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    Hi, sorry it's been so long since I've responded to this.

    Yes, I was a little lazy on the names at the time. I had a few other mob ideas but never got to post them, then my laptop died and for some reason refused to recharge, it would say that it's charging, but it actually never did. I took it to the repair guy and yeah, no luck. All my content is gone so this idea is probably going to the void (where I've been spending most of my time exploring on creative mode minecraft lately, goes to show how boring I am :D)

    Anyway, I wanted to mention one that I spent a lot of time working on before the laptop broke:

    Streeve, more of a helpful mob. It will show up in this dimension only occasionally, and as it moves it will be dropping items, most of the time it will be items you can easily get if you needed it, but once in a while it will be something actually useful like a wooden tool. The mob will fatally end by falling off this dimension into the blue-gray void.

    Have a nice day. If anyone wants to use this idea and complete it or something go right for it, it'd be cool to see this idea come to life later on, but I doubt I'll be on the forums much.Also vines are a great idea, thanks! Creative ideas are appreciatedhey i love your ideas NoNames
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    bump again
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    Bump. please, this is very important
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    Here is evidence that I have an account:

    But I can't log in to my account on Minecraft (the game itself) or Minecraft.net:

    I don't feel like reopening 1.6.1 and taking a screenshot of that for proof, I just hope you can take my word that I can't log on.

    I got a different computer, and I used to play it on Windows, and now, if you couldn't tell, I'm using Linux. I signed up with a game card that I got from walmart, unfortunately I threw that away, otherwise I'd have shown pictures for even more evidence that I have an account, if the first picture wasn't further proof enough.

    Anyone know what to do?
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    I was hoping something deep and philosophical, but in reality it's probably going to be more like "What does this button do?"
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    Hello all, this is an idea that I wanted to make for a Minecraft movie but... I figured it's way easier to write it down. Hope you enjoy it. Here's part one, stay tuned for the next one in this thread.

    A Miner Named

    Steve lived most of his life underground as a full-time miner, working for a company called Skiltz Resources. He collected many different types of minerals that would be placed into production; diamonds, coal, and sometimes he even collected lava.

    One day he went into an underground cave alone, his partner had gotten sick and he refused to let that stop his progress in mining. Even though the company told him to cancel the mission, he was very dedicated to his job, especially because of the Resource Depression society was cutting through.

    He went under a cave in Finland, very far from his family. After mining for 8 hours, finding nothing but cobble, he finally found a huge entrance that had already been lit up with torches. He spoke on his phone to his boss, "It looks like somebody's been down here already... one of our guys."

    "Impossible, we've never had any of our miners down in Finland before. It could just have been a Finnish mining group," his boss responded.

    "No, the torches have our logo on it, it obviously was someone from our group," Steve said.

    "Hmm. Keep looking, see what you find, get back to me on your results," the boss said.

    Steve sighed and said, "Roger that."

    He walked forward into the cave to find another room lit up, but this time it was lit up by lava, not a torch. This room contained a lot of redstone. "I found enough redstone to fill the inventory!" Steve said in the phone. "I can't get all of it though, there's lava in the way. I'll get a few pieces."

    "Roger that," his boss said.

    All of the sudden there was a strange sound behind Steve, it sounded like somebody was choking but trying to scream at the same time. Steve jumped and turned around in a fright, getting his diamond pickaxe out just in case.

    "Are you alright down there?" his boss asked.

    "I..." Steve was going to tell his boss what happened but decided not to, "I'm alright."

    "Roger that, just tell me when you need to evacuate," his boss said.

    Steve continued to mine the last of the redstone and moved on into a darker room to the left. The walls were loaded with coal and diamond. He might have even saw some gold. "Another jackpot, sir. I'm sure this is the last room I'll have to go through then I'm getting out of here straight away," Steve said.

    "Roger that," the phone said.

    As Steve began mining, he noticed something strange. There was something blocking the light from the last room he was in. The worst part was that... whatever was blocking the light shifted to the side.

    "I need to get out of here, I think there's an animal in here," Steve whispered into the phone, but then he dropped it, shaking a lot. The phone hit the volume up button when it dropped. His boss responded and it came out very loud, "Why do you think that?"

    Steve stared at the area, holding his pickaxe to defend himself. Then all of the sudden, a chocking/moaning sound happened. Steve ran for his life in the opposite direction, finding old tracks for railcarts. At the end of where he was running to, he found an abandoned railcart with a chest inside it. He opened the chest and find two pieces of bread, 5 redstone blocks, and a letter. He collected the items inside and read the letter, "There's something in here, I'm probably going to die. Here's everything I have, get out fast."

    The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer, louder and louder. Steve found himself hopeless, so he held up a torch, and after seeing a man who looked rotten and was dark green, he swung his pickaxe at it, killing it.

    Steve ran back to the room lit by lava to find something disturbing beyond what his eyes could see. He couldn't explain it more than a large snake with four legs on a body that hung below its neck, but it was staring right at him and hissed. He was frozen in fright. His natural reaction was to hit it with a pickaxe, not knowing what this creature was capable of. It crawled towards him so he swung his pickaxe, only to find the creature was puffing very quickly, tweeking and puffing. Before Steve's pickaxe could hit it... BOOM! It exploded. Steve was knocked unconscious from the explosion.

    A day or two later he woke up in a forest filled with trees. The sun hung straight above him in the middle of the sky. He pushed himself up and wondered how he got there. His pickaxe was missing, his helmet, his materials... everything was missing. All he was left with was his blue t-shirt, shoes, and jeans.

    He searched in his pockets, shoes, everywhere on his body that he could hold things at, but found no materials. He had nothing, not even his pickaxe had he carried with him. More worried about how to survive, but he still had the curiosity of how he got there... and what was that thing.
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    A cactus
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    posted a message on [April Fools] Minecraft 2.0 is Finally Coming!
    Putting aside it's an april fools joke, those are some cool features.
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    This is a mod idea that I had, it gives you a pretty much unlimited supply of wood, vines, leaves, etc. Other than that, it serves a purpose of messing around in another dimension.

    What is it?

    It's a dimension on top unrealistically giant trees where you walk amongst their leaves and climb the vines of other trees you see. You can explore it, collect from it, or even hunt in it. The clouds are made of leaves, just to show off how unique this dimension is.

    Isn't it pretty much a jungle?

    It can be referred to as a jungle but, it's actually quite different even though it shares some similarities. The Arbor, for one, has different mobs and does not contain the same mobs you'd find normally. Another reason why the Arbor is different is because of how unlimited supplies you can get all naturally, you can easily collect water from puddles in between a circle of wood, mushrooms, leaves, wood, etc. And because we all started out with wood, and looking how far we got, imagine how far this would take you!

    Other mobs?

    I had two mob ideas so far, and other ideas are welcomed from other members:

    The Woodie:

    Status: Neutral
    Health points: 18
    Attack strategy: If harmed, a woodie will continually hit you and a hit from him is a whole 2x (1 whole heart) worth of damage.
    Drops: Whatever wood it's made out of *Yes there will be four kinds of woodies, each featuring different kinds of wood

    In the mean time it usually wonders around, sometimes they fall off of the leaves platform of that dimension and fall into the void.

    The Beatle:

    Status: Hostile
    Health points: 12
    Attack strategy: Jumps at you and sometimes can get your character diseased
    Drops: Occasionally drops dirt, often drops nothing

    It can see through walls, however it cannot climb them, but they are able to break through all materials except for ore or metallic products; such as dirt, wood, leaves, etc.


    To make an Arbor Portal:

    Then add water in the middle.

    What it should look like before you add the water to complete the portal

    A very small version of my idea:

    The land you walk on

    The clouds

    More land

    To the void

    Anything else you'd like to know about the Arbor or the two mob ideas that I introduced? Let me know.

    Mob ideas for this one? Let me know.

    Like the idea? Let me know.

    Someone willing to make the mod? Let me know.

    Any criticism (besides criticism that really doesn't get anywhere like "you're dumb")? Let me know.
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    posted a message on [DISCONTINUED] YuGiOh Server: In Development! [DISCONTINUED]
    This would be amazing, is it almost finished?
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    posted a message on What pet do you have
    Pigs, and lots of them. In fact I collect most of the pigs I find in danger (trapped, drowning, near lava, etc.) so they aren't trapped in the dangerous wilderness, that and I don't like losing my pigs. My friend calls me a pig shagger but man I feel a bond with them, I just hate it when they mate because I have two houses full of them, and the sad part is both of their houses are bigger than my house.

    Sometimes I do use them for travel, but I hardly ever need to use them for food, unless I'm extremely desperate, more desperate than rotten flesh... i just love pigs
    Quote from NetherackCreeper

    A pet snow golem named Snowy that died to a skeleton.

    Aww... sad. But also I can't get it out of my head how tuff that skeleton must have been
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    It's perfect what are you talking about? There are many ways to beat a skeleton:

    Using bow and arrows
    Trapping it can sometimes help you can back up to heal when the health is getting low
    Keep it running (at least in my experience, they don't fire as often while running up to you) maybe by going in circles around a large tree
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    I was sarcastic of course
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    But why does this have to be a mod is what I'm saying. Why don't they add the ability to make it?
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