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    posted a message on The Vault RP - Serious fallout themed RP server
    IGN - Jesse_JR
    Age - 14
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - 2-4 hours almost every day
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - I don't have it, but I'll get it if needed
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information
    Link to vote for us and have you voted? - http://minestatus.net/9329-the-vault-rp and yes, I voted
    Link to the website? - http://www.thevaultrp.com/

    Name - Robert Servikan
    Gender - Male
    Age - 21
    RP example -
    *I see what appears to be a Caravan, along with the traveling merchant and the guard. He get's closer in hopes to sell what little he's scavenged over his trails. However, as I get's closer, I begins to realize that it's actually two Raiders attempting to scavenge the remains of a Caravan they've recently ambushed. Before I can get away, however, the Raiders spot and being firing at me.*

    Raider 1: Hey! Heads up! A little punks shown up to take out kill!

    *The two raiders begin firing instinctively at me, and I quickly run for cover behind a nearby rock. I take out the trusty Revolver I always keep at my side just in case, I peek out and take fire at the second Raider, who made the mistake of keeping his head poked out while he was reloading, nailing him in the head.*

    Me: I've already taken out your friend! Don't think you're any different, I'll take you out to!

    Raider 1: GAAAH! I'll kill you for that!

    *Mindlessly fueled from anger at the death of his friend, he begins charging at me, wildly firing at the rock I'm taking cover behind. His clip quickly runs out, and once the the sounds of gunfire cease I pop out and fire off the rest of my rounds at him, hitting him twice in the chest, once in the arm and missing the other two times.*

    Me: I'm so sorry, but you gave me no choice.

    *Of course, I need to survive, so I scavenged the weapons and ammo the Raiders had on them, and took what I could carry from the Caravan. I quickly hurried away, looking for safety away from the insanity that inhabits the wilderness.*

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Robert (Or just Rob) is a Wasteland Wanderer by heart, his parents were both Wanderers as well to begin with, and he doesn't know much about his family history or background, not that he cares much however. His parents disappeared on a scavenging trip when he was about 12, and he's never found out where they went or how they disappeared.

    He's always traveling, looking for a place or faction to call home. He hopes to find his place here, after spending so long trekking over the seemingly never ending wasteland and seeing both the best and worst of the wild, wild wasteland. He's generally not a very trusting person as such, but he's still willing to make allies with people and help those in need.
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    posted a message on ROFLCRAFT is back! Looking for fresh players for a fresh map
    Username: Jesse_JR
    Are you mature/responsible for your actions? Yes, I'm willing to admit my mistakes and have never griefed.
    Why do you want to play here? The other server I usually play on has been getting pretty boring and slow, and I couldn't find any other server I would enjoy until this one.
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    posted a message on FREE MINECRAFT ON 360 + XPERIA
    I honestly doubt it, considering you'd be asking for another version of the game on two completely different platforms when you only bought one version on a platform separate from the other two. I'm pretty sure he meant the complete version of the game, or expansion packs and such for the game. That's just me rambling though.
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    posted a message on Message to buttfrustrated pc elitists who spout garbage
    Quote from Kanosint

    Exactly. Piracy has done more good than bad to the PC gaming community. Without it, I would not be a buying customer today for one. If Mojang wanted cash, they should've ported it to the Wii.

    The reason they want it on X-Box is simple: bringing Fortresscraft and Craftworld down.

    Actually, bringing down the rip-offs on X-Box would be pretty cool, probably steer people from the copies and get more involved in the real thing. Still though, companies are about money, and that's exactly what their making when they port it on over to the 360. It gets the word out to more people and spreads it's popularity even more, it shouldn't really hinder anybody who plays on the PC anyhow.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Anonymous -- Get tested for Minecraft addiction

    I feel so ashamed...
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    posted a message on Natural Brown sheep find.
    Already found 2, pretty cool find. Finally a legit way to get my hands on more wool colors!
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    posted a message on Whats the story of how you found your first wolf?
    Something a bit special happened for me. I went out in circles waaaaaay away from my home for about an hour with only 7 bones. After awhile I realized I got lost, and right when I realized I was lost and was about to panic, I saw a little white thing running through a nearby forest. So I chased down the little guy, tamed it, (only took 4 bones too) and realized I was more lost then I originally thought. Then, the second wolf jumped down off a tree to near me and barked (scaring the living hell out of me) I used my last 3 bones to tame it, and then I walked in circles for another hour before finally getting home. Along the way nearly having one of my wolves dies from fall damage and committing mass pig slaughter. That's about it.
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    posted a message on Did anyone else get killed by there first slime?
    The first one I saw saw was a small one right after I got my first diamond.

    2 minutes later a gang of big Slimes killed me and took my diamond.
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    posted a message on Shadow-Craft [24/7][Survival][Canary]
    I'm rather surprised how few posts and bumps this has over all, seeing as how professional, convenient and fun the server is. But, that's why shadow told us to bump this thread, so here go's my review

    One thing I need to point out really quick before I get in to this is that the community on ShadowCraft is one of the best I've seen on a server in a VERY long time, the admins are always teleporting about helping everybody, and I've seen a person banned and one person put right on the edge (illegal items, griefing) plus the admins and mods have set up kingdoms and empires that all members can join (although still under heavy construction), while maintaining a healthy amount of independent people who go their own carefree way.

    Now, on to the overall review of how the server is. So far, I haven't experienced any consistent or heavy lag, except for one or two lag spikes I had when there were lots of people logging off and on at the peak hour. All the buildings are kept far away from the spawn and aren't garbage dirt huts or anything, and griefing is kept track of very well. The only big complaint is that I've come across a few unnecessary protected areas, which irked me a little, but nothing more then that. Plus, as a rather old member of the community (and recently returning) I can say that the server has top-notch (no pun intended) mods and plug-ins that actually help and don't just confuse and bog you down, and the server has undergone many changes for the better (Also, keeping LWC was a great choice).

    Overall, this is one of the best servers I've been on, and returning here after my ever-so-long search for a good server to settle down in, I'm glad to call this place home. Great job guys, keep up the good work.

    P.S: inb4 Necro, came here on Shadow's request (see shadowcraft website).

    Long live the Empire of Steel,

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    posted a message on Unknown Great Games
    Nobodies said it yet, so I'll just come out and say Okami. Even though it's gotten a hell of a lot more popular since the Wii Release and Chugga's LP of it.
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): Jesse_JR (Real creative, I know)
    Where are you from?: Canada
    Your age?: 14
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below?: Yes
    Extra notes?: I've had quite a bit of experience with previous servers, I've been searching for another server to settle down on for a long time and I found this place, and it seem's great. The past servers I've been on have mostly lagged constantly, never go back up, just get neglected etc. but this one seem's to be well taken care of with a big community.
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    posted a message on SURVIVALCRAFT - The First and Original : Tourists Welcome
    Sound's like a great server, I'll stop by tomorrow and check it out a bit, and the policy of trust you guy's have declared with sharing resources equally and keeping personal rations really appeals to me. Also, suck's you weren't there when Notch logged on :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on NWC:New World Clan!
    Well jim, your clan, from the amount of applications, look's massive. But I'd like to know a few things; How many people are commonly on your server (An average) and when are your peak hours, how many are on during peak hours? Also, I suggest a more complex form of applying, just so we can keep better tabs and distinguish people better.

    Not trying to barge back in and act like I'm in charge, but those are just a few questions and a suggestion. At least, what I noticed from my first good look.
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    posted a message on NWC:New World Clan!
    It's working now water, as far as I know. Now get the server up, it's about time I pay a visit to the clan's server I'm supposed to be co-leader of, whether or not I stay.
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    posted a message on Memoriam∞
    It look's like my last post didn't show up for some reason, but I'm just letting you know that I'm always reading and keeping up even when I don't have enough time to post :tongue.gif:. Also, if you need more people, I'd like to volunteer. And another idea, I think it'd be easier and far more epic to have one HUGE SAUL for everybody to defend and stay in, it'd be like in the story, but bigger and better to fit more people in.
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