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    posted a message on Cant use local server multiplayer. HELP

    Doesn't work for any device, not just iPads btw

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    posted a message on KingdomCraft: Applications Closed

    If you have been accepted for an interview, will we have the mail by now?

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    posted a message on KingdomCraft: Applications Closed

    Alright, I'll give this a shot.

    Name: Owen

    Age: 14

    Skype: marcelandleigh

    IGN: FluentPvP

    Teamspeak: Not at the momment, but I can always get it whenever needed.

    Country: Canada

    Mic: Built into my headphones. Hope that counts.

    Servers banned from: None, and I doubt that it will change.

    Why Mod, not Admin or Helper: I chose mod because I find that I'm more an in-the-field guy, so that rules out admin. Helper is ruled out because I find not being able to do as well with too little privileges.

    Any Experience: I have been Head Mod on one server as well as Mod on another server.

    How easily can I get evidence: Fairly easily, depends on the Infraction taking place. (Yes I can record or take screenshots)

    How do I react to this situation: Depends. If they are verbally harrassing someone about it, it will be a long mute or tempban. If it is very minor, than just a mute. I would do a more severe punishment because it is making gameplay not as fun for the players bothered by it. When It is more minor, it's because we don't want to ban every player on the server every time they make a dumb decision.

    About Me: Some things about me is that I am hardworking and patient. I rarely lose my temper, which is one of the reasons I am a good mod. It would just be plain embarrassing if a server has a mod that gets extremely angry at anyone doing anything wrong.

    Hope you consider my application. Thanks for your time - FluentPvP

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    posted a message on MADCOWPvP! HUGE SERVER NETWORK!!! LOOKING FOR STAFF!!!!!! 1.8 server! SERVER IP IS:

    In Game Name: FluentPvP

    Name: Owen

    Age: 15

    Skype: marcelandleigh (Don't question the randomness of this Skype name)

    Email: [email protected] (rarely go on this so Skype prefered)

    What I am applying for: Moderator/Admin (whichever you think I deserve more)

    Past servers: I have been a head mod on one server and a mod on TheCellMC. (Rektsai can vouch for me and I can vouch for him)

    Are you staff on another server: Yes, I am currently a mod on TheCellMC but will do my best to play as much as I can on both servers.

    For the following infractions I have kick, mute, temp ban and ban:

    Greifing: This results in minimum small temp ban to maximum ban.

    Spamming: Almost always starts as mute and progresses with the amount of warnings they get.

    Advertising: Always a ban.

    Cursing/constant cursing: Same for spam. Starts as a mute and progresses.

    Banned items: This almost always results in a ban, unless it is something extremely minor. Then it is a temp ban.

    Asking for OP, mod, etc; Give them a warning, and if they don't stop its a mute.

    Racist/Sexist remarks: Most likely a mute but if they are constantly harassing a certain player then it turns into a temp ban.

    Mods/Hacks: Instant ban unless they are using optifine and it isn't allowed, then just temp ban.

    Other Staff abusing powers: Alert Co Owner/ Owner but if I am a higher rank than they get a temp ban until the issue is resolved.

    Timezone: Southeast Canada (don't know the specific timezone)

    Thanks for your time! -FluentPvP

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