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Who you callin' pinhead?

I have been on these forums for a few years, and spent countless hours of the forums, but much has changed. I originally joined in anticipation of the Xbox 360 Minecraft release, but I first played Minecraft in beta 1.8.1. Since then I have got a job, and enough money to buy a gaming PC. Since then my Xbox days have ended, but I still occasionally play Halo 4, and Forza.

Being a PC gamer is awesome. PC Minecraft is leagues ahead of the Xbox version, which is why I love it (shaders are the best part) As for other games I am really looking forward to Star Citizen, a PC exclusive space-sim. Also, I fly planes in X-Plane 10, and run space missions in Kerbal Space Program.

I am on YouTube all the time watching great videos from Markiplier, SeaNanners, CaptainSparklez, Nerdcubed, Scott Manely, and many others. But by far my favorite people on YouTube are the guys from Roosterteeth, specifically Achievement Hunter. Their channel "Lets Play" is amazing, and their Minecraft let's plays are the best out there IMO.

That wraps up my bio. I hope to be on the forums more often in the future, but I have been spending much of my forum Time over at the Star Citizen Forums. Oh and. MY NAME'S NOT RIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!
Interests All things PC. MC, Star Citizen, XPlane 10, Kerbal Space Program, and everything else!

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