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    So, i had a suggestion for later on, down the road. Cause I know right now, your working on the pickle and 1.7. but what if the boats had an inventory screen like horses do? not just for cargo, but like a few armor slots, like hull reinforcement? Say the Hoy and pickle has an aft, mid an bow reinforcement slot, while the whitehall has only an aft and bow, the punt, just a single hull slot. You could have different levels of armor, and one of two possibilities:
    Enchantments that give all three types (aft, mid and bow) swiftness or protection and additional enchantments for the bow piece: Ice-breaking and hull-breaking
    OR, just have different ways of crafting the pieces for the specific abilities to force the player to choose between the abilities, so the player can outfit his ship for specific purposes, instead of just having enchantments stacked for the ultimate armor pieces, keeping PVP battles interesting/balanced. This idea i like the most, it would almost make ship battles a game in itself.

    And finally, having a slot/slots that modify the cannon/cannons. With the Hoy perhaps the slot would add two cannons to the ship, and with the Whitehall, it would add a bow cannon. This could create a way to have a varied fleet, with many many possibilities.
    Maybe even a slot to change the rigging?

    Just a thought, a big one, as i cant even begin to imagine what that all entails. But I'm sure you have a system already thought out, in which case i look forward to the future of this mod. For now, I'm just waiting until the 1.7 update. Keep up the good work!
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    I haven't found anything like this so here it goes:

    Inspired by "the Melding" from Firefall, The idea would be for an SMP forger server to have the world surrounded by a "Veil" or fog of war that players cant easily enter, perhaps having a limited "air" like under water. and if players work together by placing beacons, they can push this veil back, thus expanding the borders of their normal world. The Melding would have some effects on the environment near it, like netherrack growth or some kind of mob spawning alterations, maybe the ability to mutate mobs that pass into it.

    The idea is to facilitate co-operative operations on an SMP server, with players defending the area where they have placed a beacon, until the beacon is fully "charged," successfully pushing the melding. the more players by the beacon, the faster it charges, and the larger the area it pushes back.

    Ideally, this would all be configurable by the server owner. Although something like this would be possible, in limited form on bukkit, I'm posting it here because i think it could really take advantage of forge.

    I would love to be told that I can already achieve this even in the most basic sense, but i just cant find anything that would really work.
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