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    posted a message on Looking for a player with Premium account that is willing to share! I will pay 20 bucks a month
    I would trust you if you had at least 3 forum posts... Too bad. And the next one does not count.
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    posted a message on Hunting what I think./what do you think?
    Quote from Boelens

    I eat biological. Most animals have it fine on farms. And It's not natural habitat for animals where they get shot with guns.

    "Most" does not cut it. When I go out to the city (Manhattan) with my family to our favorite restaurant, we always drive past this one street that has this huge factory looking building. It is owned by some rich Jewish men, and their huge doors are always open. Whenever we drive past, not only does it smell horrible, but we see chickens in small cages just waiting to be slaughtered in the back and sold. The street is filled with their feathers. I would rather hunt a healthy turkey then buy one from these people. Who knows that bacteria/ potential sicknesses they can hold after being held in cages all their lives.
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    posted a message on Looking For A PC Gaming Headset.
    I think I will grab the pair of Turtle Beach Z11s because I found a deal at a local store for only $25. How does that sound? Is this a good deal, or should I buy normal headphones and a clip on mic?
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] [v0.3.1] The Piglands Mod
    This is awesome, but what is the point? xD I think I might be missing it lol. +1 for you though, made me laugh.
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    posted a message on Are Turtle Beaches any good?
    Have you not noticed this happens with everything from clothes to electronics?
    Turtle Beach always supplied quality products, that is why they got so popular. But then people started saying that they are cheap, etc. How could Turtle Beach products be bad if their headsets are probably the highest selling out of all the other brands?

    There is always a better brand. But rumors start, people believe others instead of trying themselves, they spread those rumors as if they knew anything about the product, and next thing you know.. poof! This quality brand is being mad fun of by it's *used to be fan-boys.

    I don't know why this happens, but it does. Turtle Beach products are solid pieces. Other top brands have solid products as well. If they did not, they would not be known brands. Think of it that way. If you find an awesome deal for headsets, like 40% off, go for it, you have nothing to lose.

    Although I would recommend always going to newegg.com, searching for that item, and reading the honest buyer's feedback.
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    posted a message on Looking For A PC Gaming Headset.
    Any recommendations? I plan on ordering tonight, so any replies would really help me make an even better choice.
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    posted a message on Looking For A PC Gaming Headset.
    Hey everyone. My old headset needs to be replaced because my kitten got to the wire, and cut completely through. She also chewed up/scratched the cushions in place for the ears.
    Im rolling on a smaller budget now, and I need some recommendations for a good quality headset that can last a while, preferably 1-2 years.

    Here is what I need.
    - Audio quality is by far the most important.
    - Mic quality is just as important as the audio.
    - The wire should not be excessively long.
    - I would love it if there was a small device on the wire that allows me to quickly change the audio from high to low etc.
    - Comfort is key. Although it does not need so much cushion that it looks way to big.

    My budget: $40 is the most I can do. I know that I won't be able to get the best Turtle Beaches, but there has to be other good brands that provide solid headsets for lower prices. Maybe Turtle Beach has some cheaper headsets, not cheaper in quality, cheaper in price.

    So does anyone have any recommendations, from deals that they could find, or what they are currently using?
    Please leave links to the items in your comments.
    Thank you everyone!
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    posted a message on Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Underhyped?
    Quote from TheEvanCat

    It's under hyped because MoH kinda sucked.
    It might have sucked before (which I do agree with) but that does not mean it can't change right? I mean Modern Warfare 3 is horrible-my opinion- because the maps are basically clones of Modern Warfare 2 maps. Also the spawn points are incredibly bad, where people kill you the second you spawn. Also it looks exactly the same as Modern Warfare 2. But even though it was basically a clone of MW2, people were still going crazy for their own copy.

    While this game seems to promise a lot. I really do hope people buy this game and start giving it the attention it deserves.
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    posted a message on Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Underhyped?
    I am starting to get really annoyed with how the only fps game that most people look forward to is the next CoD release. Why do the CoD games gain so much hype, when honestly, each game that comes out from their franchise is even worse than the one before it, while games like Warfighter remain almost unnoticed by a majority of the gaming community.

    I mean, from what I have seen, a lot of work has been put into this game, and I know for a fact that I will choose this instead of Black Ops 2. The graphics seem even better here than in Battle Field 3, which is already a major achievement. From the videos, it seems like the game is pretty fast paced, I think in between way to fast like in the CoD franchise, and not too slow, like in Battle Field 3. I am not going against BF3, I love that game, but it does feel slow at times.

    Here is a link to one of their trailers, sorry for not embedding, I forgot how :D

    I also love the option of choosing who you play for. I personally will be playing for GROM, I heard they are a serious elite group. I don't always want to play as an American, a Russian, or some sort of rebel. (MW)

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, it probably has. But why does CoD always get all of the hype, and then beautiful games like this get left behind and forgotten about really quickly, when they have soo much more potential?
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    posted a message on [Custom Plugins] [24/7] [Alpha Testing] DayZ Survival in Alpha Testing!
    MC IGN: Defil3d40
    Age: 14
    How'd you find us? : I found you through looking at your profile because I also signed up for your other project, the RPG minecraft Alterra.
    Any suggestions? : I can't give any feedback/ give suggestions before I give it a go and see what needs to be worked on.

    Hope I get in. :)
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    posted a message on MineZ
    Why can't this be free :(
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    posted a message on Shadow Hammer
    I think this a cool weapon, but it is way over powered. It should still break, just like any other weapon. If it did not break, people would only need to do this once to "get it over with"
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    posted a message on Why Should Girls Be Treated Different in Video Games?! (formerly WROS)
    I support this +1 for you.
    I hate it how people act so different over games and the internet but would never dare do something like that in real life. I wonder how they would act around you in real life. Idk, some people are really immature. I would suggest to keep looking for servers where this does not happen. I am not saying you will find one on google if you search " minecraft server without sexual harassment towards girls" because that wont work. Trial and error. Join as much as you can, and see which one fits.

    That would be better to do because although this does raise awareness, some people will never change. They will continue to be immature brats no matter how much times you try to teach them that it is wrong.

    But yeah, +1 to you!
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    posted a message on Alterra - Massive RPG Server Project (Recruiting)
    I would be honored to join you guys in this awesome journey of putting together something unique.

    Here is a basic application:

    IGN: Defil3d40
    Real Name: John
    Age: 14 soon to be 15
    Minecraft experience: I have been playing soon after the minecraft beta was released, somewhere at the end of December 2010. A few days after the release to be exact.
    Skype: Defil3d40

    Information about me:

    I have been playing Minecraft for such a long time, but usually spending my time on single player survival and creative projects. I have managed to save/find an old project of a town, which I will present to you guys later. If you like my images that I will show later, you should consider inviting me because my style is even better now.

    I understand that this server wants to become the best, or among the best, just like any other server. A server cannot be successful without a wider audience, meaning away from the forums. I have had a youtube channel for 2 years which had around 20 videos. Each video had its own success (all around 10,000-70,000 views) while the most popular had around 250,000 views. The channel was banned back in December, because most of my videos had copy righted music, and well, Youtube did not like that. I quit youtube, but I really want to get back into it. If I do get invited, I would be thrilled and honored to make videos for the server.

    Here are the images of a project I worked on for a couple of days but I abandoned it. I was planning to make a town/small city by the sea, but at the time I did not have as much time on my hands as I do now.

    2011-12-28_12.53.23 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.53.03 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-28_12.52.17 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    Another house design that I was able to find. I can't remember what texture pack it was though :\

    2011-12-29_15.09.48 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-29_15.10.00 by Defil3d40, on Flickr

    2011-12-29_15.10.05 by Defil3d40, on Flickr
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    posted a message on Guild Wars 2
    Quote from Skingrad

    No it doesn't have that. The game is orientated around PvP anyways

    The game is not pvp oriented. It is what you choose it to be. You can play pvp the entire time and never step foot into pve. You can do the same thing with pve, where you only play that, and never step foot into pvp. Sorry, but this was a little misleading.
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