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    Your IGN: _Apathe
    Your desired display name: AdmiralWalrus

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    IGN: GottaAskTheMan

    Age: 18

    How long have you been playing and whats your favorite part of Minecraft?: I have been playing since 1.4.7 so that is roughly 2 and a half years now. My favorite part? Well, first and foremost, redstoning. It is the complexity of it that makes it beautiful, and so I am an avid user of it.

    How often will you be able to play?: I will probably be able to play 5 hours everyday, but there might be weekdays where I am completely unable to play in the server. Education comes first, you know.

    Rate your building potential on a scale of One to Ten (Ten being the best): I am not exactly the best builder in town so I think it is safe to say I'm a 5'er.

    Whats your area of expertise? (ie Builder, Miner, Redstoner,etc.): Redstoner as stated above.

    What kind of player are you? A loner? Community? (Theres no wrong answer): Honestly, I am more of the lone wolf guy. Usually you see me in SMPs working the night away on some crazy redstone farm project. But given the right community and people, I will be more than ecstatic to work united.

    Have you ever been banned for any reason? (Yes doesnt automatically mean you wont be accepted): Yes, I have. I once built a 250x250 quarry in the wilderness in a server and the owner banned me for "wilderness griefing."
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    Quote from Neo6574

    Many things could affect whether a clan is meant to succeed or not. Whether it might be a person threatening the clan, or writing slanderous things against them, or maybe it was just a down day or week when the thread was created. The bump might have been a bit to soon, but I think it is ok for a leader who is passionate about his clan and their activities to be concerned with what happens. They have sites for it, but they usually get lost among hundreds or thousands of other text posts about other things. Having a clan or group to write stories about Minecraft would be great, and I for one, would probably enjoy reading them. Almost every game has these kinds of groups, and if they are good enough at writing, they usually become VERY popular and almost everyone loves their stories.

    By any chance, do you have time for the Feather? You seem like a potential writer. Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks =D
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    Quote from LorienFell
    You should not bump your own post. If it falls off the first page and does not get any more members, then your clan probably is not meant to succeed. Now, second thought: This is a very interesting clan.... I mean, it's based on writing.... Srsly bro.... Don't they have literature sites for this?
    Sorry about that, Lorien. I really want to make this happen. I understand that there are other sites for this but I'm addicted to Minecraft. I want to write fanfiction about Minecraft. Literature sites usually focus on making new stories. Unfortunately though, there are not much good writers in Minecraft. If you happen to come by one, though, please tell me.
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    Fellowship of the Feather
    What is the Fellowship of the Feather?
    The Fellowship of the Feather is a clan for Writers in Minecraft aspiring to group with other excellent writers to create beautiful stories of assorted kind.
    The Featherpeople
    Loremasters are the heads of the Feather. They have the final say in everything. They can modify anyone's works freely.
    The Wisemen are the best Writers in the Feather. They can edit stories and have a say in promoting Featherpeople.
    The Farsighted are renowned Writers in the Feather. They have made exceptional works which are published by the Loremasters.
    Elvenscribes are Featherpeople who have participated in a story. They are usually skilled Writers.
    Neophytes are writers who have recently joined the Feather.

    The only requirement is to have a good sense of grammar and spelling.
    If u typ lik dis, do not bother to apply.

    Write "Says Mickey" in the "Says who?" question.

    Clan Membership Application
    Skype Name:
    How much time do you plan on giving to the Feather:
    A little bit about yourself:
    A sample of your work (meaning a passage or an anecdote from on of your stories)
    Says who?

    Do NOT copy someone else's work. We will know.
    Skype is required as it is the only means of contact. There will be a Skype group for all of us to communicate when I have enough Members in.
    If you have been accepted, Defforce will add you on Skype.
    Thank you for your time.
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    Your IGN:
    Where did you hear about the server:
    Front page of MinecraftForum.net
    Do you understand and accept the rules:
    Yes, I do.
    What's our policy on raging:

    Don't rage, it's a challenging server and it's only a minor setback.
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    posted a message on Need Head Staff!
    I have emailed my application and if you had the time to do so, please check it out.
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    posted a message on [2.5.7] Pokemon Destiny [Looking for GYM LEADERS!]
    IGN: GottaAskTheMan
    If I get accepted, please add my skype GottaAskTheMan.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] JaegerCraft - Fight Kaijus in Minecraft!

    Ever wanted to captain a 500 foot tall chunk of steel? Ever wanted to hit a colossal monster with it? Well now, you can! JaegerCraft brings over 500 possible robots in Minecraft! You can add 950+ modifications to it like Plasma Ray, Flamethrower, and even a Pop-up Boxing Glove!

    JaegerCraft is currently being worked on by 20 developers. We have started developing in August 3, 2011 and we plan to publish it by June 15, 2014. Meanwhile, we will be posting steps for your Jaeger fighting.

    Keep in mind that JaegerCraft takes up very large amounts of space. We advise you not to download it in the future if you are not getting at least 200 FPS in Vanilla Minecraft.


    Keep in mind that building your own Jaeger isn't advisable at early stages. It is most practical to create your robot when you have at least 6 stacks of iron blocks.

    The first step towards building your own Jaeger is creating an Engine. It is created by placing Iron Ingots all around the crafting table, much like an Iron Block, but you will place a redstone block in the middle. You will need four of these to craft a Jaeger Power Block, the main part of a Jaeger. Place a piston in the middle slot and place 4 engine adjacent to the piston.

    The next thing you will want to do is mine for Iron and Titanium Ore. You will have to smelt this to obtain Titanium Ingot. Once you get at least a stack of Iron Ingots and Titanium Ingots, you can place both of the stacks anywhere on the crafting table to get Metal Alloy. You will need plenty of these to craft the Jaeger parts later on.

    The third step would be acquiring a 50x50x50 space to create your Jaeger frame. Once done, you will have to create the Jaeger Head Frame, Jaeger Torso Frame, Jaeger Arm Frame (two of them), and Jaeger Leg Frame (two of them). The frame can be made with Iron blocks, Gold blocks, and Diamond blocks. Diamond frames are much more durable than Iron frames.

    The head frame is crafted by making a helmet, just substitute the ingots for blocks. Likewise:
    XXX X = Ore Block
    X0X 0 = Air

    The torso frame is crafted like a chestplate, just substitute the ingots for blocks. Likewise:

    The arm frames are crafted by a single straight line of ore blocks. Likewise:

    The leg frames are crafted by a single straight line of ore blocks, but only a little bump at the end. Likewise:

    After that, you must place them anywhere in the crafting table to create a Jaeger Frame. Place this in the middle of the 50x50x50 space that you got. This will create a colossal structure made out of blocks. Don't worry, it's meant to be like this. If you want your Jaeger to take shape, you must get at least 80 metal alloys and place them in random patterns to create different parts like Jaeger Exterior Leg Part or Nuclear Reactor Part. There are over 1500+ patterns to this.

    After much experimenting, you should have obtained the Jaeger Exterior Head, Jaeger Exterior Torso, Jaeger Exterior Arm, Jaeger Exterior Leg. Place them together in the crafting table and you get the Jaeger Exterior. Right-click anywhere on the frame with this and you will be disconnected from your world. Once you re-connect, you will see a Jaeger, fully formed.

    Added Mobs

    Kaijus are very rare. They
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    Can I PM you my application? If so, please answer ASAP.
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