About Me

I am a 12 year old map maker, but that doesn't mean I am not a pro.

I am very proffesional at command blocks and story designing. I don't make money off of my maps, I make them for fun.

Here is my youtube channel, where I make super cool videos and map trailers:

Here is my newest map you should check out:


My interests are making maps. I love making maps because I am a very advanced redstoneer and comandblocker or whatever the world is... XD

I really like seeing people playing my maps. My most succsesful map is called Test Anomophier. It was played by about 5 youtubers, including MINECRAFT UNIVERSE!!!!!

Location Mars

Profile Information

Minecraft isaacdude55 Xbox who cares PSN who cares Steam donutgamer64

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Website URL Skype Derpycake55