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    Hello everyone! With 1.18 FINALLY released, we will be launching a brand new world in our server! Completely starting fresh with a new seed!

    Our server is a community focused group, with many features to support this idea. This post will give you a run-down of what you can expect if you join us!

    What we are looking for in our new players is a focus on expanding our incredible community and contributing to a great social environment. I hope you read this post and honestly decide if this server is the place for you. Also being age 18 or old is required!

    Some features we have on our server are very unique, but with a great purpose! Since this has a community focus, we try and cater to many playstyles.

    We have a simple economy, with chest shops. The way we get money into the economy is by having a 'market' with admin shops to sell items. You also get some money from killing hostile mobs! The goal here is to slowly fill your pockets from doing the things you already plan on doing. Then you have money to spend in player made shops, and make your own!

    We recognize some players enjoy PvP, so we have a designated pvp area. South of the Y axis is entirely PvP allowed! This can create fun situations like trying to guard the border, and building bases in a dangerous area! North of this border is not PvP.

    One of the more complicated parts of our server is something that we are calling "Eras". The progression in Minecraft is a really fun part of the game, and we are looking to extend this feeling for a bit longer. This will help players not feel rushed, and will also help the economy grow at a healthy pace. What exactly is an Era? It is a chunk of time in which certain parts of the game are 'locked' including the ability to build certain automatic farms. We do encourage building farms, but delaying them helps with progression and economy. Eras also provide us with the ability to have scheduled events for the community such as fighting the Ender Dragon and entering the End all together. These are further detailed in our discord server.

    One important goal on our server is to have many scheduled events so players have reasons to get together more often (remember, community?!). Mini games such as spleef, group building events, or even social events such as firework shows. Feel free to come up with some ideas and plan events yourself!

    Something we are trying is a very minimal concept of teams or groups. This is definitely not a faction server. Players will however be split up into four 'teams'. These teams are not a hard rule for who you get to play with, but will be your main group to establish a home base with. It will also be your team for activities such as item or money collection events, team mini games, and our largest building project, the capital city! More info on that will be in the discord server as well.

    We use some plugins for mainly quality of life features and the economy. We have a great selection of vanilla tweaks, and also chestshop and other economy plugins.

    After you have read all of this, and you think this is the server for you, then join the discord and introduce yourself!

    We will be starting the server in the next couple days as long as plugins are updated and work with the server! So just join the discord and be excited with us while we wait for launch. Make friends and allies(and rivals).

    Join Minecraft Buddies here! https://discord.gg/ynBFfXtf

    The link is expired so add me on discord if you still are interested. demiboy96#8543

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    posted a message on Looking for group of new players! Building a community!

    My name is Demimoto(Demi for short) and I'm about to spend way too long writing this post! Please be patient and give it a read!

    The problem?: It can be intimidating and make you feel left out if you join an existing server with players already having a hub, town, shops, farms, bases, and friendships already established. You don't have a connection with any players, and you don't have a connection with any public builds or spaces.

    The solution?: After a lot of discussion we all agreed that more players would make this amazing server even more amazing. We don't have quite as many players as we want just yet! In order for you to understand this plan (codename: Phase Two) you have to know what has happened since we started about a month ago!

    First day of our discord channel we had almost 20 people join, which was the original plan for the players in the server! Right away, we had a very full discord call with lots of amazing discussion about the plans for the server. We had talked for the entire night and the server hadn't even been set up yet! We had all these cool ideas that we discussed and decided on or against as a group, and we had plans to start the server as an event two days later. We kept chatting and getting to know eachother for those two days and when the time came, we had almost everyone on right at launch! We all worked together to build some infrastructure in our spawn island! Some people were building roads, and docks. Some people started mining and gather materials for the builders, and some people started getting food and other random stuff to help out! It was a blast and a great bonding experience. About a week later, people had some bases built and more stuff done in town. We had another event to all slay the end dragon together! (We chose to wait a week to preserve the new player experience.) Over 15 people were available for that fight and just as before, was amazing! Its been about a month since we started now, and people have some huge bases started, massive holes and perimiters built ready to build bases in, lots of auto farms, and tons of materials! Some people are taking their time and have some small stuff set up, but are still active.
    The point of all of this is that we want to be able to have a good time with the stuff we have, but for new players to be able to have the new player experience, and also integrate and feel a part of the group as a whole!

    Our plan for the new group? PHASE TWO! You guys will join the discord group we have set up so we can plan some fun stuff together! Any new players that join will start as a group along with any other of the players on the server currently, but temporarily leaving their stuff behind to start fresh for a bit! The idea is that we will have a new area kind of far from our spawn that we will set as the new spawn. It will be a bit far on foot, but not too far for a nether highway later on! We can have a fun group build or projects or events together as a group, and build some bases or other things nearby the new spawn, kind of like another town. Once the new players are situated and on their feet, we will get connected up and do some projects in our original spawn town or other places as an even bigger group and try and get ALL players on the same page! Existing players can help new players build bases, or set up some farms, or get resources, etc.

    Some details about the server:

    -Mostly semi-vanilla data packs to keep the vanilla feel, but add some nice quality of life changes. (List below)

    -Pvp is optional and only for players who are interested!-We try and have events and minigames often!

    -We have a shopping district similar to Hermitcraft (State the price[diamonds or whatever you want] and shoppers will swap currency for your goods.) this is purely a trust based system. It is mainly for the social aspect of trading and helping people get the materials they need to make cool stuff! You buy plots of land by paying in diamonds. It's for a town pot that we will use for minigame rewards and such. Just for fun!

    -Farms and automation are welcome!

    -The main focus is building a good social atmosphere, and making friends!

    -Use polls or group discussions to decide server stuff like maybe a new data pack or next event, etc.

    -The server ran great before, but we swapped from hosting on one of our own PC's, to a hosted server that is much faster! 8gbs currently, would upgrade if needed!

    -There are no costs or stupid member rewards or perk systems or anything like that. There never will be. We got it.

    -There are no teams or factions, but we could split up into teams for minigames or anything else, of course.

    Some details about PHASE TWO (That is you)-Phase Two players will be all meeting together in a discord server to get to know eachother, and come up with some cool new projects.-I also want to discuss with you what your thoughts are on ways to get integrated with the existing players!-We are going to adventure out like 5000 or so blocks in the overworld(this number is just an estimate, could be more or less, we will discuss it all together!) Phase Two players will have the oppourtunity to play as a group and go through the early game of minecraft together still, and build up at a similar pace.-Some of us existing players would like to bench all of our bases/items/equipment/builds and 'start fresh' with you guys! Once you guys have a footing and some resources established we would go back to our other stuff. This will maybe let plenty of players hang out and build and explore a new area together!-At some point after you guys are established we will have some cool event in town (main idea is to blow up one of our early builds, and make something new! It is currently a fairgrounds we made early on in a cool location in the center of our town.)-Then, hopefully we all will be aquainted with eachother and thriving in the server together as one big group! Friends, yeah!

    What do I need from you?-We are ages 18+, sorry, kids. Most of us are 18-24 with a few outliers. We want a mature atmosphere.

    -The patience to have read this far in the post. Thanks! I hate writing these things.

    -Having a social experience as one of your main goals here! At the end of the day, we all just want to play block game with friends.

    -Wanting to get better at the game in some way. Not the best builder? Dont sweat it! Ask for help, or strive to get better on your own! Not great with redstone? Nobody is! Watch tutorials and ask for help! Etc.

    -Be willing to wait until we get a small group together for Phase Two to all start at the same time! This would probably be just a couple days. This is very important, because starting as a group will help build a sense of community!

    -Be willing to discuss ideas and concerns with the group or with someone privately.

    Join the Phase Two discord server! Come hang and chat and we will figure out a start time! https://discord.gg/hpHcPUHrDx

    Data Pack List

    -xp management

    -more mob heads

    -player head drops

    -double shulker shells

    -custon nether portals

    -durability ping

    -cauldron concrete

    -multiplayer sleep

    -afk display

    -fast leaf decay

    -armor statues

    (we are open to suggestions and discussion for more later on!)

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    posted a message on Beginning new SMP- Survival- Social- Big Builds- ~15-20 players~

    Hello! I am planning on starting a new SMP server with a small handful of people. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much i've been watching the Hermitcraft series since i've been working from home lately. It really made me want to do something similar.

    What I would really like to do, is get the whole group together first, and then chat on discord about all the details, and how we want to play this out. For example I would like to know what mods/plugins everyone is interested in(such as one so not everyone has to sleep or other quality of life ones), but i'm mostly looking towards a small amount. We could also come up with a cool name for the server.

    A good plan could be to start a server now, and work on building a cool social environment and building friendships, and then when the Caves and Cliffs update comes out, we could consider restarting, but with the existing friendships built, rather than being strangers like when we first start. Almost like a 'practice run' sort of thing. Again, we can work out the details.

    Here are some details off the top of my head im looking for:

    •10-20 people, 18+ years old. I'm 24 for reference.
    •A mostly vanilla java server on survival with minimal mods/plugins.
    •Making a large in-game world with many cool sights and builds.
    •Players interested on doing large scale builds, and working together and getting advice from eachother on how to improve.
    •Some sort of economy (like diamonds as currency) that we would use to trade for goods in an area we can all set up shop in.
    •A high level of trust and integrity(no stealing, no griefing)[ex; in Hermitcraft they set up shops, and just store all the valuables in chests for everyone to access. They list the price for those valuables, and other players just leave diamonds when they take the goods. I think this adds a level of social building that I am looking for.]
    •A highly social environment, using a discord channel to communicate via text or voice when needed/wanted.
    •Events and games in server we could play, we can split into teams or factions, and have fun political situations.

    Yeah, a lot of what im describing is pretty much straight out of Hermitcraft, but I think it would be A LOT of fun, and a great way to make some friends.

    You could also join with a friend or two of your own! My cousin is interested and we have been gaming together forever, so it would be cool if other people got to start out with a familiar face as well! Of course, that isn't required, feel free to join on your own and make new friends!

    I think it would be cool if many of the players in this server were interested in starting or working on their youtube channels. I really enjoy the episodic style of Hermitcraft, and it would be fun to watch other player's experience later down the line.

    I'm not looking for any more than about 20 people, because I believe it would (blow up my computer) make for a closer knit community. So please only join if you are really interested and committed in putting a bit of time into this. Not asking you to quit your day job, but i'd like this to be an active group please.

    https://discord.gg/DgTFM22DvH is the link to the discord! You can join just to ask questions as well, I might forget to check this forum post again.

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