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    posted a message on What to do on survival after building decent house and having crops

    When enchanting, remember to not just go, "I need a good pick, so I'll make a pick and enchant it". Make up enchantable items of as many kinds as you can: book, pick, sword, all four types of armor, bow, fishing rod. Grab one of each and 3 lapis, and now go to your enchanting table. Put each type of item and the lapis on the table and look at the level 3 enchantment to see what is available, but don't actually enchant any of them yet. Once you've checked em all, pick which is the best available. Note that the enchantment offered for your pick will be the same one that gets offered for a shovel or axe, so if you're looking to enchant one of those, grab it if the pick enchant is what you're looking for.

    Your priorities are basically the following at first:

    1.) Fortune III or Silk Touch on a pick.

    2.) Unbreaking III on a book. Or any of the other enchants mentioned here on a book, really.

    3.) Feather Fall IV on armor boots.

    4.) Power IV on a Bow.

    5.) Sharpness IV or Smite IV or Looting III on a Sword.

    7.) Blast, Fire, or plain Protection IV on any piece of armor.

    7.) Respiration III on a helmet or Depth Strider III on boots.

    8.) Lure III or Luck of the Sea III on a Fishing Rod.

    If none of these are available, pick some useful secondary enchant on an item, like unbreaking III on anything or Efficiency IV on a tool, Knockback or Sweeping Edge III on a sword, flame punch or infinity on a bow, that sort of thing. Get that villager trading setup going as soon as you can, because all those enchanted books plus Mending are available from librarians. Don't be afraid to merge two items on an anvil to combine their enchants. If all else fails and all enchanting offers are ones you actively don't want (Bane of Arthropods? Fire Aspect?) or too low a level (Fortune II, Power III, etc) you can always enchant some piece of junk, like a wooden shovel or some leather or gold armor dropped by a mob, with a level 1 enchant to reset the table's offers.

    Good luck with the enchanting. Make backups of all your gear and keep them in a safe place in case you fall into lava or the void.

    Thats awesome !
    So basically i can just use a placeholder item to skip thru different enchantments untill i get the ones i need... sweet.
    Also I ran into another problem- when im mining and breaking blocks they play the break animation but they dont break they stay there for like a second or so (if the block takes longer to break it stays longer) and than they break on their own ? When im farming obsidian itsa nightmare.... it takes a crap-ton of time to break 1 in the first place, but now i have to wait for it to break again its super slow this way. Why is that happening and what could be causing this?
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