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    posted a message on In Need of a Favor
    Hey guys. I have been playing minecraft since a while back but never payed much attention to the forums. But now when I need help I regret it :\

    So here is the story guys:

    I have a youtube account where I post videos on minecraft, and the channel is somewhat new with only 2 videos. I plan to add a lot more and that is why I need you guys to help me. I need my channel to look better.

    If someone can make me a cool minecraft background for my youtube account I would really appreciate it.

    There is not really a way I can pay you guys to do it, but if you have a youtube account I would subscribe and have a shout out to you on my channel and also on my blog.
    I know it is not much of a payment, but I really would like someone to do it. I mean I tried countless of times and my backgrounds always look like trash. I know a lot of you guys have a lot more skill then me in these types of things, and so I come and ask for the favor.

    Anyway if someone here can do it
    Here are the guide lines:

    A cool minecraft background, maybe a cool picture in game
    On the side my channel name "justgaming21"
    I do not really know what else just to make it look good. ( Anything will look better than my attempts -__- haha)

    Thanks in advance everyone
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    posted a message on Minecraft Legit X-Ray Machine for 1.9
    Really cool, and keep up the good work. :smile.gif: Does it show you all of the underground all the way up to bedrock? OR does it go to a certain point and then stop?
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    posted a message on Is minecraft going the wrong way?
    How could mc be going bad? If Notch is frequently updating the game (for the better imo) what could be so wrong? Guys, this game is a success story. Who heard of Notch before mc was announced and playable (beta that is), well probably not many. But now, he is racking in so much money everyday all because of such a simple game.
    Now, if you would be able to sell so much copies of something so simple, then yes I would agree mc is going bad.
    But for the time being, mc is beast and you really have to enjoy while you can.
    Without a doubt, mc will keep getting better, as long as Notch cares about the game and the players, not the money.
    Just imagine how much more can be done, especially with the money he has now. Its ridiculous to even say this game is going bad!
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    posted a message on Confusion With Downloading TMI
    Alright thanks guys. I will be downloading the 1.8.1 version because I never downloaded pre release versions. I just read a different thread on a different forum saying that minecraft updates itself so I thought I had the newest version. Hopefully it works this time.
    I will keep you guys informed with what happens next.
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    posted a message on Confusion With Downloading TMI
    Hey everyone, I have been playing minecraft for almost a year now but I never bothered joining the forum. I made a stupid mistake, because as I was reading some threads I have gotten a lot of new ides for my world in my blog.

    Here is the problem I have.

    Basically, how do I check what minecraft version I am playing on? Versions keep popping up because of pr and I am confused with what I am even playing on... I tried downloading too many items mod, I have done this before but on a different computer. When I followed all of the steps, I loaded the game, and the screen turned light blue then black. I think it is because I either messed up downloading, or I might have downloaded the wrong version. I downloaded the latest version, because I do not know version I am supposed to have.

    So, there is actually to questions I have in this post.
    1. What version am I playing on? If on an older one, how to update it?
    2. Did too many items not work because of the version I downloaded?

    Note: When I downloaded tmi and the game stopped working, I deleted tmi and minecraft, and started over.
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