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    posted a message on Funny Glitch

    this never happens to me...

    Happens all the time on pc in jungles.
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    posted a message on About redstone in pe

    Wolves will be useful because when you have one they will help you kill endermen if added,and if they add in endermen this is a good strategy to hide your stuff put it underground make sure to keep an extra bone for wolves!

    I am not quite following how this went from redstone to wolves, endermen, and hiding underground.
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    posted a message on Signs in 0.6.0+? (Sight from coding)
    Quote from Mitternacht

    No, this is not another "WE WANT SIGNS!" Topic of some senseless child's posting. This is a legitimate topic.

    While I was attempting coding on MCPE (I'm attempting, but C++ is a whole new language for me), I found the Sign.PNG. Now, I still haven't found any coding for the signs itself, but if found, would we be able to somehow 'enable' the signs for ios? Because, if I'm not mistaken, Johan said the keyboard problem related to Android users.

    And to the beggars, there's your proof that they are trying to fulfill your wishes.

    Also, I found many other incomplete files, such as Redstone PNGs. (I haven't found any coding for it, either.)

    We've already gotten signs into our games, and learned how to write on them.
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    posted a message on I Feel Bad :(

    So i was searching in the amazon app store when i saw the demo of Minecraft PE and i check and it's on 0.2.1 so I thought about how demo users look at 0.5.0 videos and saying "I wish i had the full version" amd now I feel guilty for me having Minecraft PE and others have the demo. Is there a way to make the demo version better by one more update or having every block cause I want demo users to have an equal amount of fun as we do. Hopefully something like this will happen to the demo. :(

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    posted a message on Minecraft: Pocket Edition Vs. Eden: World Builder
    Semi new app? This app is ollllllddddd D:
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    posted a message on Smaller Update?!?!
    Quote from kacperski1

    He said in livestream that next update (the one after 0.5.0) will be smaller, he will probably look at armor and stuff, but can't promise anything.
    Actually he said armor and online multiplayer :D
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    posted a message on Could this be how the Nether Reactor ACTUALLY Works?
    I always thought it would just have a small GUI, so if you put in torches it "netherizes" a torch into glows tone dust, and then you can craft glowstone. Or put in some dirt and get netherack, and put in rotten flesh (if he adds it" or a bone and it spawns a zombie pigman.
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    posted a message on How do I load a mod? [ios]
    Add the sources
    Download ldone from cydia
    Download installous from cydia
    Download clutch from cydia
    Download mobile terminal from cydia
    Download mcpatcher from cydia
    Download Ifile from cydia or Myfile (Myfile is free)
    Download minecraft from AppStore
    Go into mobile terminal and type "root"
    It will ask you for a password, unless you changed it the password will be "alpine"
    When you enter that, type "clutch minecraftpe"
    It will crack your minecraft app and it will tell you where it stored the ipa
    Use Myfile or Ifile to find the area it was stored to
    Copy it and paste it under /Documents/Installous/Downloads
    Go into installous and go to the download section
    Install minecraft which is now in the downloaded section
    You can now install mods on your minecraft app.
    To add mods go into minecraft patcher
    You'll see a "download" section
    When someone uploads a mod, they will give you a link to the mod
    Copy the link of the mod
    Paste it in the download section
    The patcher will download a mod
    To patch the mod you click it and hit patch.
    That's it, have fun.
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    posted a message on Tnt
    Quote from PixelDrum

    This is pocket edition

    I always wonder how people get there forum sections mixed up ;)

    They just go to the recent section and don't pay attention where they end up.
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    posted a message on A Better Way To Obtain Seeds (Johan Please Read)
    I don't like these ideas (just my feedback) I like the way we get seeds now, just like the pc version did, it gives me a nostalgic feeling.
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