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    posted a message on ☼Freedom Society☼, Great Vanilla Server, Established Spawn untouched lands 16+ to join.
    Ah, must have been from years ago, I don't even remember it; it's not like I was lying or anything, I was just ignorant of it. Anyway, when can I expect you to reconsider my application?
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    posted a message on MINECRAFT VANILLA SERVER WHITELISTED [24/7] [13+] [No plugins] [Survival] [MindCrack Based] [Small fun Community] [Whitelist]
    IGN: DemocraticPuppy

    AGE: 18

    SKYPE NAME: demo.puppy

    COUNTRY: United States of America, GMT -5 timezone

    HOW LONG DO YOU PLAY A DAY: Not much anymore, but looking to get back into Minecraft.

    WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN: Seems like fun and I'm testing the waters of just about every MC server that looks interesting enough.
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    posted a message on ☼Freedom Society☼, Great Vanilla Server, Established Spawn untouched lands 16+ to join.
    IGN: DemocraticPuppy

    Age: 18

    Time Zone: GMT -5

    How often do you play: Not much MineCraft as of late, the whole thing's gotten boring to me, but your server looks interesting and I'd like to give it a try.

    Have you been banned: (Please explain if yes) Nope

    Your style of building if any: Nordic based mostly. I've played on a good bit of MCRP servers, so I know some medieval build techniques.
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    posted a message on CLOSED)☢ FALLOUT: Ashes of Our Fathers ☢ [24/7][Serious RolePlay][Real-life Locations][Factions]
    **Out of Character**


    How did you find us?
    My /BOY/ PajosFTW (I didn’t actually ask him, I was just bored one day and was scrolling through the server links on some old friend’s pages and found you guys.)

    What Role-play experience do you have?
    I RP’d on the server Rise of Kings for a good 7 months or so before leaving due to creative differences in opinion with the server owner. I then went from there, to Wayward Realms (Another medieval RP server) and helped development for the server, before leaving there due to a boredom with the state of RP. Finally, I’m currently staffing/building on the Realms of Caeldor RP server with a few friends. I do consider myself a respectable RP’er, however, I must admit this will be my first RP server without medieval influences, but I have no doubt that I will soon get into the swing of things considering the Fallout series is the GOAT in my personal opinion. I’ve extensively read through the wikia and timeline, and I initially bought an Xbox almost entirely for Fallout 3.

    Define Meta-gaming in your words:
    In my personal experience, I’ve seen meta-gaming that ranges from attacking a character in disguise that gave away no information that could mean he was a spy, to where I saw an RP’er create a character expressly to ‘get back’ at someone who killed a character of his. Basically, meta-gaming is taking OOC information you would have had no clue about, into the RP world for your own, or someone else’s, advantage.

    Define Power-gaming in your words:
    Power-gaming is the concept of giving yourself every advantage and no disadvantage. Power-gaming can range from creating a character who has super strength, hearing, and listening, with his one handicap being that he is terrified of pink striped zebras, to RPing for the strict intent to win, disregarding what RP logic it may break. I think at it’s very base though, it’s simply forcing an action onto another person.

    Define God-Modding in your words:
    I have never heard this term myself, throughout my experience RPing, but I can assume clearly enough what it is. God-Modding is when someone simply can’t be hit, and they dodge all attacks coming there way. Basically, it’s the case when someone obviously feels a lack of control in their own life, so they try to forcibly make themselves the ‘big guy’ in every situation who always turns out on top.

    **In Character**
    Ezekiel Tragen

    Nickname: (Optional)
    “Big Bear”



    Gruff as all hell to put it simply. Long, blonde, dark brown streaked hair with a straw like consistency on his head along with a thick, full, unkempt beard of the same color. His skin is dark tanned brown, you would barely be able to depict him as Caucasian anymore. Ezekiel’s skin would also be drawn tight and leathery, crows feet and the whole nine yards when it comes to wrinkles. While he appears startlingly old he still retains a set of pearly white teeth and a jovial facial symmetry which makes it appear as if he’s constantly smiling. He is a stocky, barrel-chested man of little more than 6 feet in height.

    Through the long life he has had, by these rough and tumble post apocalyptic standards, Ezekiel trusts very few, if any people, he meets in his travels. Estranged, to say the least, to others he meets in the area around The Great Salt Lake, he most frequently attacks first, and asks questions later. However, when he is, for whatever reason, in a large settlement he knows he won’t be attacked on sight in, he let’s down his guard and even lets loose a bit, having a fun time before going back to the struggles of the open road. To make it simple, I will just make a bulleted summarization.
    - Adaptable
    - Innovative
    - Savvy
    - Brave
    - Conscientious
    - Frank
    - Independent
    - Philosophical
    - Self-disciplined
    - Tough
    - Aggressive
    - Dogmatic
    - Harsh
    - Obstinate
    - Truculent

    In-game RP example: (Include dialog)
    *Down a dusty road leading to an old drive-in movie theater off the shore of the Great Salt Lake could be seen a man, wearing clothes nearly as soil stained as the trash he was seemingly rummaging through. After a few minutes of dumpster diving, he could be seen pocketing an odd looking gizmo before heading to a different container, a moaning noise emanating from it that could only be heard from a few feet away. Quickly digging under his leather Brahmin-skin duster upon approaching, the Scavenger un-clips his 10mm pistol while cautiously moving towards the dumpster and stopped naught but inches from it, digging yet again into a pocket within his duster, pulling out a stained looking glass bulb, fitted with a stopper down it’s pipe. Immediately after examining over the glassware’s surface, the Scavenger hooked the ominous solution into the dumpster, followed by a blood-curdling scream afterwards…*


    *…prompting the Scavenger to swing around the dumpster and up-end the rusted metal container, spilling its contents onto the cracked pavements, only to be surprised when the suspected monster was in fact a malnourished young boy, whom was then covered in the Scavengers mysterious solution.*

    The Boy pleaded, holding out his cracked and bloodied hands, in a desperate bid for his life.

    *Wordlessly the Scavenger narrowed his eyes at the child, gripping him roughly by the arm and hoisting him up, only to be met by the starved youth’s screams once more…*


    “Shut. Up.”
    The Scavenger finally croaked out, in his weathered old voice, sounding nearly as old as the dirt itself.

    *…with one last look of desperation the child hastily hung his head whilst the Scavenger continued to search his pockets and clothing, not to be surprised when the child did in fact turn out a ankle collar on his leg that could only mean one thing: Slave. As the Scavengers’ eyes fell down to the device the child looked back up once more, suddenly, taking on a more defiant persona.*

    “Do you kno-..Know what they do to us there? W-W..What they already did to…me?”
    The Boy questioned in a stuttering, yet rapid fashion.

    The Scavenger responded with only a slight hesitation, no emotion to be extracted from his tone. Finally locking with the Boy’s eyes, not before spitting off to the side, the Scavenger continued.

    “Now come with me…”
    The Scavenger stated blankly, raising his pistol once more at the boy mid-sentence “…And no, ya’ ain’t got no choice.”

    *After a few hours of silent travel, the two Wastelanders came to their final location, the end of their trip, The Sugar House, a Pre-war neighborhood turned Post-war Slaver camp, a place the Boy, and the Scavenger, both knew very well.*


    “And who’ll be the impartial judge o’ that?”
    The Scavenger asked the screaming Boy as he peered down at him, the glower of his gaze striking fear deep into the Boy’s soul.

    “’N’ look at that, ya’ dragged out the Chokers yourself”
    The Scavenger remarked blandly as Rupert Gildray, a well known Slave-boss, and an armed group piled out of the rickety Sugar House Gate.

    “Well look’it thar’, E-Z done brought us ‘nother lil’ ol’ run’way!”
    Rupert mocked through his yellowed and shattered teeth, chortling in the middle of his slang-ridden sentence.

    “Two hundred and thirty ten millimeters. Same as the other”
    The Scavenger bellowed out over the ruckus and din of the excited Slavers, startling the shifty Slave-boss easily, as was his manner.

    “Yea’a… ‘course man…” Rupert responded back cautiously, digging through his pockets with his shaking hands before dumping the payment into the palm of the Scavenger, who immediately nodded, turning his back on the men, and setting a course away from the town, leaving Rupert nearly wordless before the Slave-boss turned back to his old, but now new, young charge, the Boy, the Slave, and realized he had no more reason to be nervous.

    Background: (Be detailed and in-depth. Also explain how you came to be in Utah.)
    The story of how Ezekiel came to be in the now desolate wasteland of Utah is a long, historical trail of events, starting back in the 19th century even. Ez’s ancestors were apart of the Mormon excursion across the nation back to the days when Salt Lake City was first established, but his family, the Targen’s, remained far from the cluster of town life, settling instead in Bear River Valley, the name of which inspired the German translated surname for his family. Living peacefully with the Shoshone people, the Targen’s integrated and eventually married into the tribe, retaining their Mormon roots, but donning a notably Native appearance, much to the dismay of the rest of their church.

    During the days leading up to the Great War however, the Targen’s, still living on their old family grounds, grew ever more suspicious of the danger of nuclear conflict and opted to, unlike most ignorant families, construct and stock a fallout shelter which in the end, saved the family’s existence. Upon re-emerging out into the hell that the earth became following 20 years of subterranean living, the Targen’s, were faced with the difficulty of survival in a dangerous new world where resources were scarcer than before and even survival was an impractical option. However, like their frontiersmen ancestors, they endured and eventually acclimated to the horrors and hazards of the irradiated land.

    Ez was born into the same situation as his father and his father before him: that of farmers life, trying to crave an existence into the poisoned soil. In his youth however, Ez never sought after a life of mild mannered farming and hunting, instead he took to the world and everything it offered. After leaving The Targen Ranch, Ez headed down to Salt Lake City, but instead skirted the more dangerous heart of the city, opting instead to head down the now defunct, but still traversable I-80 until he made it to New Reno around 2268 when he was 21. A full decade of grunt work later for the Wright family, and Ez was a well-known gunslinger, man-*****, and all-around degenerate, all of which came to a screeching halt when he was found to be having an affair with the well renowned daughter of the crime family’s boss.

    After nearly being executed in New Reno, Ez kept roaming the Wasteland, trying to stay under the radar before making it out of the Core Region, only taking odd jobs in low-key trade companies Ez eventually made his way out of the shadow of danger New Reno presented, circling once more around Salt Lake City so as to avoid any danger and instead planting his roots back down once more at Targen Ranch, forgoing his mercenary life-style and learning the survivalist skills that would be required of him if he ever wished to leave off the land itself, leading to such innovations of his like his sea salt toothpaste he gathered from the Salt Lake, as well as some natural concoctions, all of which serve a non-lethal, but altogether useful purpose. Wishing to take his survival skills to the test, Ez has set out once more into the Utah wild, in an effort to find his true calling in the Wastes, to seek some meaning in what some may see as an altogether meaningless life.

    Power up, Vault-boy 3000
    Oh, and I know I won't come onto the server being "The strongest and baddest", so if you get that vibe from anything in the application, just know that I know better than that :P
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    posted a message on Divergence[Based upon the book Divergent][PvP]
    Were back? Sign me up
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    Reason you left your old server:
    The other Vanilla Server I was on basically became dead and everyone began fighting each other. Not to mention that a glitch happened where every time I log on to that single server I see a black screen then my MC crashes.

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    posted a message on 1.4.6 Pure Vanilla WorldCrack Server (MindCrack Fan Server) Mature Only
    You current age:

    Skype name: (Required if you're under 18.)

    Minecraft IGN:

    I've been playing for like 4 months, even more on the Xbox arcade version and have been on a varity of servers including PvP, RP, Jails, Builds, and of course Vanilla Survivals.

    Reasons why you want to join:
    Just looking for a new Vanilla Server to get started on that is relatively new and under-populated because in most cases I've seen high populations usually result in player neglection by admins.
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    posted a message on Brand new vanilla server -MojaveCraft- 24/7
    Are you sure you W-Listed me? It's saying I didn't get it. http://prntscr.com/n7li5
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    posted a message on Brand new vanilla server -MojaveCraft- 24/7
    IGN: DemocraticPuppy


    Ever been banned?:Once, when I first got Minecraft and didnt even know what griefing was.

    If so for what:I was in a creative world and saw a diamond tower that had all these holes in it, so I went about breaking the blocks, obviously I know not to do that now.

    How long have you played MC:About 2 Months now, 3 more on XBox.

    Tell me why you want to join the server:Looking for a good Vanilla server where I dont get my property repo'd every time I leave.
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    posted a message on |1.4.6| Fresh Map, Mindcrack-Like Server: InfernoCraft {24/7} {Netherhub} {Whitelist} {Lag Free} {24 slots}
    1.) Do you have skype? Willing to skype with other players?
    Yes, but no mic

    2.) Why have you chosen InfernoCraft?
    Just looking for a new, small, and towny sort of server

    3.) What plans do you have for the server?
    To make a house, maybe a village with other players

    4.) How old are you?

    5.) How long have you played Minecraft?
    About two months now

    6.) If we decided to get plugins, which ones would you want?
    Basic stuff like chest protect, warps, and grief protection ones

    7.) Do you agree and understand to the Laws above?

    8.) Do you know what Mindcrack is? Have you played on a server like it before?
    Actually, I wanted to ask what Mindcrack is because I have yet to find someone who can/will explain it to me
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    Oh damn....lol
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    posted a message on Divergence[Based upon the book Divergent][PvP]
    Hey you never contacted me on Skype
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    posted a message on Divergence[Based upon the book Divergent][PvP]
    Kk its demo.puppy, no mic though
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    posted a message on Divergence[Based upon the book Divergent][PvP]
    IGN(In-Game Name): DemocraticPuppy

    Skype(no mics needed!): Yup, but still gotta make one.

    Age: 16

    Maturity(on a scale of 1-10): 8, but I can be as mature as you need me to be.

    Loyalty(two sentences max.): I've only ever been in one clan, have had great building and team-working experiences, and have never intentionally griefed on MineCraft ever. I've been looking for a new clan since my other one disbanded, so I've got no conflictions.

    Why do you want to join us?(two sentences max.): I've been looking for a clan that is fairly new where I can make an impact, and also where I can have an independent experience from other clans.

    Skills (PvP, mining, etc.): Im a good defense builder, and can also do civilian buildings if needed, I'm a good farmer utilizing as little land as possible, and can arch fairly well.

    Have you read the rules?(what's the "secret" word?): Yes, King

    Military or civilian : Civilian, preferably farmer.
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