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    Quote from Levaunt

    I'll keep up with posting previews, I'm in the swing of things now and textures are coming easily. I haven't thought of doing a livestream, I'll look into it tomorrow. For now though, here is the wood, the bottom right one is default wood and the jungle wood is the color of the old default wood.

    Also the customizer will have all these wood types in each of the colors.

    >Vertical planks

    Yes! Also, the redish-pinkish wood was the only reason I didn't use your pack, but now I probably will. Thanks for the update!
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    Quote from Withersting

    Kudos to anyone who makes it through that horrible customizer... my God...

    The default terrain.png is not to my liking, so I decided i would customize it... Tried with Firefox and Chrome...

    Ended up not downloading the texture pack at all since it took like 10 seconds to update every time I would make a selection...

    Worst customizer ever... what a shame...

    Don't blame other people if you're too dumb to use something yourself. Notice how you're the only one complaining?
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