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    posted a message on Scuba Server

    Starting a brand new Hermitcraft style SMP.

    We are looking for pro Builders and Redstoners to create a year long server, starting today. (6/12/21). It will be a vanilla server with a shopping district and mega bases. There will be no cheats and there will be no grieving or stealing.

    I will be listening to players and changing rules, banning players or adding mods if the community votes on it.

    To join the server, Add the discord server and read the rules. The server IP will be in the discord chat.

    Discord server link: https://discord.gg/MT2cSQ6K

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    posted a message on THE FVR SMP

    Need mature builders and redstoners to build a brand new vanilla smp. We will be replicating hermit craft by having a shopping district and other cool features.
    no stealing or anything like that.

    To join the server. Click the discord link below and put your minecraft username in the chat and you will be added.


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    posted a message on BLG Realm Season 2 - started 16/7/21

    Brand new fast growing active realm

    Friendly building towns with shopping district and trading

    community projects and teams are welcome

    There a lite mods but mostly vanilla

    One player sleep

    smaller shields

    No potion particle

    Anti hack client

    Mini blocks

    Mob heads

    Player heads

    No raiding, greifing or stealing. You will be banned

    If you are not active or don't make quality builds you may be replaced

    Join now - 6u-CBWJeVCc


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    posted a message on New Anarchy Factions realm, link below

    Join now


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