About Me


I'm a down to earth kind of guy so don't be afraid to talk to me and ask questions if you need a few things answered, I currently go to school which does take up most of my time but I do get on here for a while, to check up whats happening and see if anyone needs help

So here is what I'm interested in:

Sport - I currently play cricket and AFL which is Australian Rules Football a great game should look into it

Music - I play the trumpet which i really enjoy and i also enjoy The Beatles, Alesso, Justin Timberlake,Coldplay and U2 (Recently getting into House)

Games - I play Minecraft, Call of Duty and a Indie MMORPG called Project Gorgon

Well that's about it but i hope to add to it soon


Sport, Music and Video Games

Location Australia

Profile Information

Minecraft Glador