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    posted a message on Amidst - Map explorer for Minecraft 1.14

    So far, very good. The 4.3 beta6 version used to work with 1.14 Minecraft but the new launcher seemed to cause that to lose support. ThankFully, the 4.3 release version once again works with Minecraft 1.14. Yes, it is a bit slow with 1.13 and 1.14 with the world generation changes being less efficient, but at least it still works.

    Here's 1.14 displaying the new biomes and structures.

    For some reason, the end doesn't show the biomes that generate in the end as of 1.14, where the end was split into several biomes.

    I made a biome profile that makes the map more realistic, but unfortunately it means less contrast but it makes the map feel more "real"


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    posted a message on Updating clock resource pack from minecraft 1.8 to 1.9-1.12

    I have a single file for all the clock frames and I am trying to get it to convert to the 1.9-1.12 format for clock resource packs. I tried both scripts in GIMP but one of them gives in error in the REPLACE function and the other one the script is lost.


    doesn't work


    doesn't exist

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    posted a message on [1.8 + 1.7.x] RARE Seed! All Biomes within 2000 Blocks #02

    In this all biome seed, woodland mansion at x+1717 y96 z+373, no need to travel 355 thousand blocks.

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    posted a message on Looking for a TU48 all ocean seed

    seed 23998886688

    98% ocean.

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    posted a message on Do not set the biome size to zero unless you are sure

    So I was just messing around with the sliders until I noted that the river setting could only go up to 5. In the PC 1.7 large biomes, the river size was size 6 so I did that and decided "what about the biome size?", so I just edited the biome size to 0 and the map generated. However I hated rivers so I did size 8, then 9, but river size 10 crashed the game so I left it at size 9. So the final product is very interesting and makes biome size 1 not as good.

    You have to know that the game by default won't let you do size 0 or 9 with the sliders so you have to manually edit the json code in the presets or copy it from imgur. You can do biome size 9 but then you would travel 25,000 blocks to even find the next biome. I let the pictures explain what is going on. This preset also makes the sortaflat preset also even better

    A 5120z5120 map of the seed in biome size zero.

    The JSON code is at the bottom of the page.

    View the images below


    Most ice spike biomes are not existent but there is one. You can see 4 rare biomes in their entirety. A mega taiga, mesa, jungle, and ice spikes.

    There is no desert that generates next to mesas because it is too tiny to be generated, so you get jungles with dark brown leaves instead of olive colored leaves.

    The smallest mesa biome ever, mostly underwater, with 2 stained clay pillars and 2 patches of red sand "mountains"

    A "failed" extreme hills generation.

    The mesa biome is still tiny even though it's huge.

    A village taking over multiple biomes and the largest mesa biome.

    The seed is listed and a villager plant is deep into the mesa biome, hidden in clay.

    An entire taiga biome underwater. No spruce trees or blue-green grass to be seen.

    An ice spike biome so small that only snow blocks generate and no packed ice.

    A village takes over an entire continent and spreads to 4 different biome types. The only mushroom biome that has more then 10 blocks is found here.

    Most mushroom biomes are underwater, so tough luck finding one not underwater.

    A village generated on the edge of an ocean spreads from the western coastline to the east. Notice how the savanna on the right has a grass path. This village goes into a desert, than ocean, than turns into a different savanna biome and plains biome. Another desert on the left has a gravel path from the same village. and spreads into a third savanna biome.

    A desert temple takes over not just 80% of an entire desert biome, but some plains and savanna biomes are also overwritten.

    An extreme hills biome without space for mountains to generate, so you get a bunch of stone around a small patch of grass in the center 6-8 blocks higher than surroundings.

    The smallest extreme hills + biome between deserts and ice plains.

    A single 2048x2048 map. How many icy biome patches can you find?

    A 5x5 set of 128x128 maps around 0,0. A village can be seen and plenty of biomes are seen already.

    A 5120x5120 map of the seed looks messy, oceans are smaller but take up more percentage of the map than on AMIDST.

    Note the rivers taking a lot of biomes or a decent chunk of it, also the islands in deep oceans block so many ocean monuments from spawning. Can you find the (stone/cold) beach biome?

    The biggest zoom I can do, still 6000 blocks in default size. Spawn is often in the biome 4096 blocks away in default which in biome size 0 is 256 blocks from 0,0. In this seed it sometimes spawns you 20 blocks underwater. Spawn chunks will often include thousands of blocks worth of biomes.

    Do you really need to leave spawn?

    Still okay with the map.

    The rarity of temples and villages. Often AMIDST misses so many villages.

    As much as I can fit with before AMIDST crashes. The map becomes messy with navy blue and green with patches of orange and white.

    I had to get rid of rivers otherwise they become massive. So I edited the JSON code to river size 9. Even though you can generate river size 15, my minecraft crashes if I set it at 10 or above. And no you can't do biome size -1.

    JSON code


    JSON code for a superlfat version of the same biome size. You use the customized settings, not the superflat.


    If you want a flat biome size 0 preset with water, caves, lakes, and 2-5 block tall hills, here you go.


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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Seed with EVERY 1.7.2 biome within 1900 blocks

    I mapped out a 5120x5120 section of the seed around 0,0.

    I have a render of the seed on minecraftworldmap.

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    posted a message on Looking For Large Biome Seeds TU 46/47 (Xbox360)



    Mega Taiga


    Ice Spikes




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    posted a message on Island seed?

    Seed :23998886688

    The seed works best on classic or small.

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    posted a message on Help with island seed.

    Use the seed:23998886688

    on classic or small.

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    posted a message on In Search of the Perfect Water Seed

    Try the seed:23998886688

    It is 93% water on classic world size and 79% water on small world size.

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    posted a message on How does the random log for seed generation work?

    When you generate random seeds in amidst, you often see the seed number always be very high and be positive or negative.

    Is there a common way that minecraft uses the system time to find a seed.

    When random log is used, does the algorithm care about what month, year, or day is it? Or does only hour minutes, seconds, nanoseconds used as random log? Or does the algorithm for random log for seeds only use nanoseconds?

    I just want to know how the random log algorithm uses the system time to pick a seed.

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    posted a message on xbox one seed?


    Plains biome at spawn, decent sized, 2 jungles nearby and a savanna floating island, extreme hills near the plains biome.

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    posted a message on Please help find this seed

    41659082377, flatland at spawn with many biomes and land.

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    posted a message on Looking for "CURRENT" xbox 360 Survivial Island Seeds!


    All ocean with islands with 2 ocean monuments. Across all islands, you can find the following biomes: Extreme Hills, Forest, Plains, Roofed Forest, and Birch Forest. There is a island that looks like a pair a wings, a 1 block island, an island with sugarcane, a submerged island, and an island with lakes.

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    posted a message on Seed for TU10

    Terrain generation changed in TU5, TU12, TU31, and TU32 as a bug fix for TU31 generation. So TU5-TU11 all have same generation so generating a seed in those versions will all work.

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