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    posted a message on "Assassin's Stronghold" 1.8.1 SMP build
    Quote from ZanzibarOne

    not bad, i have seen worse.. i would improve the walls a little bit.. and try using bettergrass, it really improves the landscape

    You make it seem like it is bad but you are trying to not make him feel bad by saying you have seen "worse"
    I do not know how this can possibly be bad? Really good job, must have taken a while.
    How long did this take you estimate?
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    Guys I made some new designs, but I am running out of ideas. It took me a while because I made many designs but many did not look "right" so I blew them up with TNT :biggrin.gif:

    Anyway, here are the three designs that I would like to show you guys:

    First Design :

    2011-12-29_15.09.48 by Defil3d40, on Flickr
    Front of The First Design

    2011-12-29_15.10.00 by Defil3d40, on Flickr
    Side of the building

    2011-12-29_15.10.05 by Defil3d40, on Flickr
    and the back..

    2nd Design:

    2011-12-29_15.10.24 by Defil3d40, on Flickr
    Took a while because it is made from sand :biggrin.gif:

    3rd Design:

    2011-12-29_15.10.39 by Defil3d40, on Flickr
    Only made the front, no idea how to go about making the sides :\

    I am running out of ideas, and I need a house design that is perfect for a medieval town/city. Guys if you have designs worth sharing, please share them! I will not copy exactly, I will just use the design as something to base upon.
    I am actually looking for 3 house designs because I am planning on making three separate towns/cities, and I want each one to have it's own unique style.
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    posted a message on The Last Kingdom
    I am working on a different world trying to find what I like best, and then I will incorporate it there.. I might make a new world and start from scratch where I will do a lot more planning.
    I will post pictures of new designs soon, so far I only got one down, which looks "alright"
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    posted a message on New Weapons
    Guns have been suggested numerous times... add what you think to the older posts instead of making your own.

    Also, guns should not be a part of minecraft.. you may ask.. why?
    Notch added swords and bows for killing.. Why would he want guns? They would be overpowered. No one would use the bow because everyone knows a gun deals more damage. And you can't make a game where a gun deals less damage then a bow.

    Also, if he added a gun, he would have to add many more modern technologies. Not wooden boats, he would need steel boats.
    What is my point?

    If you add one item that is far more advanced than the rest, then you have to change the rest of the items as well. It is not worth it, imo.
    THis would be good for a mod, and I am certain that there are mods with guns, so please just leave it at that.
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    posted a message on The Last Kingdom
    I really like the design, but I do not think that would really fit into what I am going for because the house looks more of a modern design.

    I am starting a test world just to try out different designs.. I will post with what I have come up with once I get thinking
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    Quote from Jimaras101

    Dont know about you but i love using wood , wooden planks , as well as some wool :biggrin.gif: .

    Show me a picture please :biggrin.gif:
    I think I will be going on google images, and will look for old looking homes and find one that I love, then make my house designs based on that.. Idk
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    posted a message on The Last Kingdom
    What type of materials would you guys recommend? I want to make it as good as possible before I go ahead and make many more buildings.

    Also, I will post up new pictures of the same buildings, because I decided to go ahead and switch the texture pack to ovo's texture pack which I think makes it look better. The pictures will be up soon ok?
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    posted a message on Treehouses/huge water fountain/Hand of doom?/Sand Worm
    Quote from PULP_Dunsparce

    you put the locations of your computer as the screenshots, idiot

    way to help someone new...

    To upload photo's you first need to upload them to a hosting website: flickr, photobucket, etc.
    Once you upload there find the bb codes of the picture and paste them here.
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    posted a message on [64x][1.0] Ovo's Rustic Pack v1.7
    I am sorry but discontinuing your work was a bad idea, imo.
    Everyone is disappointed because you had so much talent, every single texture just seemed right. It feels like the real minecraft. But now others try and finish it... and they fail at what you have been succeeding at for so long.
    I wish you would have finished it </3
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    posted a message on Latest addition to Shado's realm - treetop village.
    Quote from Shadowolf9696

    this tree village is only one part of my main world Shado's Realm :tongue.gif: but i created a cheesy easy way to add quests into a map. Sign = quest number [quest 1] accomplish quest and then dig under the sign to reveal a chest with an award. the 55 quests so far range from survival to fixing something to hunting to a wide arrange of things

    Oh that is interesting. I thought you added people to speak to that give out quests.. that is what I desperately want haha.
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    posted a message on Latest addition to Shado's realm - treetop village.
    You say that there will be 55 quests? How will you go about making these, or better yet, how have you managed to already get this done?
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    posted a message on The Last Kingdom
    Any feedback is appreciated. Please guys, I need to know if I am doing something wrong before I go ahead and make another 50 buildings or so. Anyone has something to say, be it positive or negative?
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    posted a message on Medieval Ocean/Lake Town/City [WIP]
    I am really impressed with the entrance thing of the gate. Really looks good :smile.gif:

    Can you do me a favor and give me feedback on my growing town that I have been building for some time? I need some feedback haha. My Latest Project

    One last thing... try to make the wall look a little more "colorful". Use blocks to make a pattern or do everything in stone and top it off with a different type of block like colored wool etc. My opinion
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    posted a message on The Last Kingdom
    Welcome everyone! I started a new world with a goal set in mind. I will build either a large town or a small city, but that does not really matter. I have been building this for almost a month now, and it would take me a lot less time but I did not use any mods for the first two weeks or so.

    Anyway, the world is called The Last Kingdom. It is my latest project where I will build cities towns, and trust me a lot more. I can't explain everything here so I will just leave a link to my blog where I post everything about this project. Also on the blog I am writing a pretty cool story on The Last Kingdom. I guess you can call it the world's lore.

    Latest News and Lore Found Here!

    I decided to start building my first town by a shore where I plan on building docks soon. Anyway, here are the first pictures of the town buildings. If you like the design press that + button :smile.gif: Also, please keep in mind that I will be working on this for a really long time, and will be adding future pictures constantly, but just check the blog every now and then for the latest news.

    The town section near the docks. Note that the square with the stalls is not the main town square. It is only a small trading center for people living and working by the docks.

    2011-12-28_12.52.17 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.52.33 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.53.03 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.53.23 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.53.48 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.54.00 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.54.08 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.54.27 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.54.59 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.55.05 by Defil3d40, on Flickr
    This is the area where I will continue to build. I might have to expand it even more if I need more space.

    Thank you everyone! Leave comments on what you think, tell me what I could change for the better, any type of feedback.
    Remember, if you want to see more just check out The BLOG
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    posted a message on Minecraft city
    I.. um.. I... I..
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