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    posted a message on ★ DrugRun v3.0 ★ Amsterdam Spawn ★ Drugs ★ Recipes ★ Custom ★ Quality ★ Police ★ Factions ★ McMMO ★ Quests ★ Economy ★ Ranks
    In-game Username:



    Timezone & location:

    GMT, England

    Why do you want to join the Police Force?

    Since i joined i wanted to be a police as it looks really fun. I want to experience the different roles that are offered that is really exciting to me. I am online most days so my dream grows. I like the idea of police being able to stop the dealers.

    Why should we accept you?

    When I come on there are many people getting away with selling drugs and i would like to minimise that. I would like the Police force to be a strong community. iIhave sneaked past police many times so i know many hiding spaces where i can catch people out.
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