wizard seems easy on it's own, specially since he's not using it...
    However coming across certain items will give you a rather tricky setback that will leave you questioning your treasure hunting career!

    - Pendulums, Retractable spikes, Stone Boulders/Icicles, Oh my!
    The dungeon scene is considered a simple place, watch out for mobs, the occasional pressure plate and oh..... Giant swinging pendulum blades that will slice you to pieces, Giant rocks/Icicles that will keep your eyes glued the ceiling, special blocks that will shoot a solitary spike out to skewer you. A Dungeon should not be such a walk in the park, players should reconsidered entering a dungeon with low health.

    - Holy water flask. This blessed waters can be thrown to instantly destroy lesser undead and even block off rooms!

    - Lunar Vault, this vault can be found out in the planes, it's entrance is opened on a full moon, a deep 3x3 pit that leads to it's treasures.
    Keep a weather eye on the horizon because once the dawn approaches the pit will close up and you will beset by the Guardians...

    Okay I'm out of idea's happy dungeon hunting.
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    posted a message on Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers
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    posted a message on ZELDA SOUNDS V2.0 MINECRAFT 1.2.5 Updated
    I browse and download minecraft mods here, and certainly not on your website.
    I don't care if your mod ends up being the highest downloaded piece of data.
    I will out of spite refuse to download it, simply because you have it on a separate "forum" that requires registration.

    If you do decide to bring it to an alternate website that allows for downloading with or without an account, I will then, and only then will I reconsider.

    or if you decide to do nothing...
    Then that's your choice, I wish you to find the nearest fire and die in it.
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    posted a message on Villager Trade Mod[1.2.3]
    Is there a way to change the icons?
    I made some custom ones and it just crashes.

    Also any chance of adding random shop contents? or stock on items? more than 9 slots?
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    posted a message on [REQ] - Burning the shop mods
    I've always come to a point while ripping the resources from a minecraft worlds, that point is when I have 64 stacks of diamonds, gold, and about a thousand blocks of iron; being an arbitrary individual I find that my mind wanders and goes from wanting to go mining, fishing, woodcutting, building, farming, and so on, but what limits me is I have a freaken crap load of diamonds in my pocket and I can't do diddly with them.

    Now I've seen the merchant mod, that was decent, then they added some rpg elements and it was reduced to an "addition" to the mod, not the main point. Course, there are other mods, but they all come in a tight box of control, no I don't mean the fluoride in your water kind of control but the kind of control in the sense that you have set choices.

    These choices are,
    Farmer :////: : Sells farming stuff
    butcher :Ham: : Sells meat n stuff
    miner :ironore: : Sells mining stuff

    These are the basics, and you need to cross your fingers in hope the creator of the mod enjoys the mods you like and supports them. Now maybe you just installed a mod, lets say Equivalent exchange, and you just mined a crap load of a iron and have been dying to get your hands on a phil. stone so you can get onto condensing the cosmos. WELL TOO BAD THERE BILLY, you see most shop mods are going to be set items, meaning any of your favourite mod related items will be null and void, so your dreams of condensing the cosmos will be delayed.

    Now I purpose a Shop mod that caters to the choices of the user, these choices are as followed and are open to alteration:

    - :GoldBar: Choice of currency [ That'll be five porkchops please.]

    - :chestfront: Cost of items [ default cost of items, maybe every thing marked up x10 ]

    - :grass: Biome specific / Random shops [ Create a variety of shops that is outfitted to the location. Dessert shops with wood that is high priced! Shops found deep underground selling potions or enchanted weapons! Nether shops that sell low cost ores! ]

    - :Diamond: Stock [ there is no such thing as unlimited ]

    - :bookshelf: Speciality items [ Come night time items sold might be different... ]

    - :Logs^: stocking benefits [ if they are low on a certain resource, you will be rewarded for replenishing the stock ]

    - :Pig: No pawn shops here [ Shops that do not sell the item will give less as they do not know the value of it. ]

    - :Coal: Shop name [ the name on the sign! "Joe's hunting and utility", or "Samantha's Alchemical Trinkets" ]

    The shops will be a block, and by right clicking opens up a gui with multiple pages showing the price and stock of the item. I chose a block because well, npcs are pointless and a luxory, personally I find they ruin the experience, The block will store the currency you give them, that amount plus a daily random amount(maybe sales were good that day)that will increase it's money pool, limiting how much you can sell before they run out of cash. These chests will be inside a small building, no bigger than 7x7 with maybe a door and some windows as well as a sign outside.Shops on default will only sell vanilla items, you will need to set the items sold if you want mod support, items can be set in a text file, options like price, rare biome cost, nopawn reduction, stock replenish per day, stock initial, and finally item per sale.

    Any thoughts, questions, ideas, or possibly concerns towards this mod are greatly appreciated, in fact, god dammit, if you read it tell me what you think so I don't feel like a twit for typing this all out for nothing.
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