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I suppose you're here out of curiosity. Might as well satisfy that.

I have played Minecraft since 1.2.5, and I've been playing ever since. I love to tinker around with redstone and such, and also love playing around with mods. One modpack I have been obsessed with is Voltz.

Aside from Minecraft, I play lots of other video games. I've played the original Grand Theft Auto games, tried my hand at Portal, and when I'm currently spending all my time in Dota 2. I also love indie games, like Treasure Adventure Game. Classic games also have a place in my gamer heart, as I have played Beneath a Steel Sky and Dungeon Keeper.

In terms of music, I have no talent there. Any genre is OK with me, with the exception of country. I especially like music from the fifties, as well as current electronic music. My favorites include The Glitch Mob, The Ink Spots, Lindsey Stirling, and Frank Sinatra.

The Ink Spots - I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

The Glitch Mob - Fly By Night Only Feat. Yaarohs

Lindsey Stirling - Elements

Kay Kyser - Jingle Jangle Jingle

Daft Punk - Derezzed

Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon
I guess that's it for me. PM me if you need to ask something, or just say "Hi!".

  • I have the same birthday as SuperSupermario24. Creepy.
  • I have multiple personality disorder. No biggie.
  • I'm a supporter of TBP.

Meanwhile, have some Fhtagn Dazs, with extra chtocolate and sanity loss!

P.S. Although I'm 14, I'm no spoiled brat. Living in a third-world country in a middle-class family has taught a lot of things about the world.
Minecraft, Music, Debate, Redstone Tinkering, Steampunk, Writing.
Location the Philippines

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